Repair of bathroom pvc panels: how to decorate the walls with plastic

Bathroom renovation PVC panels (36 photos): advantages of the material and the installation of cover


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bathroom finishing the complexity lies in the fact that there is always humidity. Accordingly, the need for repair material, resistant to water and steam. Painting the walls - a way for a long time outdated. Tiles - good stuff, but quite expensive, in addition, under it must be carefully prepared surface. Repair of bathroom panels PVC - is the best option on the ratio quality / cost.

material benefits

Repair of bathroom pvc panelsPlastic sheets having through internal bulkheads good strength and water resistance. They are fairly easy to clean, does not like mildew. Modern technology makes it possible to give the material a variety of colors and patterns. The image is applied to the front surface using the special film.

A variety of decors allows owners of housing repair plastic bath room under any existing design styles.

In this case, you can not only significantly save money on cladding materials for finishing the bathroom, but also to win in speed and ease of installation. Install wall sheets alone can any person who is able to keep in the hands of a hacksaw, hammer and drill.

Repair in the bathroom panels

Plastic panels. price-from 230 rubles. per sheet

The main advantages of plastic sheets lining of bathrooms:

  1. The simplicity and speed of assembly cover can be mounted by hand.
  2. This work can be done by one person with no special construction skills.
  3. Have a long service life and are not affected by water and steam.
  4. Sheets made of PVC, self-extinguishing, virtually no burn.
  5. The material meets all the hygienic and sanitary standards and requirements.
  6. Plastic is easy to maintain and is not afraid of wet cleaning.

Repair of the bathroom plastic panels is only one temporary inconvenience and one insignificant shortcoming.

The latter include low resistance to shock loads. Inconvenience - it is rather peculiar smell, which will be felt for the first few days after installation.


If the walls are perfectly aligned, it is possible to repair the bathroom plastic panels, fixing them directly to the surface with screws, mounting brackets or "liquid nails".

frame assembly

If the plane repaired walls have strong differences horizontally and vertically, in the first place will need to collect the crate. Set the frame on a level and plumb, strictly observing the correct horizontal and vertical planes.

Repair of the bathroom plastic panels

Before installation, it is necessary to assemble the frame

Crate can be mounted of timber 2x4 cm, 3x4 cm or plastic slats. Capture them around the perimeter walls.

If the sheets are assembled vertically, the frame must be positioned horizontally, and vice versa, if the lining material will go horizontally - lathing placed vertically. Slats or bars are fixed to the walls repaired with plastic dowels and screws. These staples stapler or small nails fasten the panel.

Note! The distance between the frame members should not be more than 40 cm. Otherwise attached sheets will sag. It is strongly recommended that pieces of wood before their installation impregnate antiseptic composition to protect against mildew and rot. Plastic slats do not need it.

Repair bathroom plastic panels

staple gun

To make repairs in the bathroom panels are needed:

  • perfodrel;
  • 6-8 mm drill section;
  • wood saw with fine teeth;
  • fixing elements;
  • hammer or stapler.

Wall sheets are good because they need to be trimmed in height only. On each side they are joined in the special locks without slots, a dense, monolithic coating. Lateral adjustment of the material is only needed when working in the corners of the room. Works are carried out on wood saw with fine teeth.

Mounting panels

Should start repairing the bathroom wall panels of the room with the installation on the right side of the door. Installing it should be on a level or plumb vertically.

Tip! When buying additional elements follow in order to start and corner profiles matched in color to each other and combined with the very sheets.

Low profile has a structure in the form of "U" letter. It will give accuracy covering all windows and doors in the room.

Insert the first panel, the profile should be adjacent to its side with a groove, secure the sheet to the frame with small nails or a stapler. The following is inserted in the lock and the previous fixed. Work in this manner until you reach the first corner of the repaired small bathroom.

Repairs in the bathroom panels continued alignment profile, the last sheet is cut to size and inserted simultaneously in profile and the groove of the previous sheet. According to this technology are faced with the walls of the room.

Summing up

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