How to make repairs in the bathroom: the finishing is carried out in the five-story building and Stalin

How to make repairs in the bathroom (39 photos) lining the walls, ceiling and floor


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One of the most difficult to upgrade the facilities in the apartment - a bathroom.

For information on how to make repairs in the bathroom less costly and time-consuming, and we'll talk.

First stage

How to make repairs in the bathroomDecide which option to repair the bathroom needs - minor or major. The first of these can be selected only when in good condition, abide plumbing, ventilation and electrical communication, and you are satisfied with the layout of the room.

Otherwise you will have to do it all over again. Make a construction and design projects. You can then proceed to the choice of materials. Take your time to consult with professionals, visit construction markets and shops, compare prices and quality. Having bought the materials, tools and equipment, you can get to work.

How to make a bathroom renovation

Bathroom after the dismantling of the old lining

The first stage - preparation. After removing all of the old coating, align the ceiling, walls and floor. Before laying the screed, do not forget to lay a waterproof and insulate the floor. It can be done and with the help of a floor heating system.

Before you repair and decoration of the bathroom will be made, it is necessary to lay the pipe. Remember that the quality and proper installation are essential for the further operation of plumbing.

Important! Do not forget about the wiring. Wiring should only be hidden, the cables must be purchased in double insulation and sockets and lighting fixtures must be designed for wet areas.

The walls oblitsevat

Repair small bathroom

Bathroom, tiled

Key criteria in selecting the material for the walls in a bathroom: moisture resistance, safety, hygiene, resistance to chemically aggressive substances, ease of care.

So, what to do repairs in the bathroom and what to choose?

Ceramic tiles - facing material, always remain popular. It looks quite impressive, has a variety of patterns and colors, while carrying out the main task - to protect the walls from the water.

Its smooth surface makes it easy to take care of their own hands decorated bathroom. When the tiles can be used to expand the space visually, if wisely choose its color and size.

  • Advantages: high aesthetic and moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, availability.
  • Disadvantages: a long process of stacking, "cold", is not very high impact strength.

Another option facing walls - agglomerate. This new construction market is a composite of several different materials connected with each other by cement. Exterior cladding of agglomerate similar to ceramic.

  • Advantages: high strength and durability, diversity, flexibility, the ability to use various fillers and inclusions, such as glass tiles.
  • Disadvantages: high cost.

The cheapest option - a renovated bathroom pvc panels. This moisture-proof sheet material good looks on the walls. Especially if you buy a bar with a pattern that simulates wood or stone.

  • Advantages: low cost, long life, ease of care, speed of assembly.
  • Disadvantages sometimes arising unpleasant odors, low strength.

And the last option - finishing drywall. This material is well suited for lining the bathroom, but it is important to remember that it must be marked on the moisture resistance.

  • Advantages: low cost, good sound and heat insulation, lightness, ease of installation.
  • Disadvantages: the cost of additional materials for the frame assembly, problems with fixing attachments, the need for resettlement finish.

stoning ceiling

What to do repairs in the bathroom

Rack plastic ceiling in the bathroom

Before you make a bathroom renovation, please note that the ceiling should be selected moisture-proof and resistant to extremes of temperature materials.

Also remember, bathroom is relatively small, so the lining defects will be immediately visible. Ceiling - is an integral part of the room, and when it is updated to take into account the design of the walls and floor.

Previously, the most popular way to repair the ceiling was his cover water-resistant paint in the bathroom. But recently, this method is rapidly disappearing. Currently, the most popular ceiling coverings bathroom - it's drywall, lath and tensile structures.

Experts note that the best option - it is plank ceilings. They are resistant to moisture and temperature changes. In addition, it produced a variety of models in different colors, dimensions and design decisions.

update the floor

Bathroom renovation in Stalin

Decorative self-leveling floors in the bathroom

Repair floor in the bathroom - it's always serious. It increased humidity and temperature changes. In addition, there is a constant probability of leaks and flooding. Therefore suitable for facing, not all materials.

surface preparation

Operation begins with removal of the old coating. Then, the base aligned screed. It will define a plane, on which are laid floor tiles.

Before coating the assembly must be waterproofed floor. This is to prevent seepage of moisture through the cracks on the lower floors. This is especially important if you do in the bathroom repair high-rise building.

Tip! Waterproofing can be done in different ways, but the easiest and most reliable way enough - coating.

Floor must be dry and clean. Apply obmazochnuyu mixture evenly. When it begins to freeze, occasionally sprinkle it with water, it will improve the properties of the formulation. Apply the mixture on the lower part of the walls (20-30 cm).

If you decide to make a heated floor in the bathroom, you need to mount the purchased system.

Laying tiles

Works completed laying tiles. Ceramics - optimal option finishing floor covering. She is not afraid of water and is very durable, since passes hardened by high temperatures. Selection of floor tiles huge variety of available sizes, colors and patterns.

The material is fixed to the base tile adhesive, which is applied to a toothed spatula. The distance between the individual tiles adjust plastic mounting crosses.

After 2-3 days, it is necessary to cover the seams. Do this fugue for wet areas, causing her a rubber spatula. Surplus solution, remove with a damp sponge or cloth.

Before to make repairs in the bathroom, you should have an idea that ceramic tile is not the only suitable material for the flooring. It can oblitsevat natural stone or pour decorative filler coating. The price of the last order of magnitude higher, but also the durability is not a competition.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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