Design group in kindergarten: the project walls of premises, taking into account the children's activities

Design group in the kindergarten (36 photos) - how to create a project


Table of contents

  • 1 The project design team in kindergarten
  • 2 Particulars of the different zones in the group
    • 2.1 color solution
    • 2.2 Game Zone
    • 2.3 Bedroom
  • 3 On the facing materials and equipment
  • 4 Summing up
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Before you determine your child in preschool, all parents are carefully studying it. Therefore, the design group in kindergarten, her appearance, cleanliness, neatness and comfort facilities play a crucial role in their final choice.

Design group in kindergarten

The project design team in kindergarten

The main challenge in designing the interior of the kindergarten - is to create a favorable atmosphere for the psychological development of children. The environment should be such that the child wanted to come back here every day.

In developing the design project of the kindergarten, pay close attention to its coverage, it is desirable that the windows were located on both sides. The rooms use fluorescent lamps is not recommended, maximum use of natural light.

 wall design in kindergarten

Game Zone

Zones in the senior and preparatory groups must be sufficiently large, so we recommend to place the furniture on the perimeter. Required element - this house plants, their selection and arrangement must be in harmony with the overall design.

The basis for the design of children's rooms is to create a special microcosm, which would cause interest in children.

This is achieved by means of arrangement of functional zones:

  • game;
  • workstation;
  • dining room;
  • bedrooms.
  1. garden interior should not resemble the formal establishment. Make the room comfortable can help large soft toys, bright light curtains, cushions.
  2. Children's furniture should be strong enough, because it is subject to very rapid wear. Interior decorations and furniture must have the correct size and height, selected in accordance with the growth of children in the group.
  3. The furniture should be placed so that there is sufficient space for games and conduct charge.
  4. The rooms need to provide the islands play with toys, materials for crafts, crayons, albums and track mobile furniture. In these areas needs a striking design.
  5. Another important component of interior design - a variety of pictures hanging on the walls depicting cartoon characters and animals. They will create a fun, comfortable atmosphere.
  6. Provide the project area, which will host children's drawings and crafts. In doing so, it must have access to the parents, they should see that creating their own hands their baby. Place the exhibition area at such a height that children can easily take work and put them back.

Particulars of the different zones in the group

design kindergarten project

Bedroom in kindergarten

The interior space of the kindergarten must be satisfied to the extent of different tones, so that was not clearly manifested contrast.

color solution

Recommended colors of the furniture and the floor chosen so as to present a smooth color mixing. Repair bedrooms for kids should not be based on the bright and flashy colors.

This will help to erase the visual spatial edges and create harmony in the interior of the group.

Note! Child psychologists are advised not to actively apply the red color, because it leads to an overabundance of aggression and nervous excitement. But all the shades of green, calm, cheer up and affect well on the child's psyche.

Game Zone

Playing area it is necessary to draw a bright - blue, yellow, orange and green, it will increase the gaming activity. In the younger groups the interior should look like a fairy tale, it will create a happy mood in children and help develop their imagination.

Dining area necessary to execute depending on whether it is combined with the training or the game room. Furniture should be comfortable and made of durable and environmentally friendly materials.


The most important aspect - is the organization of space for naps. Features of physical development such that children quickly get tired. Based on this, their activity is dependent on the quality of rest.

Beds should match the growth toddlers need mattresses are comfortable and not too soft. Use spring products is strictly forbidden, as they may provoke spinal curvature.

Bright and exciting colors in the bedroom is not allowed, the best solution in this case - to issue area in pastel colors.

On the facing materials and equipment

The walls of the kindergarten is not necessary to hang wallpaper. All surfaces must be well cleaned and wash. The gaming zone, you can schedule a mural which will depict cartoon characters or funny little animals.

Figures recommended to cover the wax, it will protect them from mechanical damage, other than that, similar surface is easy to clean. A cheaper option - decorate the walls of applications.

Bedroom should be fine panels of plastic. Design walls kindergarten may be performed decorative plaster having mild texture. The training area can be painted in bright colors, with the necessary accents the decor.

The floor covering should be used as much as possible a safe and pleasant tactile. This can be a light colored laminate, the laid carpet with a medium pile.

All the furniture in the kindergarten must adapt under the growth and needs of children. Among other things, things it should be bright and interesting, eye-catching. Best of all, if it is made of natural wood.

If the bunk bed in the bedroom, the second tier should be mandatory to equip the rim. In addition, the zone must be equipped with lockers for storing clothes.

Play areas are equipped differently, the best option - to use in their soft padded stools, as well as racks and shelves with toys.

The educational part of the group, as a rule, are put under the open cabinets books, notebooks and other supplies for school, small desks with chairs. Do not forget to provide a workplace and an educator.

Textile design of kindergarten plays an important role, it gives the room a homey feel. Curtains, use light and bright, add them to bring comfort napkins, tablecloths, towels.

Elements of decor in the rooms need a safe and unbreakable. It could not be better suited for this toy, but they should not be set in the training of the group, otherwise the children will be distracted all the time.

Decorate design kindergarten premises will help live plants in pots which are placed on the height at which the kids will get to them.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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