The design of the toilet room and a small walk-in closet

The design of the toilet room (51 photos) Interior options


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When planning the design of toilet room, you remember that this space (as opposed to the familiar to all of us and the banal toilet) at all times was a sign of a certain status. Indeed, if we look at the history of, we see that have a special room for the morning and evening dress, all the necessary hygiene procedures, selecting and putting on clothes could afford only a very wealthy people.

So having it in your home is a symbol denoting affiliation to your high society.

The design of the toilet roomHowever, the digression is time to end, and proceed directly to the subject of our discussion - design.

Modern tendencies

This relatively roomy, unlike bathroom, a room (average size of such rooms - about 15 m2) which is used for hygiene procedures, and for other aspects of reduction of in order.

Note! Historically, that each had their own dressing room of the adult family members. This is perfect today. However, if you realize it does not succeed, you have to be limited to one common location. In this position it better in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the marital bedroom.

Usually installed:

  • toilet bowl;
  • sink with wash basin;
  • bidet;
  • shower or bath.
    Design a small dressing room

    The interior in modern style

In addition to the actual equipment for hygienic procedures are set different couches, small sofas, cabinets and cupboards. But the main "actor" - a table with a large mirror. Quite often, the sanitary part is separated from the living mobile screens.

Actually, the presence of all these pieces of furniture and features a real dressing-room of even extensive combined bathroom.

And if the layout of your home allows you to design a small dressing room adjacent to the toilet, before long you will appreciate all the advantages of such a solution.

We undertake the design

So, with the main purpose we have understood. Now it's time to move on to a description of the process of designing and creating a room design.

Selection of premises

  • Talk about a suitable place. As mentioned above, suitable sufficiently spacious building area of ​​15 m2.
  • This scale is explained by the fact that the small size of the room is almost impossible to establish anything other than mandatory bathtub, toilet, sink and table. If you do not possess sufficient space, it is better not to waste time and effort and give up the idea of ​​its equipment.
  • The next point - the location of the room. It is quite logical, if it is located in close proximity to your bedroom. Agree, would be uncomfortable in the morning awake to go through the house to the soul also will be uncomfortable in his pajamas after the shower to get to bed at night.
  • Next (in an adjacent room) should be located closet. This will allow you all the procedures associated with personal hygiene, dressing and undressing produce without leaving the washroom.
  • For room all communications (hot and cold water, sewerage) should be held, as well as provide quality supply and exhaust ventilation.
Bathroom with window

Designed in a classic style


So, with the room we were defined, tested or successful communication summed. It's time to start decorating.

When selecting materials for finishing must be remembered that we noted in the beginning of the article: this room - the room status. This means that using inexpensive practical finishing materials, you misrepresent the very idea.

The decoration of two stylistic trends can be identified. The first tends to be retro-elements. The room is finished with and heralded "antique". Here, as nowhere else would be appropriate bath on legs bent bronze, plaster stucco, gilding, enamel inserts on the furniture.

Dressing room in classic style

Dressing room in classic style

Another trend involves the situation in a more contemporary style, without frills and ostentation. All items should be simple enough, but the quality and functionality. The tone is set in the design of glass and polished metal.

Modern toilet room

Modern toilet room

As for color, where most designers recommend to stay in light and warm colors. Leaders in the palette, no doubt, are beige and pink.

However, have the right to exist, and the room in shades of blue or blue as well as black-and-white interiors.

Of the finishing materials applied polished natural wood, natural (or artificial quality) stone, gilding. In the style of old buildings look great and plumbing fittings of darkened bronze.

The floor can be made only from tiles. Used for cladding natural stone (marble, granite), granite or high quality ceramic tiles, it is appropriate polyurethane self-leveling floors with a decorative pattern.


An important role in creating the overall comfort and coziness of interior play. Where relevant in the design of furniture will be a small ottoman or couch, ottoman, upholstered, the color of which harmonizes with the trim color.

Well, of course, there must be a set table. Low enough to be useful for women, sitting on a low ottoman, elegant, with lots of shelves and cabinets for toiletries.

Dressing table

Dressing table

The final touch to the design is a mirror. The primary mirror - a mirror placed in front of the table. Besides him, it would be appropriate at least one small mirror to make amendments and full-length mirror near the dressing room. If you do not lack imagination, you can design a mirror with your hands.

As you can see, the special status of the restroom requires a very serious approach to the selection of its design. Here come to the fore not the performance of the finishing materials, not functionality and interior design, its beauty and comfort. However, in the most intimate room of the house could it be otherwise?

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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