The stylish interior of the living room: how to design their own hands, examples

The stylish interior of the living room (33 photos): design choice, especially marine style


Table of contents

  • 1 Identifying with style
  • 2 Finishing materials: current trends
  • 3 An example of a design project (Marine style)
    • 3.1 Furniture
    • 3.2 color solution
    • 3.3 accessories
  • 4 Useful tips from experts
  • 5 Summing up
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Hall - traditional place of rest and reception of visitors. Creating a stylish interior room, you show your taste and underlines the status.

The stylish interior of the living room

Identifying with style

Living room interior with their own hands

country style

If you plan to create the interior of the living room with his hands in the repair will have to invest not only the soul, but also design skills.

  • First of all, you need to decide on the design style in which your room will be decorated. Lovers of chic can advise deliberately luxurious style kitsch, baroque or rococo.

The basic idea of ​​these styles is to use the elegant furniture of vibrant colors with curved legs and gilded ornaments, paintings and mirrors in high-carved frames with gold, a thorough table handcrafted fireplace, antiques and of things.

  • Who like a more easy and relaxed atmosphere, can choose the design in a modern style - classical, minimalist and high-tech. These design examples, we have prepared for you in our gallery.
  • One of the trendy and very popular design is now considered a rustic or country. Specially created image of simplicity and even primitiveness diluted by modern technologies and materials.

Required element - crudely crafted furniture, wood and stone in the decoration, natural materials, modest colors.

But after looking closely, we find that the living room has a stylish interior among simplicity the most modern appliances, very comfortable furniture, environmentally friendly and relaxing comfort of a country houses.

  • Ethno style - a symbiosis of the interior and rural net national household items and finishing with a characteristic pattern or ornament. These decorative elements bring added exclusivity and thus highlight in the interior design of the house makes it a truly stylish.
  • Stylish simplicity belongs to several interior options - a high-tech and minimalism. If you are supporter of functionality, not like pathos, too soft and pretentiousness in the details, select the styles.
The design of the living room with his hands

Artificial stone in the interior

Finishing materials: current trends

Popular decorative material has become an artificial stone today. Created originally for facades and plinths, he found a very wide popularity among designers.

This lining material due to their low cost and practicality, and is widely used for interior decoration. Artificial stone in the interior of the living room is no longer a rarity, and the stylish and trendy decorating option.

Especially elegant it looks in the design of the fireplace. Hall finished with artificial stone, it will look noble and respectable.

Its styling options set. They trim door and window openings, the space near the fireplace, the wall or fragments thereof.

Tip! incompleteness effect on the lining of the walls looks particularly elegant. If your intention is stylized antique or a fireplace room, a hunting lodge or a suburban villa - always keep an eye for finishing artificial stone.

Examples of living room design

Facilities in high-tech style

An example of a design project (Marine style)

Examples of interior room

Sea style

Another interesting and fashionable style in the design, which is worth mentioning - the sea. Lovers of relaxation and comfort, the sea and the sun, it fits perfectly.

Prevail in this room will be shades of blue and blue. The opportunity to make the interior in the theme of the sea in pirate style gives huge scope for imagination.


The furniture in the form of treasure chests, chests of drawers and cabinets with antique shops, wicker sofas and chairs, pictures on the walls with Marine-themed accessories on the table and the shelves in the form of shells or corals - all this will give the room an unusual and original look.

Artificial stone in the living room interior

Soft option marine style

color solution

Softer option - Hall in blue tones in the style of a prestigious hotel by the ocean. The ceiling in this room is usually sky-blue color, the backlight is on the darker tone.

Bright flying curtains, white furniture, all shades of azure sky in a duet with dazzling whiteness - is the basis of color solutions.


Creating an interior room in a nautical style, pay special attention to accessories.

Harmoniously fit decorative pillows in the form of sea stars or fish, interesting shells on a table, picture frames in the form captain's helm, wallpapers to the corresponding landscape.

If possible, set in a room with a big aquarium lighting. It will give the interior not only the volume, but also emphasize the style.

Useful tips from experts

living room design simple

Modern interior room

Creating the interior, stick to their preferences. People's tastes are unique, remember that you are doing for yourself Hall.

When choosing a style that will be issued your interior, do not follow blindly and photographic embody everything that you have seen somewhere. The interior of the hall, the living room, made for your project will look exclusive and different from others.

Tip! Not always the most fashionable is the best. Taste and preferences - individual, so be guided primarily by their desires.

Small room, do not overload with unnecessary objects and darker colors. The air will light shades and compact furniture.

Rasstantes Soviet impractical furniture. Purchase mobile and functional, perhaps, sofa or a convertible.

living room design in marine style

Stylish accessories help you create a design

Tip! Even if you have little opportunity to create a spectacular design of the room, you can always win a position with accessories. And if they are created with their own hands, your room will get a stylish image. Pillows, blankets, capes, paintings, murals, ottomans, curtains, vases - all made, or decorated with your soul will become a bright accent, eye-catching.

Summing up

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