The design of the walls in the bedroom - ideas for decoration

The design of the walls in the bedroom (33 photos): equipping small and large rooms, typical errors in interior design


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The design of the walls in the bedroom must have a person to rest and help to relax. Given the huge variety of modern technologies, as well as original ideas, you will be able to choose the bedroom design to your taste.

Make sure that there were no straight lines and sharp transitions of colors in the development of design. The bedroom has long been considered the most intimate room, which is why there should prevail a warm, soothing tones that are conducive to good sleep or soft conversation.

The design of the walls in the bedroom

  1. Usually perform repair bedrooms in pastel colors using delicate texture of plaster or wallpaper. Peach, olive, beige, light green and pale blue tones help to create a more welcoming atmosphere.
  2. If you like a more saturated colors, the walls can be diluted contrast and saturated colors, using decorative elements.
  3. On one of the walls in your room, you can place the composition of the wooden parts. Also for decorative walls with his own hands can be used as conventional wallpaper and complex designs, which combine the plasterboard panels, decorative plaster, and painting.
  4. If you combine color, be very careful, carefully read the rules of combination of colors that you choose to decorate and furnish.
  5. It is not necessary to place on the wall of bright red composition. Whatever was your mood now, after a few months it will be a bright spot annoy you.
  6. Catching decorated bedrooms, refer to not only the right color combinations, but the influence of these colors on the human body.

psychologists recommend

Psychologists recommend the use of stickers green or blue, and warm shades of gold, pale yellow, cream or brown as a base.

human consciousness interprets the green as the colors of life and youth, blue, in turn, remind us of the coolness and tranquility of the sea and warm colors - gentle summer sun. Guided by these simple rules, you can create a unique and very cozy design in his bedroom.

Stickers are usually glue above the headboard. It is also possible, when they are applied to the surface of the mirror wardrobes, walls or doors. As additional decorations you can use vinyl stickers. They make wonderful compositions, resulting in your room will be full of exclusivity and individuality.

Note! It is important that the bedroom fell enough sunlight. Therefore, in addition, choose bright and light textiles, combinable with darker night curtains.

If your room is not oriented to the east and the sun slips away quickly, do not despair. This situation is solved with the help of little secrets of decorating.

Firstly, for the repair of the room design is done in warm colors! Otherwise, it will seem uncomfortable and grim.

Secondly, there is a way using which you can manage for a while to keep the sun's rays. This can be done by placing several mirrors, for example, on the slopes of the window opening.

If, however, throughout the day and the sun is not looks into your window, decorated with wall coverings tsvetosvetovymi effects. Pick lamps or chandeliers with dim lighting, evenly distribute them around the room so that the light was scattered, reflected, and with a neutral range.

In this case, the morning will be an artificial sun in your bedroom. The design of the walls and curtains in such conditions will look great refreshing orange-yellow hues.

Design and bedroom area

bed closet

The most winning option repairs in the children's room and bedroom, a small area - a smooth, uniformly colored wall. The most common bases selected light color and then decorate.

A few graphic works in the lungs framed accentuate the design of the walls.

design example of a small bedroom

design example of a small bedroom

large bedroom

In this bedroom there is a place to roam your imagination. You can safely combine painting with wallpapering. Typical for large area bedrooms is the use of curbs, decorative panels and draperies.

An example of a large bedroom design

An example of a large bedroom design

Common mistakes when you make a bedroom design

Be careful not to repeat them!

  1. Excessive amounts of furniture.
  2. Very bright carpets on the floor, which significantly reduces the space of the room. Use a more modern approach - heated floors.
  3. The use of very bright colors.
  4. Decorating ceiling mirror surface.

Specialists of feng shui say that a person day, saw himself in the mirror of sleepy, can not begin very well.

  1. Elaborate decorative ornaments.

It has long been irrelevant to decorate the room, especially the bedroom, heavy canopy and fanciful patterns over the bed. The bed should be comfortable, stylish, simple, and most importantly - quality.

  1. Decorating cumbersome chandeliers.

This, like the previous point, it remains far in the past. Modern designers are advised to use even illumination, realized by wall lamps, LED lamps or floor lamps.

Summing up

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