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In the implementation of finishing of facades and interiors of buildings with a variety of success apply woodworm Stucco: coating technology provides a surface texture resembling wood, damaged beetle-borers.

Actually, with the appearance of the walls it was called "bark beetle".

Bark plaster coating technologyAlong with unusual appearance, decorative plaster "pitted" has good performance characteristics: it is resistant to rain and low temperatures, dyed, it is not fade in the sun.

The applied decorative plaster their hands resistant to aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkalis. If the cause "pitted" on the plinth of the building, you can protect it from destruction in high humidity conditions (for example, when storm sewer is unable to cope with the volumes of precipitation).

Plaster "bark beetle", on the market today are manufactured by different companies. Depending on this, different polymeric excipients that make up the material.

That is why before you apply the plaster woodworm, should carefully review the recommendations producer (more often they appear on the packaging, but if not, you can refer to the official website producer).

Most of the differences in the recommendations relating to the formulation of mixing and drying mode.

How to apply decorative plaster woodworm

In the photo plaster bark (price - from 160 rubles).

Features "bark"

However, at sufficiently significant differences they all have approximately the same basic structure: a basis of cement, marble chips of from 0.1 mm to 4 mm.

That marble chips fraction determines the flow rate of plaster on 1m2 area: the larger the marble grains, the more material is required. Average consumption of "bark" with a certain grain size is usually given on the package.

Most often, "bark beetle" is available in white. However, a wide range of compatible ink opens to master endless possibilities for tinting. Also very real stain already applied a lot of different façade paint.

If you decide to significantly transform your home, one of the best options for this - plaster woodworm - the hands you change the look of your home beyond recognition!

Application of "bark"

surface preparation

"Bark" is intended for application to masonry, concrete, gypsum board, chipboard plates and sandwich panels. However, before applying decorative plaster woodworm it recommended creating a base layer of baryta or warm plaster.

How to apply the plaster woodworm

Alignment surface plaster

The sequence of surface preparation:

  • The walls are cleaned from finishing residues (if necessary), remove the dust, dirt and oil stains. If the planes have significant irregularities, before applying the decorative layer is necessary to conduct alignment plaster walls conventional cement-sand mortar.
  • If the room humidity, a mandatory process the wall antifungal.
  • Cracks and joints should embroider with the "Bulgarian" and fill out the filler based on gypsum binder.
  • Prepared wall primer coating. The primer is applied on top of the base layer 20 mm thick, and overwrites it with simultaneous sealing. This layer will serve as the basis for applying the "Bark".
  • If you are plastering the outer walls, surface requirements are not as strict training. In concrete, cement-lime or cement-sand surface "pitted" is applied without a primer. To ensure maximum adhesion, one hour before the start of work wall abundantly wetted with water.

On the thus prepared surface can be easily applied decorative coating is now no defects base tread.


After we had a training walls under plaster, it's time to move on to the preparation of the mixture.

Instructions for preparing their own hands:

  • In a clean container, following the manufacturer's recommendations, instructions in said pour volume water temperature of 15-20 0C.
  • The water gradually introduce dry component mixture, stirring continuously to avoid clumping.
  • The resulting composition of continuing stirring until homogeneous, subject for 10-15 minutes in a closed container. After this time the mixture was again kneaded.

Note! In the process, the mixture must be mixed so that it does not freeze. It is strictly forbidden to add water into finished weight, it causes bundle plaster and drastic deterioration of its characteristics.


The technology application "bark" was not extremely difficult.

To master it, you can pretty quickly if you follow the recommendations:

  • "Bark" is applied to the surface using a float or a stainless steel spatula.
  • When applying tool keep an angle of 60 ° to the surface, forming a layer of thickness equal to the size of the largest grains.
    The technology of applying decorative plaster woodworm


  • If in the course of work on plastering the walls with his own hands to take a break, place the end of the work is sealed with masking tape, tape is applied over the plaster. When resuming the work layer is cut and the masking tape is removed.
  • Before applying the "bark beetle" strokes, putting his hand to the surface, if it does not stick, it's time to move on to the next stage!
  • Strokes applied with a plastic float which keeps flat vnakladku to the surface. By means of varying intensity and direction of float movement available strokes of different configuration and size.
    Plaster pitted his own hands

    Application of decorative touches

The optimum temperature for drying "Bark" - from 5 to 30 0 C at a humidity of not more than 80%. If the finish is applied to the façade, within 48 hours after completion of the work it needs to be protected from rain and direct sunlight.

After the final drying can move on to color. For this purpose silicate (may be applied three days after plastering) or acrylic (require at least two weeks drying) paints.


We hope that this material will help you to answer the question as to plaster the bark beetle and you will easily cope with the interior decoration of your home or facade. We can only see the video in this article.

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