Design a bedroom for the girl: a small interior room ideas for women

Bedroom design for girls (45 photos). Choose the style, furniture and accessories


Table of contents

  • 1 So, where to start
    • 1.1 Selecting the style of the room
    • 1.2 The choice of furniture
    • 1.3 The design of the walls and ceiling
    • 1.4 Lamps and curtains
    • 1.5 Selection of fine interior details
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Select bedroom design for girls is not easy. Hope for their tastes can not, and the child does not always know exactly what he wants. Let's find out what the designers have to offer.

Selecting the design of a room or apartment as a whole - is not easy, but if you need to pick up a bedroom design for girls, then even more so. It's no secret, the opinions of teenagers and parents are very different. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Therefore, choose to be together, relying on the opinions and tastes of the girl. Still, it would be to live there.

Bedroom design for girls

So, where to start

  1. Selecting the style of the room.
  2. The choice of furniture.
  3. Selection of the design of the walls and ceiling.
  4. The choice of fixtures and curtains.
  5. Selection of small details of the interior.

Let's look at each item in detail.

Selecting the style of the room

Most designers agree that the most suitable interior design style - Art Nouveau. It combines non-traditional solutions, bright and saturated colors, fashionable and functional furniture, innovative solutions.

interior design bedrooms for the girls

Art Nouveau

But as you know, how many people - so many opinions. If a girl is quiet, appreciate the warmth and comfort, it is necessary to pay attention to the style of a classic or country.

If you choose a bedroom design for a woman or a girl with a changeable mood, you can combine several styles and thus divide the room into zones.


  • Sitting area, sleep;
  • Study;
  • communication area.

The main thing that all together, and people feel comfortable.

The choice of furniture

By the choice of furniture is to approach responsibly. First you need to decide what items are needed for a teenager.

  • Naturally bed. It should be comfortable, preferably with orthopedic mattresses, for a correct posture. bed size depends on the wishes of the girl and the size of the room.
  • Wardrobe. It should be spacious. If we choose to design a small bedroom for the girl, then it would be logical to make a wardrobe with mirrored doors, which will take over the function of the dressing table.

A large number of shelves, drawers and clothes rail will place him not only things, and toilet articles. Mirror to visually enlarge the room and make the room brighter.

  • Table - a mandatory attribute of design bedroom for a teenager. The child should be engaged in studying in silence. It is desirable to make room for a computer. Just be sure to take care of the boxes for notebooks and other office.
    Design a small bedroom for the girl

    Design a bedroom for a teenager

  • A bookcase or rack, unless the room is not large, can be replaced with hanging shelves.
  • Most girls love to chat on the phone while sitting on a comfortable ottoman in front of a mirror. But to design a small bedroom is a luxury, but if the area allows - Treat hostess.

Tip! Bedroom furniture should be made of environmentally friendly materials, and have quality certificates. If you are using objects with mirrors, try to arrange it so that was not reflected in their bed in the room. Some mirrors suppress. This is not only advice on feng shui, and surveillance and the majority of people.

The design of the walls and ceiling

Considering the idea of ​​the design bedrooms for the girls, it is worth to rely on her taste. Of course, you can make their own adjustments, but the basic style is to choose it.

This may be a bright and saturated wallpapered wall design with or convoluted pattern warm and quiet shades with nice little florets. They can be used plain wallpaper and replace figure paintings or photographs of the owner and her family and friends in the beautiful framework.

If a girl is a teenager, she may want to cover up all the wall posters of their idols. The options are many and they are all worthy of consideration. Your job, as a designer, to pick up more options and show them to the bedroom the hostess, and the choice has been for her.

Bedroom design for women

Design a small bedroom for the girl

Lamps and curtains

Considering the lamps, is to determine how and where they will be located, from this depends on their functionality. For example, over the desk should be a bright light source, and it is desirable that it can be directed in different directions.

This may be a desk lamp or fluorescent lighting, bolted to the wall. Near the bed can be placed not bright lamp or hang a sconce on the wall. Light should be sufficient to read.

The main use of lighting lamps or spotlights, which perfectly fit into the interior of the room and will be able to uniformly illuminate the entire room.

About curtains special subject. The main criterion when choosing interior design bedrooms for a girl to become the material from which made curtains.

It must be environmentally friendly, durable and easy to maintain. tailoring style should match the design bedrooms. Simple straight curtains from ceiling to floor give the room rigor ruffles - romanticism and lightheadedness, pelmets will add a chic, Roman option - grace.

When choosing colors, preferred colors are repeated in the furniture or wallpaper. Vertical pattern visually increase the height of the room, and the horizontal expand the room.

bedroom design ideas

Classic style

Tip! Choosing curtains design for a small bedroom is better to prefer a light version with a horizontal pattern, as here are irrelevant frill, but the soft folds and curtains on the principle of the arch (tails at the edges, a short in the middle) are perfect.

Selection of fine interior details

The final step will be the selection of the small details of the interior. It can be flowers in pots or statues. The main goal of these items - complete the composition.

For example, if the design of the bedroom to the girl an Oriental theme, then it is necessary to arrange the decor, which will consist of Aromalamps, netsuke and woven rugs.

To bring romantic room suit with a flower vase or other composition and decorative candles placed on the shelves. To bring comfort you can hang on the walls of framed photos with those of native people or pots of plants.

For the country style need braided rugs and blankets by hand on the bed, as well as colorful pillows and cushions.

country style

country style

No doubt bedroom design for girls will be strikingly different from the design of the bedroom women. After all, the girl - a youth, energy, freshness and romanticism, and a woman - consistency, style and wisdom. So do not be discouraged if your daughter's bedroom looks a little lightly, as it should be.

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