Small bedroom design: to create an interior design with a canopy

Design of a small bedroom (45 photos). ceiling trim. Lighting. Furniture. design options


Table of contents

  • 1 Wants to furnish a small bedroom
  • 2 finishing the ceiling
  • 3 Lighting a small bedroom
  • 4 Furniture for small bedrooms
    • 4.1 Bed
    • 4.2 Built for small bedroom
    • 4.3 Relevant accessories for the bedroom a small area
  • 5 Variant design small bedroom
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Size bedrooms in the traditional domestic flats usually does not exceed 15 square meters five, and often is about 10-12 meters. In this case, the room must be placed a spacious bed, a desk with lamp and a closet to store most of the casual wear. Design small bedroom ideally should also include the presence of a dresser, chair or padded stools in front of it and it is desirable to set.

Repair plan bedroom in a small apartment is worth it on this principle - first house the most necessary, and then if still space to organize excesses.

Small bedroom design

Wants to furnish a small bedroom

It was felt that the bright colors contribute to the expansion of space, it is fully justified. To this end, actively apply white, olive, beige and other light shades.

But we should remember that a moderately quiet shades help to visually expand the depth of the room not worse light. Soft purple or green may look in the bedroom just amazing.

The design is very small bedroom may be supplemented with a small wallpaper pattern, which also contribute to an increase in space.

But the wallpaper with wide vertical or horizontal stripes or should not be used with big bright pictures. Most blunder is the creation of the wall design of the wallpaper with a border, and without reducing this small room.

in the bedroom often allocated any area that looks more attractive than others. This can be either wall in the headboard or headboard opposite wall. Such a zone or painted in a different color relative to the background, or emit accessories.

Rules and nuances in the design of different areas:

  • Wall color should not radically contrast with the main;
  • should take brighter or darker shade of only a few primary colors;
  • with the shades do not have to look almost identical;
  • you can paint only part of the wall, for example, paint a rectangle area on the headboard, different color from the rest of finishes, or allocate space around the front of the bed hanging TV;
  • if used for finishing the wallpaper, you need to purchase a roll of the same texture, like most of wallpaper, but slightly different in color;
  • border of different colors, you can paste over with a thin border, and then turn the frame, attractive looking on a homogeneous background;
  • You can also use posters and banners.

finishing the ceiling

When designing small-sized bedroom, one should remember that the ceiling should also not make out in dark colors.

In the case of painting the surface of the pick up of snow-white, and better gloss paint color.

Suspended ceiling with a glossy surface as it is able to lift the ceiling, and it will appear higher. There is an option mirrored ceiling, but such experiments are already rather amateur.

Lighting a small bedroom

Beautiful design small bedroom is impossible without well-chosen lighting.

Rules of registration of light in a small area of ​​the bedroom:

  1. as a general lighting should be used chandelier small size; it is desirable that the flow of light from it was directed at the ceiling, which will allow him, bouncing off glossy surface, giving a scattering light, thus creating a relaxing, cozy atmosphere;
  2. Local lighting is also a bedroom is very significant, because it can make the space in the room, clear and accessible; it is possible to arrange it on the nightstand next to the bed in the form of table lamps or floor lamps, bedside tables in case of absence.
Bedroom design small size

Interesting lighting small bedroom

Tip! An interesting addition to the design of the small bedroom can be a turning lamps, clothes pegs, easy to fit in almost any convenient place.

Furniture for small bedrooms


It must be remembered that a comfortable sleep can only be provided with bed, the width of which is not less than 140 centimeters, and the bed smaller is considered a "bastard." The width of a standard double bed is in the range of 160 cm. The double bed is a width of 2 meters or more is an option rather is for the bedroom of medium and large sizes.

Despite these rules, the priority when choosing a bed should come from the personal characteristics of those for whom it is intended. The records should take the height and weight of holidaymakers.

If your choice still falls on the big bed, remember that the approach is likely to be possible only from one side, which is not always convenient. However, you can live with.

Built for small bedroom

To save more space, use the closets.

Rules of selection and features of cabinets for small bedrooms:

  • walk-in closet to the ceiling can add more space in it to store things at the same time lost the need for problematic dusting from its roof; But there is a minus - a move the cabinet to another place is impossible;
  • glossy plastic, and mirror surfaces on cabinet fronts give visual placement volume;
  • effectively will look cabinet with frosted glass façade;
  • small bedroom design project may involve the presence of mezzanines; located on the perimeter of the bedroom, they will not take a lot of space, but will create much more additional storage space.

Relevant accessories for the bedroom a small area

Add personality to the interior of the bedroom can be active spots of color, such as bright lights or cushions. Do not use large objects, such as large vases or paintings with massive frames.

Best Bedroom Design work, if you hang on the wall of family photos or small picture, it will give a feeling of comfort and family happiness.

If, however, it was decided to install the TV in the bedroom, it is better that it was a plasma TV. If it is thus mounted on the wall or ceiling using the bracket, it practically does not take place in the room. Under the CRT TV (traditional) will have to install an additional cabinet.

The design is very small bedroom

A bedroom with a simple canopy

A very common technique in the world is the design of a bedroom with a canopy over the bed.

However, it should not hang too large, as it would look, at least cumbersome and inappropriate. The canopy can be constructed own, which enjoyed tulle attached at the head in the form of two curtains, which are then bonded decorative cord.

The windows in the bedroom must be at the same time to pass a lot of light during the day and as much as possible prevent the penetration of light in the early morning hours of sleep. It can be implemented by aligning the white window blinds with the light, "flying" light tulle.

Blinds provide the darkness in the room after the sun rises, the design of window curtains sewn tulle, in turn, will add the bedroom and air volume in daytime. Of course, during the day the blinds should be raised.

Variant design small bedroom

Consider the interior design of a small bedroom in the style of functionalism. Making this kind it is primarily based on the functionality of the room and each element, and sleeping the total composition.

The main background in the proposed design project is a soft purple color. Decorative wall finish with your hands is performed in the rough texture of the violet hue, the ceiling made a three-level tension. Each level of the ceiling is painted in a single color - purple, white and bright beige.

Trail on the floor carpet of light gray color. Bedroom set bright beige consists of three pedestals - two bedside tables and more under the plasma panel (for storage of small things, such as underwear), a double bed and a wardrobe with glass facade.

Under the chosen design small bedroom separate re-buy two multilevel shelves white at the very height of the ceiling, which is set on the sides of the pedestal with the TV.

Lighted room a small chandelier in the center of the ceiling, several built-in lights on the second and third level of the ceiling and wall brackets to the style chandeliers, installed over the bedsides.

Interior design small bedroom

Design a small bedroom in the style of functionalism

Curtains - light, three-layer three colors in accordance with the composition. Complete design is an abstraction in the form of two illuminated strips of frosted glass irregularly shaped. Also in a similar design small bedroom good fit functional air conditioning.

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