The simple design of the bathroom in a wooden house with his own hands in the style of classics

Bathroom design (57 photos): stylish interior with their own hands


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The room in the house where our day begins and where it ends, no doubt, must be decorated and furnished with great care. So, a bathroom, a rather intimate place in which we spend not so much time.

So what should be the design of the bathroom to please us not only convenience, but also to become aesthetically appealing place?

Bathroom Design

How do you want to see the room

Bathroom design in a wooden house

In the small bathroom it should be practical

Standing in the shower or taking a bath after a hard day, we dipped into his own thoughts, relax, wash off all negative, accumulated over the day.

Note! And, of course, our bathroom we must rejoice and relax their surroundings and the pleasant aura. In this case, the practicality necessarily successfully combined with external beauty.

If you undertake to carry out bathroom design with their own hands, decide, first of all, with their tastes and preferences.

Colors, lighting, general surroundings - everything matters. The next stage - the choice of style, in which your bathroom will be issued.

Thinking the idea of ​​repairing the bathroom, review photos of finished works of professional designers.

However, always keep in mind exactly what your bathroom design will have to be different from everyone else.

After all, the standard - does not mean the best. Take the fact that you saw, it is the most suitable for your, personal taste and style. Copy to detail is not necessarily because the exclusive always considered an individual and non-repeating.

The second stage is optimal to choose the floor plans for the bathroom, choose - and where it will be located, how you will be more comfortable spending a minimum of effort, using the sink, shower, bath and all the necessary objects.

Therefore, it is best embody your bathroom design at least in the form of a sketch on paper.

By creating such an interior design project for a private, you will simplify some time and save power for the repair and construction of a bath.

But the third stage - selection for the repair materials. Among their diversity is easy to get lost, so you need to take it very seriously and not to rush.

Versed in styles

Bathroom design with their own hands

In the bathroom there is room classics

So, you're trying to decide on the style in which they will be performed by your bathroom - the design of which depends only on your preferences.

As for the trendy and contemporary styles, which made finish the bathroom, you should pay particular attention first to the main bathroom design classic.

This is - the most common and popular style of interior design today. But this style of flow, at least right now popular - Victorian, Baroque and Rococo.

The latter implies a large number of exquisite accessories, delight the eye - a luxury, even mild mannered, often - an imitation of the French style of the 18th century, where the value of the little things were nice.

Curved bath feet, gilding, sophistication and fine finish framed mirror, glamor angels on the ceiling, lamps and even handles at the door are not only practical but also aesthetic load.

By the way, the classic and its variants will never go out of fashion, so your bathroom design is made in the classic, and the like styles will always be relevant in terms of modernity.

Marble and onyx, mural, painting, gilding, inlay handmade, shiny mirrors, antique furniture and accessories - that's what will make the design of the standard bathroom exclusive and fashionable.

Among the most fashionable areas in which you can design a bathroom, it is worth noting modernism, post-modernism, high-tech, Brutalism.

These styles are distinguished by maximum practicality with a minimum of decoration and pathos. Stone and metal, the absence of unnecessary items, toughness and practicality - this is what characterizes these styles. They - not for everybody, but you can mitigate the design by adding a softer notes, borrowing them from other directions.

Bathroom design easy

Retro style, combined with modern technology. 3D design

No less popular are retro styles, as well as ethnic identity and country. If you've seen the design of bathrooms in the first of these styles, you probably noticed the variety of antique accessories, furniture and other decoration items.

The retro style is not only itself, usually made of cast iron tub antiquity suggests, but also everything that surrounds it. Those who love this variantremonta bathroom often make masterpieces with his hands, finding antique shops fines, which then make the room a truly man-made masterpiece.

Bathroom Design classics

Country style in the bathroom

Well, if you choose rustic style, country or ethnic, your unusual interior bathroom should complete, or objects of rural life, enhanced by modern technology or decorative items nationality, you selected.

Because etnostil involves a lot of ornaments, paintings, household items a particular nation or people. Even the tiles on the walls, you can choose a specific, desired pattern, place a mirror in an unusual style, and furniture may need to carry meaning.

The practical side of the issue

Bathroom Design

Bathroom in a wooden house

If you - happy owner of a wooden country house or villa, by the arrangement of the bathroom it is necessary to approach with no less attention. Because the tree has the ability to be exposed to all sorts of undesirable changes under the influence of moisture.

Tip! That is why, working through the design of the bathroom in a wooden house, first of all take care of her treatment. First of all - the room treat with antifungal drugs, so as not to split up the mold. Next - ventilate the room to prevent moisture retained in it.

In the case of a house made of wood, is the most practical forced ventilation, by means of special devices. Now, when your future bathroom is treated with antiseptic and all the necessary preparations can be determined with the style and design of further place where you will rest and relax.

Remember that even a simple bathroom design scheme requires maximum investment of your creativity.

The thing is that our bathroom - a place where we should be good to the maximum. After all, even the laws of Feng Shui, this place is believed to be almost the most holy house. Think about it, because after a day, we wash off there all the accumulated negativity and negative emotions.

bathroom design

bathroom interior with simple lines also requires much labor

Then why the repair and design of bathrooms, since Soviet times, considered to be the second thing?

Nothing like this, because modern man long accustomed to rest and relax in comfort. And that's why there is a trend decorate your bathroom with great pleasure and style.

And it is - not without reason, because many of your friends create it that you came to them, wondering: "how to make bathroom design so that all guests to see want to repeat it?".

And repeat this, and even better - the strength of each. Just need to make a modicum of imagination, a little desire and quite a bit of knowledge gleaned from the outside, and to create a truly masterpiece everyone can.

Let's talk about furniture

By the way, little attention is required to pay such a question, as the design of bathroom furniture. Surprisingly, it was she who brings comfort to our convenience, and aesthetically - pleasure. Therefore, organizing the final space in your bathroom, individually think about furniture for her.

Set of shelves, cabinets, including - for laundry in need of washing, possibly - interesting, restored chest of drawers, all this will bring in the interior of even a small, 170h150, the room, the unique and pretty sight.

When you think about it, let the partial renovation of your house or apartment, pay special attention to the design of the bathroom.

After all, it is, in fact, is one of the main rooms in your intimate space, but there you can be alone with yourself, wash away the troubles and purify yourself from negativity.

Therefore, it is let very little space, should please not only the eye, but also the soul. Pay attention to cozy corners, the output of which, you will feel clean and updated, ready with a new day for new achievements.

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