Plastering the walls with his own hands: technology and engineering application of the solution on the wall

Plastering the walls with his own hands (36 photos): preparation of premises, installation of beacons, particularly solutions and application technique


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  • 2 The sequence of work
    • 2.1 exhibiting lighthouses
    • 2.2 solutions
    • 2.3 application technique
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Plastering the walls with his own hands - a process quite laborious, but still quite affordable for the development of even a layman.

It is necessary to make an effort to try - and your walls will be re-plastered. And most importantly - you do it yourself, which will give you a legitimate reason to be proud.

Plastering the walls with his own handsToday distinguish two ways to render - "wet" and "dry". "Wet" comprises applying the different mortars based on gypsum or cement. "Dry" - this rank is arbitrary, since the plaster is not, as is the cladding sheets of different materials such as plasterboard or gipsovolokonnyh plate.

Despite the obvious advantages of "dry" method, do not rush to write off the classic technology. They are indispensable for finishing small areas, aligning ceilings in rooms with high humidity.

It is this method and is dedicated to this material. In it, we try to give the most detailed answer to the question - how to plaster the walls.

The first stage - preparation of walls under plaster.

Cooking room

Free the wall, this is carried out of the room all the things, and move the furniture to the center and cover with plastic wrap overlapping.

If we plasterers themselves should take care of flooring, cover it with plastic or fall asleep with a thick layer of sawdust. The lamp is better to remove and insulate the wires to prevent the ingress of water on them.

Getting cleanup. To clean the surface before the plastering of a base. In order to facilitate the removal of whitewash, you can use the trick - Apply liquid paste, and after drying it clean off with whitewash with a metal spatula or manual cycle.

We ate on the surface there is the old wallpaper, soaked with water and clean off a scraper or wire brush.

Discovered under the old finish cracks and chips in the bottom embroider (small - with a knife, to use large grinders) and fill the repair mortar. cracks over the necessary sizing plaster mesh or tape "serpyanku".

Before plaster walls of stone, brick or concrete, perform the skip to a depth of about 10 mm. This will allow the plaster solutions secure our position on the ground. The skip is performed using the old ax or chisel. 1 m2 should be applied about a thousand notches.

plaster walls technique

Wall scored

Often the question arises as to plaster the wooden walls?

To laid plaster on wood tightly held on the surface of the wall studs shingles - dosochki thin, chipped along the grain of the wooden block of wood. Shingles fills in grid form scoring nail only to half and the second half bending.

Technology plaster walls

Shingle under the plaster (the price - 60 rubles).

Instead of shingles, technology walls wood plaster can be used a metal grid, which is packed on the cleaned surface.

Note! of metal mesh to protect against rust, for this purpose before stuffing her dyed and dried.

The sequence of work

exhibiting lighthouses

Plaster walls in the apartment

staking walls

The surface is plastered smoothly, it set the beacons. Before wall plastering beacons, it is necessary to understand what a given design.

To do this several ways to apply. Below is a description of one of the most simple - using a beacon profile.

  • Using long level or plumb the verticality of the surface of the check.
  • Above and below each corner of trying to drive a screw (possibly screwing the screw into a pre-drilled hole). Thereafter dowels tie vertically fishing line.

If it is a plaster walls plasterboard, anchors do not apply.

  • Focusing on the two vertical fishing line extends along the horizontal wall. For the surface height of 2.5 to 3 meters is enough four contours.
  • Focusing on the fishing line on plaster or filler beacon establish profiles. For this series of forming a fishing line slides from the solution, which is pressed into the profile. Profile bulged to a sufficient depth, it should come into contact with fishing line, but do not push it.
  • Once installed vertical beacons, fix the horizontal using the above technique. The entire grid lighthouses check with a spirit level.

After the surface is prepared for plaster, you can proceed to preparation of the solution. Consider how to prepare a solution for plaster.


How to plaster wooden walls


Most often, plaster walls technique involves applying three layers of solution.

First layer - "obryzg". To prepare it creamy solution which will throw the surface. For wooden bases obryzga layer thickness is not more than 9 mm, for concrete or masonry - 5 mm.

Second layer - primer. The solution has a dough-like consistency and is applied to a layer of about 10 mm.

The third layer (finish) is referred to as finish coat. Nakryvnoy layer to prepare a fine-grained sand by sieving on a sieve with its 1,5h1,5 mm cell.

Solution was prepared based on cement, lime or gypsum. It is weakest lime plaster, and most - a solution based on cement.

The most popular solutions are:

  • mortar: 1 part cement to 3 parts sand;
  • Lime-cement 1 part cement, 5 parts sand, 1 part lime solution;
  • Lime: 3 parts sand to 1 part lime solution;
  • lime-gypsum: 1 plaster (dry gypsum) in 3 parts of lime paste.

If the scheduled wall plastering with cement mortar, the mass should be used no later than one hour after preparation.

How to plaster walls on beacons

pounce plaster

Plaster solutions should be prepared in small portions, because the plaster quickly grasped.

application technique

Instructions for the work with his own hands:

  • The first layer of plaster - scratch coat, is applied with a trowel. Gaining on trowel solution and with a small distance make sharp wave hand brush. If the swing is too strong, and too sweeping motion, a large part of the solution to be sprayed and will not get to the wall.
  • Above obryzga plot the precoat layer. Due to the consistency of ground can be applied by a broad spatula or trowel. Depending on the thickness of the plaster layer of the soil distributed in one or more steps. If we Plasterer beacons, the top layer of soil can be leveled, spending on rails beacon rule.
    How to plaster walls

    Plaster beacons using rules

  • Nakryvku applied over damp ground, which has not yet had time to dry. If the ground was dry, before applying the finish coat must be moisten with a brush.

After the finish coat is dry, a wooden or plastic float execute grouting plaster. She made a circular motion float counterclockwise, strongly pressed to the plane of the plastered surface.

After finishing grout float, padded with felt or felt, plaster walls in the apartment can be considered complete!

Summing up

Now that you know how to plaster the walls. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find the necessary information on the question.

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