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Design bedroom apartments Khrushchev (42 images): zoning of the space and decor elements


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  • 1 How to plan a new look apartment
    • 1.1 Re-planning: to be or not to be
    • 1.2 Decision without redevelopment
  • 2 On the zoning of the space and versatility of subjects
  • 3 Decor elements - an important part of the interior
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All apartments are built in Khrushchev's time, do not differ from each other. The same type, small and cramped, with low ceilings and adjacent rooms, combined bathroom and hip bath.

However, the design of one-bedroom apartment-Khrushchev implemented correctly and with taste, and may well make such housing is not only attractive, but also functional.

Design bedroom apartments Khrushchev

How to plan a new look apartment

Design bedroom apartments Khrushchev

Remodeling is able to completely transform space

Modern techniques and mass repair Khrushchev ideas are capable of much.

Re-planning: to be or not to be

If you plan to make the design of two-bedroom apartments Khrushchev, first of all, is to determine the extent of repair. Are you ready to make major repairs and redevelopment?

Remodeling implies the removal or movement of nonfunctional walls.

Important!!! Demolition of load-bearing walls is prohibited, it may incur for not only a responsibility, but also the destruction of the old house construction.

There are ready-made design projects of apartments, which specifies the particular weaknesses in houses of this type. If you are going to expand the openings partially or totally demolish the wall, it is necessary to follow the rules, and it is better to invite experts.

Decision without redevelopment

  • The design of a typical two-bedroom apartment is more of a variety of tricks that can not only expand the space visually.
  • A lot of useful space and can provide different designs of plasterboard - niches, shelves, split-level elements.
Ready design projects of apartments

Option redevelopment with sliding partitions

  • Expansion openings of windows and doors, as well as openings arch type give up to 25% larger space visually.
  • Columns, niches and openings, decorated with mirrors, mirrored walls or doors, make even the design of 1-room apartments Khrushchev lighter and more modern.
  • Save space in these apartments is very noticeable due to competent selection of colors and decorative materials.

Note! It is proved that light colors visually expand, and the dark narrow space. so choose a light or mirrored ceiling, which will be visually higher.

On the zoning of the space and versatility of subjects

The design of a typical two-bedroom apartment

Three in one room area: kitchen, dining area and resting place

Another important nuance, which definitely need to pay attention - multifunctionality of each item. Perhaps, in your interior will find its place mirrored niche with a useful area for books, glassware, household items, or built-in furniture with lots of drawers and compartments for storage.

  • By implementing a two-bedroom Khrushchev interior design, it should be noted that for each family member to be a small but personal zone.
  • Method space zoning is very common and has a lot of useful information. Separation of even one room into several zones tangible results.
  • Kitchen usually divided into working and dining area. Often, part of the kitchen has also a dining room, living room function.
  • The main room can also be divided into several zones. Typically, this room and sitting area with TV and a comfortable sofa. These parts can be zoned light beams or screens, but it should be noted that heavy or solid walls visually reduce the space.
  • Fortunately there was a sofa and table, bar or arch design perfectly divide the room into segments, without overloading the room design.
Design 1 room apartments Khrushchev

How can I make a two-bedroom Khrushchev, three-room apartment

When planning repairs, not everyone will be able to cope with this from scratch is quite difficult and troublesome affair. By the beginning of the construction works is better to have a ready-made design-project of one-bedroom apartment.

This will greatly facilitate the process of repair and much shorten the time. Not everyone has the ability to design, so it's best to attract professionals, at least initially. From this, you can quickly pick up the actual design of furniture and accessories for the ultimate finish.

Decor elements - an important part of the interior

The design of a typical one-room apartment

Mural on the wall and plenty of natural light is much expand the space

The choice of decor for a renovated apartment allows you to make individual rooms. How to choose and what to choose?

Firstly, it is useful to get acquainted with a ready-made photo good design decisions.

Secondly, by weight of such options is something most suitable, try not to overload, even the most beautiful furniture, his apartment.

Relevant for small spaces folding tables of various shapes, original sofas, modern chests, carrying several functions.

Try to do a minimum of furniture, selecting only the most necessary and useful.

The design of window curtains is best to create bright colors, thin, flying fabrics. They pripodnimut visual space, making it easy and floating. Should not hang heavy curtains of dark and gloomy colors.

Repairs can only bring joy and pleasure, if we take him with intelligence and a great desire to make their lives comfortable and beautiful, and life - well equipped and functional.

Summing up

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