Repair of the living room with his hands: how to make the finish of the room combined with kitchen

Repair of the living room (36 photos): planning the repair and design styles


Table of contents

  • 1 planning for repairs
  • 2 design styles
    • 2.1 Classic
    • 2.2 High tech
    • 2.3 Country
  • 3 Environmental attraction
  • 4 Damage resistance, ease of restoration, durability
  • 5 decorative
  • 6 Summing up
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Living room - the main room in the apartment. Here there are guests, the whole family in the hours of rest and solemn moments. How to repair the living room with his hands, to get a good result and save.

planning for repairs

Repair of the living roomSolving the issues of design, start with zoning. Take a living drawing and mark the sites associated with the different processes within it. For example: reception, watching TV, playing hobby and crafts, children's play area.

Note! Under each of the processes you need is a special organization of space. You will need a well-placed lighting, select the facing materials, purchase and optimally arrange the furniture.

Based on this next phase of planning - creating a sketch of arrangement of the furniture in the plan and mark on it the floor materials. Further, it should proceed to the electrical system - light, sockets and switches.

After solving the problem, how to make repairs in the living room, you can begin thinking through dressing room. At this stage, you will need to choose the style and color scheme of the interior, pick up facing materials.

And the last part of the planning - the stage of selection of decorative elements. It can be painted crockery, applied art objects, paintings, drapes and curtains, rugs. Particularly attractive looks decor created with their own hands. What is its price? Only your own time and a little imagination.

design styles

Repair of the living room with his hands

The living room is decorated in a classic style

Style living room can be very different, everything depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

Thinking design option repair the living room, keep in mind that it must be followed in all details.


Classic style is always in demand. It creates a renovated room a cozy atmosphere, has a homey atmosphere.

It is characterized by an abundance of objects made of wood, furniture with large parts dark and noble colors. Decor a lot, it can be statues, sculpted photo frames, candle holders. Textiles - monochrome or having elegant and inconspicuous eye pattern.

For lighting repaired rooms with their own hands are used massive glass or crystal chandeliers.

High tech

Hi-Tech is designed for those who lead a rapid and mobile lifestyle. In this case, the idea for the repair of the living room should include a high-tech cladding materials - metals, alloys, plastics, composites and glass.

And the resulting image of the living room, tiled and equipped as part of the style - easy, clean and agile. There is no place for unnecessary detail, all the objects and interior elements are only functional load.


Designed in the style of the country - this is a light wood furniture, the same cladding made of natural wood or from materials having her drawing, crafts items. Interior for a leisurely life and peaceful parenting.

And now tell you about the choice of finishing materials. We will consider them in three main areas: ecology, damage tolerance, and decoration.

Environmental attraction

Repair of the living room

Living room, whose walls are lined with natural stone

Since we are talking about the design of the living room, the importance of safety materials. The most environmentally friendly paper wall coverings based on cork, decorative plaster, water-based, wood, natural stone and bamboo panel.

Stopper remarkable that does not support combustion, and will not absorb odors.

Tip! Stopper anti-static, so dust does not accumulate. This makes it especially recommended coverage if a family has allergies.

All components are stacked decorative plaster with water-based, natural origin, therefore - are harmless. Moreover, this material has vapor permeability.

The most attractive in terms of environmental cleanliness facing materials made of natural wood and bamboo.

Damage resistance, ease of restoration, durability

  • The most difficult to damage the artificial and natural stone. It can serve for more than 50 years. Weak spots are reduced with soap and water, and resistant to dissolve by special trains.
  • Durable and cork. She is supple and elastic, so well restores shape after the load is removed. The material has a high resistance to stains and to chemicals, so it is recommended to cover the floor living room, combined with a kitchen.
  • The life of the wall material made of cork - about 20 years. Contaminated walls can be treated with a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a damp sponge. Smaller stains are washed off a mild detergent solution, and stubborn stains are removed fine sandpaper.
  • Decorative plaster based on mineral oil will last at least 10 years, and based on polymers - even more. Special formulations to help you keep the aesthetic appearance of such cladding.
  • The walls are decorated with any kind of decorative plaster, fine brushing and cleaning compositions without abrasive particles. If the stains can not be removed, they must wipe or paint in two layers.
  • Facing bamboo materials do not separate and does not fade. The life of the wall panels - no less than 20 years.
  • To remove dust from them, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or soft bristle brush. You can not use soda, detergents and cleaning products with abrasive components.


Repair Video lounge

Wall cork

The most diverse in terms of design variations, wallpaper. Their choice of colors, textures and patterns is huge, you can easily pick up exactly the material that fits the intended interior.

Textural plaster very diverse in structure and topography. For example, modern renovation living room, made with the help of Venetian plaster walls can give type of marble, snake skin, compressed fabric frost.

Natural cork coating, its color, in most cases the natural, from sand to brown. Most recently in the construction market appeared toned tube having a color insert. If you're wondering, it looks like a living repairing - videos especially for you.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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