Apartment design: design options

Design of apartments (30 images): in the style of hi-tech, techno and Baroque


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Since the repair, each owner of an apartment or a residential home dreaming about how to make beautiful and functional interior, while spending a minimum of means.

How to choose the design of the apartments, to buy materials and furniture, to make out of the room - all this you can read in this article.

apartments design

Everyone dreams to his apartment was cozy and beautiful, so there comes a moment during the repair, where preliminary preparation of the apartment has been made and it was time to choose exactly the option of finishing the apartment with his hands, which you needed.

such steps are performed to choosing a design:

  • Drawn up a plan of redevelopment apartment.
  • Drawn up a plan of repair work.
  • Prepares the surfaces: ceiling, walls and floors, ie their cleaning, Shpatlevanie and primer.
  • You are replacing plumbing.
  • Changing windows and insulated window openings.

After completing these steps, the time comes to choose the future design of the apartment, that is, determined by the style of all the rooms and to buy the necessary materials and furniture.

Choosing a style

Nowadays there are many different types of design, each of which has its own flavor, and enjoy a particular type of people.

Through the Internet, you can always see examples of repair studio and houses and choose the best for you and your family. Consider a few examples.

  1. High tech.

Trendy and popular style is popular among designers for quite a long time. The basic idea to repair one-bedroom apartment is the perfect combination of light, space, shapes and colors. The room in this style turns into a real proving ground for high-tech.

Typically, the design of apartments in high-tech style is such manifestations:

  • Simple form - based interior. Squares, circles, straight lines predominate in all - style inherent geometric.
  • Use the rule - the minimum conditions, the high-tech does not tolerate nonsense.
  • The materials from which the furniture is made - it's metal, plastic and glass. Quite popular metal tables with glass cover, chrome chairs and similar furnishing items.
  • An important element that uses this design apartments - lighting. In contrast to classic styles, it should not be centralized. It is best to place spotlights in the ceiling and accent any room areas.
  1. techno
techno-style apartment

Apartment in techno style

Similarly, the style is techno-design. It is well suited to young men who love high-tech, intellectuals, and those who are not particularly fond of to keep order in the apartment.

Features of the style - simplicity, clarity, sense of carelessness and neglect:

  • The lighting in this style is being organized with the help of the upper fluorescent lights and a couple of lamps. Window blinds come in handy: techno does not like bright light and direct sunlight.
  • Furnishings - simple and monotonous. The main colors of furniture - white and beige, also looked good combination of black, blue and white. Best of all, if the majority of the furniture will be folding, and the rest - not too massive, the design of apartments in the style of techno encourages subtlety and elegance.
  • The central point is the equipment - computers, phones, printers, etc. And the wires connecting and feeding them is best not to remove, and leave the way.

Note! Easy mess will not degrade the interior, on the contrary, emphasize your individuality and improve the atmosphere. But do not clutter up the apartment too.

  1. Baroque.


It is worth considering, and one of the classic styles. Unfortunately, in our time, they are not very popular.

The main features of the Baroque - pretentiousness and luxury, preferred materials - marble, bronze and mahogany:

  • Encouraged the use of precious metals to decorate furniture. Also often use a mosaic handmade, marble, granite and other decorative elements.
  • All of the furnishings differ refinement of forms: back gracefully arched, legs have curved outlines, tables lavishly decorated.

Such a design of the apartments is perfect for lovers of representative interiors.

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