How fashionable wallpaper glue right now: how to make pasting a picture from the window on the wall

How fashionable wallpaper glue (photo 48): the rule of the walls and the nuances of gluing


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Wallpapers - this is the face of the room, whether it is a spacious living room and a small bedroom. Decorating the walls with wallpaper has gained popularity due to the practicality and usability. Proper taping contributes to the creation of individual style in the room and the atmosphere required. This article provides examples of how fashionable wallpaper glue, and recommendations for pasting technology.

creates a unique

As it is now fashionable to hang wallpaper?

it is fashionable to hang wallpaperThis question, perhaps, sets every person who wants to create in your home a unique interior.

Fashionable design of the house contributes to:

  • your imagination;
  • a variety of types, colors and textures of wallpaper.
how fashionable pokleit wallpaper

embossed wallpaper

For a stylish wall decoration wallpaper selected according to these principles:

  • purpose of the room;
  • lighting;
  • the quality of the walls.

For example, a pattern with a smooth texture should be applied on a perfectly flat surface. There is not enough flat wall is better to make the gluing embossed wallpaper.

Guided by the dictates of fashion, it is necessary to take into account the result.

What would you like to receive from the fashionable pasting:

  • last "squeak" of fashion;
  • positive atmosphere;
  • The most popular way of pasting.
Now it is fashionable to hang wallpaper

Wall decoration photo wallpapers

Let us dwell a little on each result, that it is clear as is now fashionable to hang wallpaper:

  1. One way or another, but the trend is repeated pasting, so the last "peep" refer Mural on the wall.
    But do not worry, it's not material from the past, which had a paper base and a sprawling under the influence of glue.
    Today Mural fashionable for their quality, diversity of images, the possibility of gluing large webs or individual fragments flanking baguette;
  1. In the creation of a positive atmosphere fashionable to use wallpaper with a distinct pattern and moderately saturated color.
    For bedrooms and children's rooms, you can use wallpaper warm colors.
    It has gained popularity is now finishing the walls with wallpaper with floral motifs, pasting wallpaper in the style of art-decor (wallpaper with colorful blots and spots), primitivism in the decoration (wallpaper in the spirit of rock carvings), anthroposophy (the image on the wallpaper motifs archeology, ancient civilizations and writing;
    Now it is fashionable to hang wallpaper

    floral motifs

  1. Given the level of popularity pasting, then the issue of how fashionable pokleit wallpaper, it is better to give preference to combining style.
    By the way, it is possible to carry out a combination of not only color but also texture. Originally looks horizontal, vertical or diagonal webs combination.
    It is appropriate also in the creation of unique style three walls pasting wallpaper of the same color, and the fourth - in the other. In this manner, a certain area is allocated in the room.
    how to hang wallpaper with a pattern

    The combination of pattern and color in the bands


When using a combination of style it is important to follow a combination of colors. In wallpaper design must be repeated at least one tone furniture.

When combined horizontal bottom webs recommended band of dark tones, and the top - light.

Recommendations for pasting

how to start wallpapering

The order of placing paintings

Whatever direction in wallpapering you choose, the important thing to know how to hang wallpaper on the walls, to the quality of work does not spoil the design ideas.

Wallpapering consists of several steps:

  • surface preparation;
  • cooking paste;
  • wallpapering the surface.

As for the surface preparation, the wall should be fat-free, clean, smooth and dry. If there is old paint, it will be removed, irregularities and cracks in the wall sealed with putty.

In order to reduce the hygroscopicity of the wall, it must be primed. It also makes it easier in the future change of wallpaper.

In preparing the adhesive for gluing must be filled with a dry mixture of cold water and stir vigorously and let it.

Depending on the type of wallpaper glue can be applied to the surface of the wall, and the canvas is dry (satin wallpaper) on the wall surface and on the web, only on the canvas.

These nuances of the application is mainly indicated in the instructions for a particular type of wallpaper.

If you ask any expert how to hang wallpaper - from the window, so will be his answer. You must start pasting from the window on the right side.

For the first strip labels should be noted strictly vertical line to the remaining webs not go aslant.

If the label on the surface of the wallpaper roller smoothed to them under no bubbles. In case of contact with the front surface of the wallpaper glue must be removed with a clean damp sponge.


In the process of gluing should not be a draft, since the wallpaper can keep up with the wall surface or broken dock seams.

Terms of wall decoration wallpaper

To understand how to begin to glue the wallpaper, you must familiarize yourself with the basic rules of pasting.

Rules wallpaper stickers

pridavlivaniya joints

Basically, today issued the wallpaper without edges, so there is no need to cut it, as regulations, without fabric edges are glued back to back.

joints sealed space in various ways:

  1. under the fabric edge condones cash register tape, and wallpaper pressed against her;
  2. pasting is carried out on a conventional adhesive with dense edges pridavlivaniya platen for joints;
  3. It uses a special seam adhesive.

Wrapping is necessary to calculate the number of bands, given the height of the wall, cut out the required number of paintings.

When pasting the wall can immediately be spread by 2-3 bands, and also come with wallpaper, then slazhivaya their accordion. Such a method is suitable for use with the wallpaper without any drawing.

Before how to hang wallpaper with a pattern, you must take into account that the figure should be joined on the wall.

To do this:

  • cut and glued web alternately applying a pre-glued to the following web for visual illumination pattern;
  • or whether on the floor combined bands drawing of two rolls, and only then cut off.

When it comes to fashion design, is taken with large floral wallpaper fragments. In this case it is necessary to do so that the strip of wallpaper on the ceiling did not start from the middle of the picture, as it will look ugly.


When pasting wallpaper patterned roll must be purchased in the stock, so as the selection takes more material than regular wallpaper.

nuances gluing

how to hang wallpaper on the wall

Lapping webs at an angle

We have already said that the rules provide for stickers wallpaper to begin work on the windows.

In this note such nuances:

  1. Experts do not recommend to stick wallpaper strip edge into the corner. It is better to leave the ledge around the corner 2cm and then make a few notches for alignment;
  2. A new band after the corner is aligned vertically. And then the only sticks;
  3. When gluing to the door must be approached from one side only. Canvas which captures the door area, cut to the door frame;
  4. During heating radiators wall paste is recommended not more than 20 cm. The rest of the painted in tone wallpaper;
  5. When pasting outlets electricity disconnected, the socket is removed, the web is cut crosswise and is bent inward;
  6. Be sure to check the density of the bonding joints between the strips;
  7. Tool immediately after gluing the first sheet is necessary to rinse or wipe the glue residues, so as not to leave stains on other bands.

In other words, you can glue the wallpaper as your soul desires, but should adhere to the basic rules and pasting prevent "conflict" between the pattern and coloring, that is, to stick to a single style and harmony in complex combinations.

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