Bathroom Design in Khrushchev: the small size of the room interior design with shower

Bathroom Design in Khrushchev (36 photos) features interior decor and tiling


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To date, there are many different options on how and with the help of which can be designed and decorated of a bathroom in your apartment. Most often, the beautiful design of the bathroom in the Khrushchev can be done regardless of the size of the room.

Of course, if the room is large, the conventional design of the bathroom will make much easier than if the space bathroom minimum. Bathroom Design in hruschevke

Creating a design in a bathroom with a shower Khrushchev importantly, what is necessary to achieve - this is not the existence of a whole new and ultra-modern technology, and the presence of the atmosphere, which would allow you to relax and lose all the negative in a very short term.

After all, bathroom is not only for purely hygienic human needs here you should be comfortable and cozy in the evening relax with soapsuds or vigorous morning soul.

Design features bathrooms in the Khrushchev

bathroom design in the colors of the Khrushchev

Example bathroom design in hruschevke using mosaic

The main problem of such premises is considered to be a small area, and bathroom with toilet with a bathtub. As an integral part may be called obsolete pipes and other communications.

As a rule, because of this, and there are many difficulties in the way of high-quality repair and create an interior bathroom.

How to make repairs so that the costs for a minimum of money and time?

  1. Preparatory stage

Once you have decided what kind of bathroom design hruschevke you need, calculate the necessary amount of building materials.

Purchase them. After that, immediately proceed to the immediate dismantling of old structures and communications. Be sure to change the toilet, the sink and the bathroom, as you may later regret that they did not.

Often still strong enough bathrooms and toilets are forcing the owners of the apartment to make unplanned repairs and replacement of these elements.

  1. dismantling communications

Note! That to this procedure should be treated with the utmost seriousness. According to various regulations, this type of work should be necessarily agreed with the management company. Many owners of apartments in order to avoid red tape and wasted time and money reject this idea.

Any bathroom design in the panel house implies the presence of all reliable and beautiful. And this is, first and foremost, plumbing. Installing new pipes - not the last thing.

Bathroom design in the Khrushchev with shower

Bathroom in Khrushchev, made in warm colors

Almost all the inhabitants of Khrushchev wish to hide the pipe in the wall is visually increase the space of the room and make it a modern and stylish.

In this case, you can not avoid dust, noise, and additional financial costs for shtroblenie walls.

However, note that the result obtained at the end will justify all your hopes. All pipes will be nicely hidden.

  1. Wiring

Most often, the bathroom design in Khrushchev implies the existence of one or more outlets. To date, we use a number of techniques that the two outlets may not be sufficient to ensure full functionality of the bathroom.

You need to replace wiring, as well as increase the number of outlets. All your actions should be coordinated with the power utility service.

  1. Repair ceiling and walls
bathroom design in the panel house

An example of the tiles in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

This type of work should not cause you any difficulty. Of course, you must take into account the high humidity of the room and used at the same time appropriate materials.

Today there are many manufacturers offering a huge variety of products to suit all tastes and for a variety of prices. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves something suitable.

  1. plumbing installation

The modern design of a small bathroom in the Khrushchev should not be crammed with various plumbing popular brands. The main thing - to serve you for many years, and fit into the style of the room.

Particular attention should be paid to the functionality and size of sanitary ware. If your bathroom is combined with the toilet, then the best option is to install a shower enclosure.

Especially because modern cabins more comfortable bath. Using this approach, you can save space, which can be used to accommodate other equipment.

Sometimes the bathroom interior in Khrushchev provides built-in wall cisterns. This solution is sometimes problematic, given that the walls in prefabricated houses are very thin and fragile.

  1. Mixers and heaters

Remember, the bathroom design small size of the room in Khrushchev must include the presence of heaters and coils.

interior of a bathroom in the Khrushchev

The bright design of the bathroom with a shower in the Khrushchev

When choosing a faucet, do not chase the brand, pay attention to the quality and size. If you have a small sink, why buy expensive fashionable faucet, the tip of the crane which is practically "climbs" for itself sink ?!

Given all of the above tips and warnings, before starting repairs, decide on what style will design a bathroom with a shower in the Khrushchev.

Your task is to make the interior of the bathroom so that all elements of the plumbing and decor of the room perfectly in harmony with each other, and combined with the walls and the floor of the bathroom.

How to lay out the tiles in the bathroom

Whatever your bathroom - designed in Khrushchev provides a wall or floor, tiled. The process of laying is considered the most painstaking and difficult work in the repair of the entire bathroom.

He requires maximum knowledge about the various options for laying tiles and the basic rules of their selection and combination of various sizes.

Today there are many specialized programs that provide a clear view of the tile in the bathroom. So different interiors of bathrooms in the Khrushchev may already be viewed in three dimensions.

Note, however, that work with such a program also requires certain skills. With no experience, you can make a mistake in the calculation of the required number of tiles, or not understand all the details and intricacies of plitochek layout.

The first thing you need to estimate the size of your bathroom. If you are given a standard room size and layout, the large part of it will occupy the entire bathroom tiles will be below it. In such a case will be evident rake angle and tile under the bath.

Experienced builders recommend to spend laying the tiles in a centralized fashion. In this case, your bathroom - design Khrushev qualitatively transformed and change its appearance.

Bathroom design hruschevke

An example of a compact placement of the washing machine in a small area of ​​the bathroom

To do this, you should choose the center of the room, then calculate all the trim on the corners.

There are other options for laying tiles on the floor and walls. And whichever one you choose, the first thing that is taken into account - it's plumbing, namely, the various instruments and devices, and other accessories needed in the bathroom.

Sometimes, paradoxically, the repair using the most common method of laying - on the visible angle and at the same time achieve maximum effect.

As you can see, the design - design bathroom in the Khrushchev includes some rather complicated steps that require specific skills, tools, and a great desire.

For some home owners to cope with the full scope of work is not given the opportunity.

Bathroom Design in hruschevke

Bathroom Design Example plitochki small room (mosaic)

In this case, you need to seek professional help. If this is a separate question, a master of it, and if you have any problems at an early stage - the choice of interior style bathroom, then to the designers.

They, in turn, will offer you design of the bathroom in the Khrushchev -tsvetovaya gamma and accessories that will come to your taste.

Various design options bathrooms of different sizes and layouts can be found on the Internet or specialized design magazines.

They bathroom design Khrushchev occupies a large proportion. So you are guaranteed to find something that satisfies all your needs (see. Other variants of repair bathroom).

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