Design a small bathroom: the idea of ​​a standard model of the interior bathrooms with corner

Design a small bathroom (photo 45): select the furniture and colors, "expand" space


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Unfortunately, very often the bathroom is just sounding name as really call it a small room can not be a separate room.

However, even in this case, a small bathroom design can be done not only original but also sverhfunktsionalnym.

Design a small bathroomEveryone wants to bathroom design was stylish and comfortable. It was here the day begins and ends. Your good mood depends on the design and interior of the room.

In order to create a beautiful interior of a small bathroom you will need quality sanitary ware, tiles, as well as centimeter.

The first thing to do - is to plan the entire room with the view of accommodating the plumbing. To do this, measure the necessary distance and transfer them to your plan.

On such a plan should be perfectly clear, where and how will be placed bath, shower and sink. Besides all this must also determine the presence of a washing machine, as well as the amount and type of cabinets for various devices.

When choosing interior standard bathroom, pay attention to the plumbing. Relate its size with the plan you created.

ideas bathroom design

Example bright design for a small bathroom area

Note that this element of the interior bathroom should not only be stylish but also functional. Best of all, if you pick up a mini-plumbing, which is developed specifically for small-area bathrooms.

The design of the walls in the bathroom can be very diverse. If you decide to use the tiles as a wall finish, do not use dark colors or tiles with very large elements.

Note! Use a light tone. It is desirable that it was blue or light blue tones. Then you will be able to visually enlarge the room and keep it fresh and clean.

On the floor is usually put a tile, which is either the same as, and on the walls, a well with a pattern and tone of the walls.

interior of a small bathroom

Original washing machine on the wall in a small bathroom

Another method bathroom interior mirror surfaces is the use as wall decoration. However, such an embodiment provides for frequent cleaning and cleaning surfaces data.

small bathroom design

Bathroom Design Example room in pastel colors

Mirrors will simultaneously perform a decorative function. They can be arranged not only on the wall in front of the sink, but also, for example, near a bathtub, or anywhere else.

If you want to make this room particularly original, the design of typical bathrooms can be viewed on the Internet, as well as fashion design magazines. They are so full of new ideas and simply beautiful examples.

Bathroom furniture

The choice of furniture - is also an important process that should be approached with the utmost seriousness. If your bathroom is small, it is too massive furniture elements here are misplaced.

Today, there are many options and roomy compact pedestals, shelves and drawers. They can be placed in niches, under the sink or on the walls.

But do not get carried away or cabinets or accessories. If there will be too much, the room space will look cluttered and small.

A few tips for the rational use of the room:

  • If you allow the area of ​​the room, then place on the territory of the ironing board that slides out from under the countertop. This approach is very convenient because you will not need to look for a board in the room.
  • If you have a small bathroom - the design should be appropriate. You can resort to the use of a corner toilet.
  • As for the washing machine, it is best to place it under the general worktop with sink. In the vicinity can be located and a basket for dirty laundry.
    standard bathroom design

    Bathroom of the original form

  • Your room will be even more comfortable if it will be a place for a soft padded stools or even chairs. Here you can also put a small table, a chest of drawers or an old trunk. Inside it, you can store different supplies soap and towels, and more. The height of the trunk must be not higher than 55 centimeters.
  • If your house is often a problem with the water, it must be time to take care of installing the boiler. His best location is considered to be the ceiling.
  • Do not put in a small bathroom too massive objects. They underlined the lack of free space.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. That is why it is desirable to minimize the number of decorated items and other small trinkets.

Recently gaining increasing popularity bathroom design with corner bath. This option is used not only in order to save space, but also in order to stand out.

Many of the standard design of the bathroom tired.

The color scheme of the bathroom

Sometimes it is very difficult to design the bathroom of your dreams, and even in your favorite color.

To make this a reality, enough to follow a few rules:

  1. To visually raise the ceiling use only light colors. And if the wall and so light, make the ceiling white himself.
    Interior standard bathroom

    Example bright design compact bathroom

  1. To room was deeper and richer, use cool colors.
  2. So the room was warm and cozy - pastel colors. Different ideas bathroom design include the presence of bright accents that will dilute the boring monotony.
    create a bathroom design

    Green small-sized bathroom

  1. Often a standard bathroom - interior design is executed in mosaic technique. But be careful, as it will be difficult to relax surrounded by too bright walls (see. Other variants of repair bathroom).

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