Design bathroom 3 square meters: the interior and its decoration

Design bathroom 3 square meters (33 photos): choice of style and accents and lighting


Table of contents

  • 1 The basic rules of a small bathroom design
    • 1.1 Rule one. Choose the style of
    • 1.2 Second Rule. accentuation
    • 1.3 Third Rule. Down with obstacles
    • 1.4 Rule Four. Do not spend too much
    • 1.5 Rule Five. open space
    • 1.6 Rule Six. Lighting
  • 2 Small tweaks to make the bathroom interesting
  • 3 Photo Gallery

It turned out that the majority of the population live in small apartments. And if the room is small, the bathrooms just tiny. Therefore, it is difficult to make a high-quality design bathroom 3 square meters.

Below we explain how to design a bathroom the size of a small room a stylish and unique with the small design tricks.

Design bathroom 3 square meters

Even a tiny three-meter bathroom can become a beautiful and stylish, if a little effort and imagination.

The basic rules of a small bathroom design

Rule one. Choose the style of

To bathroom was not just a place where you routinely brush your teeth, and become truly attractive and pleasant place, you need to decide with her style.

Neutral bathroom, modern style, exotic? How much overhead should bear style bathroom? Give vigor in the morning or waft of mind at bedtime? The answers to these questions depend on and finish the bathroom facilities, choice of accessories and fixtures.

Second Rule. accentuation

Pile of small decorative elements in the interior of a small bathroom is usually not welcomed in size, because they bring a sense of chaos and disorder.

But absolutely no such elements in the bathroom would be too boring. Therefore it is necessary to focus on a single decorative elements - candle, original cabinet, mirror.

If the subject is bright enough, the bathroom is no longer necessary to colorful accessories. Just one weighty emphasis.

Third Rule. Down with obstacles

Small bathroom - a place where the procedure is absolutely necessary, but it is difficult to clean because of the many small things that are there. This and cosmetics, and towels, and cleaning supplies and personal care products.

You need to clean the bathroom as much as possible from such details and to make shelves, hooks for everything you need. So you make a bathroom space visually larger.

Rule Four. Do not spend too much

Interior bathroom 3 square meters should not contain doroguschih accessories. This makes no sense.

Treat simple and inexpensive, but functional things. But the personal care products you need to buy really good.

Rule Five. open space

Basically the space is increased by two things - bright shades of green, blue, pink and large mirror.

Rule Six. Lighting

Better lighting - natural. But it was his lack almost all the bathrooms. Therefore it is necessary to create a natural light by artificial means. Place several fluorescent lamps on the walls or ceiling, to achieve the scattered light.

Tip! Wonderful point in your design will Aromalamps or vase with a bouquet of flowers. Aromas of fine tone, soothe or invigorate, tuning in the desired fashion.

Interior bathroom 3 square meters

Mosaic pattern - an element of decor

Small tweaks to make the bathroom interesting

  • An interesting effect brings zoning bathroom with contrasting using the tile. You can select the area above the sink dark tiles, hang beautiful fixtures and mirrors, and the design of small-sized bath room transformed.
  • Above the bathroom looked original mosaics. Very interesting mirror mosaic, lit lamps.
  • Using tiles for cladding is not, and the stone, you can create an original antique interior.
  • Glossy stretch ceiling creates a feeling of space and helps you successfully place lights in their design.
  • Heated floor will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
  • Cabinet with integrated sink will make it possible to place in it all the necessary stuff.
    Functional bathroom with no frills

    Functional bathroom with no frills

If you are lucky enough to have a three-meter bathroom, then you need a maximum of imagination to make it a design highlight of your apartment. But the more pleasant will again and again to come back and admire his handiwork, and the result of their own creativity.

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