Design of small-sized bathroom: the interior of the panels in the apartment

Design of small-sized bathroom (42 images): how to arrange the walls and install mirrors to visually increase the space


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  • 1 Secrets of a cozy small-sized bathroom
  • 2 The use of panels in a bathroom renovation
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To perform the repair, you will need the help of professionals, or their own skills to install plumbing. You will also need a number of special tools and instruments.

If you have it all, in this case, the design of small-sized bathroom to make it easier to.

Design of small-sized bathroomEvery owner of a small-sized bathroom is well aware that to repair and design of the bathroom is a matter quite difficult and costly.

bathroom design in a small apartment

Design example of small-sized bathroom in marine style

When planning the interior of a small-sized bath room, you run into the problem of how to fit everything you need in a given area. And at the same time, leave space for easy movement around the room.

Secrets of a cozy small-sized bathroom

  1. Diagonal laying tiles on the floor It will allow you to expand the space of the room visually.
  2. Use of mirrors in the interior of a bathroom is also visually increase the space. Such a design of the bathroom in a small apartment would look not only stylish, but also functional.
  3. Ceiling to appear higher in the interior of the bathroom itself, use only light colors. They must be at least a shade lighter than the walls in the bathroom. If the walls and so light, the designers are advised to do the white ceiling.
  4. For the walls do not use dark red or brown tone. The color of the shade will reduce your bathroom, and weighted its interior. It is also contraindicated in the presence of large sparkling décor items or large items on the walls.
small-sized interior of a bathroom

Example of wall panels in a small bathroom

It is better to use pastel colors in the interior of the bathroom, as well as transparent materials. Set as much as possible with frosted glass shelves, which can be applied to a certain pattern sandblasting.

  1. The dark and cool color will make your bathroom more intense and deep. Many manufacturers recommend the use of ceramic tiles blue or dark blue.
  2. If your choice fell on the decoration of walls with mosaic, make sure you take care of the bathroom color scheme. Often, what is in store in the example, you like bright and cheerful mosaic, and then repair it can annoy you too much playfulness. "Reserve" Consider a few options. The ideal solution in this case is an advanced repair and design of the bathroom by a computer program. So you can avoid some of the shortcomings, and perhaps on something to save money.

Note! That the choice of tile or ceramic mosaic need not look only to the coloring of parts, but also the size. It is also one of the most important aspects considered to be the location of the tiles in the bathroom. If you put the tiles vertically, the room will seem higher, if horizontally - a lower and extended.

The use of panels in a bathroom renovation

Recently, a very commonly used bathroom design of the panels. They can be used in the repair of the other rooms.

bathroom design of the panels

design example in a small bathroom with panels

Such panels may be of different colors and textures.

Most buyers in the first place, pay attention to their ability to retain moisture and price. Virtually all modern manufacturers offer moisture resistant panels at average prices.

Alternatively, when the design of small-sized bathroom made such panels perfect, if there are children in your home. They often like to play and to paint the walls. With panels that trick they will not succeed.

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