Repair of plastic doors with their hands: the school of skilled craftsmen to install and repair windows

Repair of plastic windows: the restoration and replacement of the sealing profile system


Table of contents

  • 1 Problems and solutions
    • 1.1 Cloth bad opens and closes
    • 1.2 Loose handle
    • 1.3 Breakage handle latch, lock, the locking mechanism
    • 1.4 damage to the glass unit
    • 1.5 restoration Profile
    • 1.6 Replacing sealing system
  • 2 Repair of aluminum and MDF doors
  • 3 Summing up

Despite the fact that the door frames of PVC durable and reliable, with a long life of their operation inevitably arise defects and damages requiring intervention. Practical experience suggests that the repair of plastic doors with their hands in most cases limited to the regulation or replacement of locking elements and accessories.

Problems and solutions

Repair of plastic doors with their hands

Repair Loose handle

Cloth bad opens and closes

Repair in this case is limited to the simple control loop. The whole process will take no more than half an hour.

The problem arises from the fact that after the initial setting by the unit during the mounting, the canvas gradually sags under its own weight. The whole process of repair of doors with their hands is reduced to the necessity of tightening fasteners loops.

A more sophisticated version - is too weak for the weight of the loop fabric, in this case it is necessary to replace them with more powerful.

Loose handle

During the operation of the hardware element is constantly experiencing increased load, so the screws are often out of their nests a few turns.

To carry out repair pvc doors, turn or remove the decorative cap and tighten with a screwdriver loosening all the screws.

Breakage handle latch, lock, the locking mechanism

It all depends on what part of the mechanism inoperable. In specialty stores and construction markets sold parts of the shut-off fittings, the price depends on the brand and quality of parts.

If broken, only a small part of the mechanism, the restoration is reduced to its replacement. In more serious breakages will require complete replacement.

Repair pvc doors

If you crack one window glazing should be changed completely

damage to the glass unit

The most serious damage requiring complete replacement of windows. Why?

Note! Inside the insulating glass technology to be a vacuum, replacing the glass yourself, you can not create a tight design. Over time, the inner chamber and the outside will begin to settle condensate, and this has a negative effect on the performance properties.

restoration Profile

The surface of plastic strong enough, but a long operation on the coating unit inevitably formed scratches.

Restore the plastic alone it is difficult, so it is recommended in this case to refer to specialists.

Replacing sealing system

The main purpose of any door, in addition to the overall security, and even the protection of the interior of the house from dust, noise, cold.

And the main assistant in this is a sealing system, which ensures a tight fit to the box web. Over time, the rubber seals wear out and require replacement.

Recommends repairs School: installation of doors should be carried out using a suitable sealing system.

Note! If your door is still on warranty, give up the idea of ​​self-repair, and entrust it to professionals.


Repair of aluminum and MDF doors

Repair of plastic windows and doors

Adjusting the loop

  • Repair any aluminum construction is possible only if the safety profile of the frame and the canvas. Do not wait until it fails completely, constantly monitor the current state of fittings and locking system.
  • If you have doubts about the efficiency of structural elements, immediately inspect or control. In most cases, problems occur with the carrier elements aluminum blocks - hinges and locking mechanisms, locks, latches and latches.
  • Installation and repair of metal input unit must be done by professionals, as high-quality products have a fairly complex structure.

Summing up

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