Bathroom design small in size in the panel house: interior, best views

Bathroom design small in size (39 photos). The color scheme, furniture and lighting. Choosing dushkabinki and plumbing. room decoration


Table of contents

  • 1 Plain colors are always in fashion
  • 2 Bathroom furniture small size
  • 3 The strength of a competent lighting
  • 4 Useful space above the doorway
  • 5 Shower - the best alternative to the bath in a small room
  • 6 The delights of modern plumbing
  • 7 Tile: some prefer
  • 8 Ceiling - an important part of a small bathroom
  • 9 Mirrors reflect light
  • 10 Decorating the bathroom with the help of illumination
  • 11 Free floor - the key space
  • 12 Photo Gallery

Most bathrooms, especially in old type houses, have very small dimensions. To transform a small bathroom, in addition to the location of the banal elements of the room, you must carefully consider and finish.

The bathroom design small size of the room is not only setting and decoration - it is entirely change the bathroom space.

Bathroom design small size of the roomOptionally actually expand the space, it is possible using this embodiment as a repair bathroom remodeling. In this case, the bathroom may increase slightly due to the adjacent room.

Thus it is necessary to carry out the disassembly of the walls and make a new partition, but it is often associated with organizational difficulties, such as the capture resolution in the BTI, etc.

This article will highlight the effective tips that can make the design of a small bathroom in your home interesting and attractive.

Plain colors are always in fashion

Using the bathroom with their hands one-color trim, you can achieve incredible results in a visual extension of the space. Nevertheless, the use of the same color does not mean that you can not apply it shades.

When the bathroom painting one color diluting it undertones as to achieve its objective, but in addition to this room will be brighter and more varied.

The design of the bathroom is small in size in the panel house

Design bathrooms small squares in white looks much more spacious

The most effective in terms of visual expansion space is white, but with regard to practicality, this option would require constant and careful maintenance.

Bathroom furniture small size

In today's market of furniture and accessories for the bathroom is not a problem to find the product of any shape and size. Bathroom Design small square rooms perfectly complement the small-sized furniture.

With it is possible to increase the free space and, as a consequence, improve the comfort of the internal space.

An interesting idea of ​​repairing the bathroom may be the opening of the lockers, which will serve as a kind of bathroom decor. Lockers white will reflect more light and better suited to the tone of a snow-white sanitary ware.

The strength of a competent lighting

Design a small bathroom

The design is very small bathroom with a large artificial and natural light make the room visually larger and more comfortable

Proper lighting a small bath can be arranged as follows:

  1. lighting should be a lot - well-lit small room will look larger;
  2. light intensity should be regulated - morning, good lighting will accelerate the awakening and preparation for the labor day, and dim lights in the evening - relaxation and relaxation.

Useful space above the doorway

Often this space is ignored by many and simply left blank. Especially this item will be interesting for people who have a high ceilings. This place can be operated, having arranged therein miniature shelves for storing various bottles, scrubs, salts, etc.

They make the interior bathroom small size of the room is not only attractive, but also functional.

For those who are not so concerned about using a variety of body care products, the shelf can be used to store household items - cleaning products, toilet paper and other things.

Shower - the best alternative to the bath in a small room

Bathroom design small room

Shower stall will be an attractive, compact and beautiful replacement for standard tubs

Shower cubicle perfectly replace the bath when the place is really limited.

Choose a cabin, guided by the following principles:

  • it should not be cumbersome - for this purpose we prefer it a standard bath;
  • preferred embodiment is a matt pattern on the glass, providing privacy; especially suitable for small bathrooms design, combined with a toilet.

Tip! If you do not want to give up the option with a bath, instead of the usual curtains that protect the room from the spray, Use for increasing the visual space of plastic or glass partitions in the likeness of those who are in shower.

Bathroom small design

Glass curtain to the bath perfectly suited for visual enlargement of the room and will not be less practical than conventional

The delights of modern plumbing

Bathroom should look lively, rich and spacious. Therefore, if your bathroom is small - design should be decorated with new and modern equipment, which always gives the price.

Get rid of the old plumbing with dull white film, from taps and baths with flashes of rust. For example, a sink with a granite countertop could significantly transform the room, doing Pastime it pleasant and comfortable.

Small bathroom design

The best designs of bathrooms - those that give the room a unique luster and luxury

Tile: some prefer

Tile large size - your choice. Floor tiles for the bathroom to be a pattern. The less frequently interrupted line pattern or tile joints, the less visually "cut off" the total distance. The same applies to other surfaces, tiled.

Apply small tile, of course, no one stops, but in this case the expansion illusion of space will not be observed, and a small bathroom design will not differ from the usual.

Ceiling - an important part of a small bathroom

Interior bathroom small in size

Suspended ceiling in the bathroom with the illusion of a cloudy sky will provide additional room space

Finishing the ceiling with his hands in a small bathroom should be carefully considered, since the ceiling plays an important role in the formation of the picture in the room.

Arrange it must be as follows:

  1. suspended ceiling, perhaps, is the most preferred with regard to the expansion space; it adds an extra room volume and depth, and is very practical; if you choose a glossy stretch ceiling in the bathroom, supplement it with qualitative lighting - the play of light makes the overall picture of a memorable;
  2. the problem of too low a ceiling, in addition to tensile structures can help to resolve its color to white or any color suitable for bathroom design small size of the room light shade that can blend into a whole with all location; this decision will make the walls more visually high;
  3. pattern, e.g. cloudy sky, on the ceiling in the bathroom and to create the illusion of infinity will give a soothing effect, but the embodiment should be professional.

Mirrors reflect light

Design a small bathroom

Mirrors give a compact bathroom comfort and the feeling of closeness will be removed

If your apartment has a small bathroom - the design space should be supplemented by mirrors.

And in this case it mirrors much never happens. They can decorate the wall, and you can insert them in decorative frames. If your bathroom has a window, a good idea might be placing a large mirror in front of him - the reflected light will give a natural room.

Decorating the bathroom with the help of illumination

Ceiling light is not enough for organic illumination of each corner of the room. This is especially true prizerkalnyh zones, near which like to spend time avid fashionista.

Lack of light can be overcome by installing small lights on the perimeter of the mirror.

In addition, such an approach would be a sign of refined taste and design skills, as can be verified by typing any online search engine query "bathroom design small" and considered the options for bathroom in pictures with a similar solution.

To save on electricity consumption, should be used sparingly bulb.

The design of small bathrooms

Backlit mirror in the bathroom, in addition to the additional lighting will perform the function of decorating

Free floor - the key space

Rules floor design in a small bathroom:

  1. We should not clutter the interior of the already small bathroom basket for clothes washing, bathroom scales, urn for rubbish. Put these things in any other part of the apartment.
  2. When the bathroom door opens inwards, making repairs - interior bathroom comes with a change of direction of opening. The ideal solution would be the use of a sliding door, which is great saves.
  3. On the floor in the bathroom should be to lay a small, but nice to pad feet, and do not need to use two or more (one, for example, lay near a bath tub), one would be sufficient.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the design of the bathroom are small in size in the panel house, or any other type can be just perfect if anxious to treat every detail in the interior.

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