Wallpaper paste quelyd (kelid)

Wallpaper paste quelyd: Review manufacturer


Table of contents

  • 1 Specifications and classification
    • 1.1 A few words about the composition of
    • 1.2 Specifications
    • 1.3 Classification
  • 2 Benefits Kelid glue
  • 3 Preparation of the glue
  • 4 surface preparation
  • 5 adhesive Application
  • 6 Summarizing

Wallpapering - quite an important stage of repair, and the things without which can not do any one wallpaper - quality glue. What kind of glue you choose? The answer is known - Kelid. Why Quelyd wallpaper glue has won the people's love and appreciated professionals?

Note not only the advantages, but also shortcomings of touch, as well as describe the nuances of its use.

Wallpaper paste quelyd

Specifications and classification

A few words about the composition of

Kelid available as a white fluffy substance. The consistency is similar to coconut. Almost all kinds of Kelida are based on starch having a cellulose additive.

Due to this product and it is relatively inexpensive. Quelyd Classic ideal for glueing of wallpapers, but heavier fabric - too difficult and impossible task for him.

Besides starch composition comprises a bactericidal and fungicidal components, it can prevent the formation of mold.


  • Mixing time - 15 minutes.
  • Flow Rate - 500 g per 30-35 m².
  • The final setting - from 24 to 48 hours (depending on temperature, humidity and absorbency materials).
  • Working temperature - in the range of +5 ° C to +25 ° C.

Another advantage - the web can correct for 10 minutes.

Clay is stored for a long time. For three days the mixture is absolutely not lose properties. When stored in a sealed container suitable adhesive wallpaper Kelid a few more days.


  • "Express" - paper and lightweight vinyl.
  • "Super Express" - paper and textiles.
  • "Special vinyl" - vinyl and textiles.
  • "Special-fleece."
  • "Glass fiber".

Benefits Kelid glue

kelid adhesive wallpaper

Kelid - wallpaper paste, recognized by professionals

  • Sliding ability allows you to quickly dock.
  • Viscosity stretches the wallpaper when gluing.
  • The ability to grasp - gluing "elastic" paintings.
  • It stops the formation of fungus.
  • Bonding a high resistance.

Preparation of the glue

kelid wallpaper glue

One of the varieties of the finished adhesive

Instructions for the preparation of adhesive for wallpaper, you can always look on the packaging.

  • Pour into a bucket or any other container of 5 liters of water at room temperature.
  • stirring constantly, pour the contents of the package.
  • Stir for 30 seconds.
  • Leave for 15 minutes.
  • After the swelling of adhesive stir again.

Note! The dry mixture is realized in packs of 300 g and 450 g

surface preparation

Wallpaper paste kelid

Priming the wall before pasting

In the preparation of a pasted wall pay attention to the type of fabrics to be used.

So, textured sheets require careful finishing and leveling of walls, but the decorative fabric rolls require a perfectly flat surface. Self adhesive also has optimal conditions of use.

Maximum allowable humidity:

  • gypsum - 5%;
  • tree - 12%.

The surface must be flat, smooth, solid, dry and clean. Remove the old finish can be a detergent or special washes.

Wall grind and leave to dry for no less than 24 hours. Seal slots plaster, and then apply a layer of the primer composition. After drying it is possible to apply the adhesive.

adhesive Application

device for spreading glue wallpaper

A device for spreading glue wallpaper

What You Should Know Using Kelid - adhesive wallpaper after application requires folding "purse" band. This will allow the edges of the cloth to soak well and be wet for a long time.

Before starting work, draw a vertical line of the window, it will be a reference point for the front page. The following paintings will go back to back.

Note! Do not start pasting wallpaper from the corner. This is quite inconvenient to calculate the amount of material. In addition, in the corner of fabric glued overlapped, requiring simultaneous stickers several paintings.


Kelid worthy of your attention as it meets all the requirements for modern adhesive mixtures. It remains to make the right choice, and we wish you success and offer the video in this article.