Bathroom Design 5 square meters: floor design patterns in a large room

Bathroom Design 5 square meters (30 images): finishing and selection of accessories


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A popular solution to a small bathroom area recently considered its alignment with WC. So design a bathroom of 5 square meters can be equipped with a corner bath, which also allow you to move freely.

Most often, after such redevelopment instead of baths installed compact showers in order to save a bit of free space of the room. bathroom design small-sized bathroom with shower

An additional way to save space can be called art models that are designed to be mounted directly to the wall. Thus, combining the bathroom and toilet in one room, you have a lot of options node combinations.

finish bathroom

Design a bathroom with a shower the size of a small cabin

design example of a bathroom with mosaic

The most popular option repairs in the bathroom with their own hands is a ceramic tile. It meets all the necessary quality parameters, as well as considered a relatively inexpensive material.

Sometimes the bathroom floor design can be made with more expensive materials, such as marble, wood or stone. Wood should be used only for this type of specialized rooms.

It must withstand high humidity and temperature. For this purpose, it is covered with several layers of varnish, and before it is treated with various water-resistant structures.

If you want to make your bathroom even more spacious, selecting tiles, pay attention to the small size tile and a mosaic for the repair of the walls with his own hands.

Interior bath free

The original interior of a bathroom

Small elements make the bathroom more comfortable and spacious. To enhance the effect, use the mirror surfaces. A large mirror will add bulk to your bathroom.

Carrying out design of the bathroom 5 sq m, to the organization of lighting should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

Note! If it is organized properly, even when using the secrets of visual expansion of the room, a bathroom may seem small, cold and uncomfortable. If you doubt their abilities, then help can contact the experts in this matter.

Also, remember that everything you used, the light source must fit in a bathroom style and emphasize its originality.

Bathroom accessories

interior of a bathroom in the apartment

Original adaptation for women's details in the bathroom

There are a lot of accessories for the bathroom, it is:

  • towels;
  • Foot mats in the bathroom or near a bath;
  • Laundry baskets;
  • Curtain for the shower stall or bathtub;
  • Etc.

Manufacturers of all this diversity of devices, so necessary in the bathroom, too many. So what do you choose?

repair and design of the bathroom

Set of essential accessories for the bathroom

Most often, the production of accessories occupied factories, which produce a variety of products from materials such as metal or plastic. Also, it may be companies involved in the promotion of equipment or furniture for bathrooms.

If you are planning a bathroom design is large, we need a lot of accessories. Among them, middle-class elements (note that they are the highest quality!) Produced by several Polish or Turkish campaign.

This, for example, BARMED and EKAPLAST. Also popular Russian "Sail" and Czech ELLUX, EKAPLAST.

If you have no experience in the field of design and repair the walls of the bathroom, do not experiment with overly bright or unusual accessories. They can draw attention to themselves, which is slightly distort the idea of ​​bathroom design.

You can seek the assistance of well-known professionals or spy various samples of bathroom design stylish design magazines of various premises.

Photo Gallery