Finishing slopes with their own hands and plastic sheathing plasterboard

Finishing plastic slopes with their own hands: the use of sandwich panels, hollow wall panels and moisture-resistant drywall


Table of contents

  • 1 Why is this necessary
  • 2 Facing sandwich panels
    • 2.1 Benefits
    • 2.2 mount technology
  • 3 Facing Hollow core wall panels
  • 4 Moisture resistant gypsum board
  • 5 Summing up

Facing the slopes is the final step in the installation of new windows and doors.

If you put a modern, beautiful window decoration plastic slopes with their own hands it becomes a necessary step in terms of completeness and aesthetics created interior.

Why is this necessary

Finishing plastic slopes with their own handsThe need for this work comes from the destruction of the existing slopes after removing the old windows and doors. Additionally, finishes require seam assembly of foam which is formed when installing new door and window units.

Much in this case will depend on the quality of material used and the works themselves as lined openings must not be destroyed as a result of freezing, soaking, crack or peeling.

To prevent this, you need to properly prepare the slope: remove the old plaster with it, warm basalt wool, penofolom or polystyrene.

Qualitatively, lined the slopes will not be afraid of changes in temperature, they will not appear condensate, and heat and sound insulation properties of the opening will increase. Now the most popular are three ways to trim the openings used in the decoration of the apartment with his hands: using sandwich panels made of PVC, wall hollow plastic panels and moisture-resistant drywall.

Properties openings the material plays an important role in the practical and aesthetic terms. Why do experts recommend is to put plastic slopes?

  1. In the openings, coated with plaster, fine cracks are formed due to enhanced impact loads and temperature gradients arising from operation of doors and windows. This is because the plaster slopes does not have sufficient elasticity.
  2. Slopes of plastic can be installed in a single day with new windows and doorways lined with plaster, its drying, puttying and painting take many days.
  3. PVC structures are an additional insulating barrier between the room and the exterior. They do not require complex care, and do not fade.
  4. Plastic openings have excellent moisture resistance.
  5. Window and door openings get the finished look, well combined with the modern types of windows and doors.
  6. They are increasingly used in the construction of sandwich panels made of PVC. They have good stiffness and strength at a low weight, excellent thermal insulation properties and aesthetic appearance.
  7. Such panels on the front side are protected with plastic wrap. Inside placed foamed polystyrene, having a closed cellular structure. Issued panel with unilateral and bilateral working surface.

Benefits openings faced sandwich panels:

  • High thermal insulation qualities.
  • Additional sound insulation of the room.
  • Durability and operational longevity.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • UV resistance.
  • Aesthetic appearance.

Facing sandwich panels

Finishing slopes with their own hands

sandwich panel


Sandwich panels can coat the slopes of any plastic or wooden windows and doors, the width of which varies from 5 to 150 cm.

This material is environmentally safe and meets all health standards, so when you work with it does not require additional personal protection measures. When facing window slopes better use of the panel in a thickness of 1 cm.

mount technology

Installation can be done in one day with the installation of the windows or doors. However, the wizard is still recommended to postpone the operation for a day, a short break is required for complete drying foam. To increase the parameters of heat insulation, plastic slopes are settling on the heat insulating material layer.

Since the cross-section configuration and window and door openings are varied, there are several ways of fixing the panels to the wall.

The most common technique - fastening with dowels to the base ends of the panels and the subsequent framing of these ends, and plastic fasteners decorative corners.

All seams contiguity panels to the windows, window sills and door frames must be processed neutral sealant or glue "liquid plastic" on the basis of PVC. Unlike silicone sealants species, they do not have a sticky consistency, with no yellowing and no contamination over time.

Facing Hollow core wall panels

Drywall finishing slopes with their own hands

Wall plastic panel, the price - from 198 rubles.

Wall plastic panels - a less costly facing material, sandwich than analogues. They are white or colored, smooth, hollow panels with internal ribs extending transversely of the sheet.

Issued width sheets 25, 37.5 and 39 cm and a length of 2.7 or 3 m. The recommended use in prefabricated This material homes, with a depth of slopes to 25 cm, with wider openings it is difficult to achieve sufficient strength and rigidity coverage.

When facing plastic panels must be pre-mounted insulation from basalt wool or foam. Sheets of material can be fixed on glue or construction foam. Do not forget that all the joints must be closed with decorative area.

Moisture resistant gypsum board

Drywall finishing slopes

finishing drywall

Moisture resistant gypsum board is environmentally friendly construction materials, which produce semi-dry pressing method bases the gypsum binder and cellulosic waste paper.

It has high hardness, good thermal insulation properties, improved heat resistance. In addition, the gypsum board can maintain optimum humidity in the room by absorbing excess moisture and separating back if its level is not sufficient in the surrounding medium.

The advantage of openings finished with plasterboard with their hands in front of plastic counterparts lies in the low cost of the material, as well as the possibility of a quick fix damage.

Fixation sheets of material produced by the corresponding adhesive or metal / wooden crate. fastening method is selected depending on the size and configuration of the machined opening.

To avoid moisture penetration and to prevent the proliferation of mold, before assembly is necessary to make it moisture resistant impregnation composition.

Tip! In order to further enhance the insulating characteristics Insulate openings construction foam or mineral wool. All joints necessarily treat with a neutral sealant.

Collecting design apply one layer of gypsum putty previously pasted on the reinforcing mesh masking it, and let dry completely.

After finishing drywall slopes with their own hands is completed, they can be painted any color or wallpapered.

Summing up

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