Curtains design their own hands: the extraordinary Japanese filament samples in the style of Provence, for balcony

Curtains design with your hands (60 photos). Selection to the interior of the apartment. Application of cordage and curtains in ethnic style


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They have many names: curtains, drapes, curtains, drapes, curtains. How would you have them or shill, performing design curtains with your own hands, you will not only complete the design of the window, but the whole room.

How to choose curtains for the interior of the apartment

Curtains design with their own hands

Once they were just part of the decor, which was decorated shutters. Now the curtain and perform a practical function: to protect the room from sunlight, street noise, drafts and dust.

To choose the right curtains, must take into account the overall style of the house interior. So, it's time to develop a theme - Curtains: patterns and design.

The form

Essential to select the curtain has natural light rooms. Therefore, making repairs room, on the sunny side it is necessary to hang the curtains, if the room is illuminated by bad, then it will be enough light tulle.

Note! Now available fabrics that can combine different functions. Based material has a tulle insert flax. Such translucent fabric with its lightness and airiness, scatters the bright rays of the sun.

Very fashionable today pleated silk and lace fabric, which have the effect of "zhovannosti", which does not disappear after washing. Original enough tissue with slit-window with different textures. They then pass the light, darken the room completely, remember them, if you are thinking how to make repairs in the room.

curtains and design patterns

Curtains with lambrequins

Style curtains selected based on the compatibility of the lines that are suitable to this interior space. For example, the curtain may have a pelmet - a separate upper member which is hung under the eaves.


If the room is decorated in a modern style, which is characterized by smooth lines, pelmet must repeat silhouette of a furniture item.

In the style of country music allowed bows, ruffles, laces and ruffles. Perfect fit a curtain design for kindergarten, cottages, country cottage.

With classic interior more compatible dense, heavy drapes. With folk style - light, transparent curtains made from natural fibers.

Exotic suitable fabric of bright, saturated colors with ornaments. The interior is high-tech, look great with a raised pattern metallized fabrics.

It is worth remembering that curtains often play the role of stylistic emphasis, therefore, well-chosen design can completely change the perception of space. Think about it, if you face a problem of how to repair their own hands.

For this purpose, you can use many kinds of fabrics, have a variety of textures, colors and patterns. Now the curtains are made of transparent organza, silk and cotton dense materials, synthetic, rep, wool, velvet.

The fabric can be smooth and printed, shiny and matt, and having a combined application. Recently there materials having unusual effects, has become available through the use of new processing techniques, as well as combination tissues.

Tip! Among other things, choosing fabric for curtains and design, consider the climate, room space and proportions of windows openings.

Do not forget another important fact, if you want to have the right interior design, curtains should look good day and by night.

How to make curtains design original

Interior design curtains

Dzhabot gives curtains romance

For the realization of the original design, there are many curtain accessories.

With the help of pelmet curtains you will emphasize aesthetics and a variety of interior. This element will decorate the room in the Empire style, art deco or colonial. This can help wrinkles, fringes, flounces and embroidery on it.

  • Dzhabot - is hanging soft folds, resembling tie. Zadekoriruyte curtains such an element, and design of the room will be more gentle and romantic.
  • To drape curtains became graceful, all kinds of grabs are used. They can be decorated with embroidery, fringe, beads, sea shells, sequins.
  • Very unusual curtains design is obtained if the Holders made from multi-colored braided cords, strips of fabric, yarn of artificial pearls or beads.
  • Brush - very elegant accessory for decorating. They can decorate even the most simple curtains add sophistication and charm to them. In the bedroom or living hand sewn in the wings or on the edge lambrequin.
  • In the nursery curtains can decorate brightly colored buttons or buttons of various sizes. Very attractively will look like curtains sewn with butterflies and flowers made of natural materials.
  • No less original drawings on the curtain, made with his own hands. Apply they can use the stencil by applying dyes to fabrics. This exclusive decoration design make curtains for the balcony or the room truly unique.

rope curtains

Curtain design for kindergarten

Filament curtains of beads

Filament, they are the same rope or muslin curtains - a novelty that not only decorate the room, but will be a highlight of its interior.

In fact, it is clear and easy web of interwoven strands with a variety of textures. This design perfectly obscures the room at the same time not hindering the penetration of fresh air.

These curtains can be used not only for windows but also as interior decoration curtains or between different areas of a large living room or studio apartments.

To create a trendy design Filament curtains using beads, beads, stones, make the original embroidery or apply the image. Gauze can also decorate with sequins and lurex.

Flowing and shiny curtain of glass beads will bring a sense of comfort and freshness. Sensual form of such curtains is the best fit for the room, decorated in ecological style.

Curtains rain perfectly with country décor, revealing its beauty through the sense of balance and tranquility.

In the children's design of filament curtains should be bright and full of color contrasts. And if the child is very small, in his room, you can hang the rope curtains of plush.

Curtains in ethnic style

unusual design curtains

The curtains in the style of Provence

This style of the interior is one of the country flows. The most prominent of its kind - is the style of Provence, whose homeland - South of France.

It is based on the interior details to create a simple and discreet environment.

On the curtains are often portrayed in a large number of succulent and large or, conversely, delicate and small flowers. A popular design is also bright drawings, strips and cells, especially the blue- and red-and-white.

In the style of Provence uses only natural fabrics: calico, linen and cotton.

For olive curtains are considered basic tones ocher and terracotta. In this French province anciently cultivated woad, which is natural, blue dye, so traditional, and all the shades of that color.

In addition, the design of curtains in the style of Provence is characterized by natural tones, which are found in southern Europe - the tenderness of greenery, flowers, heather and lavender, cheerful bright oranges and lemons.

In the bedroom, it is recommended to hang curtains in a quiet bluish tone.

Tip! Provence style must not contain a multi-layered, heavy interior. Therefore, the best solution for the living room becomes light curtains, light beige or transparent. Curtains may also have yellow or olive green with bright splashes of lavender or ocher.

The bedroom can have a stop at Dairy almost white tone curtains with small flowers. Good solution will be pastel fabric with an abstract pattern.

Another representative of the ethnic style is the Japanese curtains. They have a special ledge which allows move the colored panels of fabric smoothly.

Design of Japanese curtains create different variations of illumination, and the room due to it looks quite new.

Summing up

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