The interior of a small bathroom: design options premises very small area

Interior small bathroom (48 photos). Placing the washing machine. Features shared bathrooms. The colors and lighting. Choosing a toilet, mirror and accessories


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Almost all small-sized bathrooms are equipped with full-size bath. If you seek professional advice, they unanimously advise you to immediately abandon it and put a shower, which will save a considerable amount of space. It can be wisely used for other pieces of furniture.

If such a step is difficult, the interior of a small bathroom can be equipped with a shower with seating place. So you can always relax your legs, or immerse them in water.

Placing the washing machine

the interior of a small bathroomBathroom should be functional and comfortable. To do this, put in harmony with all the necessary appliances and complement any room a fresh design solution.

Since the interior is very small bathrooms must be equipped with a washing machine. It is best to put it in a place where previously there was a bathroom.

Here it will be convenient to connect to the drain. In addition, using the walk-in shower instead of a bath, it will remain a place that can be used under the water dispenser.

If you it was previously installed, you can increase its size.

the interior of a small bathroom

Example of the basic necessities in a small bathroom

At the bottom of the sink, you can put a small cabinet, which will simultaneously perform several functions.

First - hide from the eyes of the pipe and elbow, the second - will serve as an additional place to store all the necessary bathroom towels or household chemicals.

When planning the interior of a small bathroom, obey all sizes of objects within it. This will allow you to compose a variety of furniture and fixtures.

Also, do not forget that the interior of a bathroom should be spacious enough for the convenience of finding it.


Quite often in the Khrushchev bathroom combined with a toilet. This accommodation option is very controversial, since many residents of these apartments just trying to isolate the bath from the toilet.

However, many are willing to leave everything as it is. This is due to the small area of ​​the bathroom. WC will give you a choice of bathroom design.

Thus, the interior of the combined bathroom can be made in such styles:

  • Classic style;
  • Hi-tech style;
  • country;
  • Provence;
  • Modern;
  • Japanese style;
  • Egyptian style;
  • And others.

The color scheme in the bathroom

Any interior small bathroom should be carried out in your favorite shades. This room is designed to please you and give you strength when you need it.

options for bathroom design

Example design small bathroom

Here you will always be cozy and comfortable. It is important to direct the interior of the bathroom was light, as often this is the smallest room in the apartment. If you choose to do in the bathroom, rich colors, then take care of the proper lighting.

The light tiles can be used as wall decoration. Usually it is monophonic or embossed patterns. Also, you can manually paint the walls with waterproof paint.

The floors at the same time it is best to lay tiles. Well, if your bathroom is organized centrally heated floors. So bath is not dampen. Often, this is one of the main problems.

Bathroom Lighting

interior bathroom small area

An example of additional lighting small bathroom

Different variants of bathroom design assume a different character on the artificial light sources. Professionals insist that the lighting in the room is one of the most important.

So powerful illumination profitable emphasize refinement of finishing the interior and at the same time will give a feeling of warmth and coziness. only one light source can be used in small bathrooms.

Place it must be in the center of the ceiling. To achieve an additional effect is often organized secondary room lighting. This can be a variety of illumination on the mirror and sinks.

Choosing the toilet and bathroom

The interior of the bathroom in a panel building should include a very compact toilet.

Note! Best of all, if it's a toilet with a flat tank. It occupies very little space. It can be purchased at all without toilet tank. So console drain button is placed on the wall.

Shower cabin pallet has standard size of which is 80 * 80 centimeters. If you choose this option the shower, then the remaining area can be placed a washing machine.

Modern manufacturers give you the front of the machine, the depth of which is only 32 centimeters. small adjustment machines also have. Usually their height ranges from 53 to 60 centimeters.


It is important that the interior design of the bathroom tiny include a large mirror. You can place it in front of a sink or near a bath or a shower, depending on which of the options you left off.

bathroom interior design small room

Original mirror in the bathroom

Bathroom mirrors need to select special. The main difference is in the thickness and quality of the processing of the mirror surface region.

It is best to purchase a model that was originally equipped with backlit, as often in the evening time of day needs an additional light source. Well, if you choose a mirror whose surface is protected from fogging. Such a system is called Steamfree.

stylish accessories

Combined interior bathroom

Stylish double mirror for the bathroom

Always design a small bathroom in the panel house suggests a unity of style in decor items and other accessories.

Especially effective will look hand towels, laundry basket, in the shower curtain and mat in one color or in the same style.

The central element of the room can become some kind of trinket. The main thing that for you it was important.

For example, it may be a floor vase filled with sand and a variety of stones you collected for several years during the summer holidays at the seaside.

Part of the interior bathroom small area provide for a door, made not of wood and frosted glass, which is let into your bathroom more light and visually enlarge it.

Refresh the interior a small bathroom will help green spaces. It can be floor pots with palm trees and small plants placed on the window sill, if you have one.

If the window is not, then stop for plants like Epipremnum, Selaginella, as well as Chlorophytum. They are able to grow out of direct sunlight indoors, eating at the same time a light bulb.

High humidity will also have to taste them. Having multiple mirrors help create a sense of greenery around the room (see. Other variants of repair bathroom).

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