Tile design in the bathroom: the interior with ceramic, tile, mosaic

tile design in the bathroom (photo 57): preparing the walls, creating a reinforcing layer bonding grid and laying tile


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  • 1 Laying tile: guide
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Tiles easy to clean, moisture-proof, durable and always in fashion. The original design of the tiles in the bathroom to create a unique interior, emphasizing the good taste of the owner.
tile design in bathroom

Most often, tiles used in the decoration of bathrooms and kitchens. This is not surprising, because these facilities are exposed to moisture and cleaning chemicals.

design in contrasting colors

The original interior in contrasting shades

Laying tile: guide

  1. Preparing walls.

This stage professionals call basic and most important. Since it was from him in the future depends on how tightly will keep the tiles on the wall.

Remove from the walls of all that had accumulated over the years with the construction of the building, it's paint, plaster and putty.

  1. Creating a reinforcing layer.

Performing design bathroom tiles, the move would increase the adhesion with the base tile. The main element here is the metal grid with cells no more than 1.5-2 cm. The thickness of the wire thus should be 1 mm.

Attach a grid on the wall is possible by means of conventional wall plugs.

  1. glue the net

At this preliminary stage ends. Net addition should be pasted. As adhesive may be used developer mixture for a tile Cerasit CM11.

The interior in bright colors

The interior in bright colors

Apply a thin layer of glue so as to completely hiding the grid underneath. Before gluing the mesh grease primer deep penetration. It is perfect for all kinds of walls and buildings. Minimum life laid tile at the same time is 10-15 years.

Once you have prepared the wall, you can plan the interior of the bathroom - tiles at the same time should be laid first.

Note! For safe installation it is also possible to use the cd-profile designed for drywall.

Next, you will need a hydraulic level. Put labels on the corners at a height which is equal to the size of the tiles. For these labels and will be assigned a guide profile. This can be done also with dowels.

Performing design tiles in the bathroom and its immediate laying is important that the level has been properly installed.

  1. Stacking.

To prepare the glue mixture pour the powder with water, adhering to the recommendations in the instructions.

Bright solution design

Bright solution in the interior

The most important point of this process is called specialists degree of filling of the space between the adhesive coating and the wall.

If the adhesive is too much, it will be difficult to adjust the tiles to each other, but if it is small, the void will greatly reduce the life of finishes.

So, tile glue attach to the wall and orient it along the groove, which is located on top nailed profile.

If you immensely value your bathroom - tiles should be laid out very carefully and attentively.

bathroom design

Bright finish zoned bathrooms

Use a long rack level. which would be captured 2-3 tiles.

This arrangement will allow you to control the level of timely lined series, as well as vertical and horizontal plane.

design subtleties

we use mosaic

If you want to organize a design bathroom with a mosaic, to determine in advance the size of the small plitochek, with their texture and the place where it will be located.

Sometimes, in the interior of a normal bathroom tiles combined with mosaic. This method is good if you are not too small bathroom, requiring zoning.

In this case you will have to make a few specific areas that need to be made in one style, have the same accessories and colors and still be visually separated from each other.

design glossy tiles

Design example of the glossy tiles

draw yourself

To create an exclusive design tile optionally ordered an expensive designer collection. If you have the ability to draw and desire to make the interior of the bathroom stylish and fashionable, try to paint the tiles.

To do this you need oil paints. Lay the workpiece in the order in which they will be glued to the wall, apply decorative or graphic and place bake in oven at high temperature. This should be done at least 20 minutes.

Having done all this, you can be sure that your bathroom design one and only (see. Other variants of repair bathroom).

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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