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Interior design home (60 photos): dressing room interior, storage room and a winter garden


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Number of articles devoted to the design of the standard rooms, which is in every house - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. For this reason, the owners of large private homes, where in addition to all mentioned, there are also special room (which can be considered to some extent a luxury), it is difficult to create an interior design houses.

Our school repairs will eliminate this gap. This article will discuss design features such unusual premises as a winter garden, a pantry and a walk-in closet.

Home Interior Design

design wardrobe

The presence of a dressing room in the home greatly facilitates storage of clothing. In addition, avoid creasing, as well as less wear.

Appearance of such premises will remind interior design clothing store.

It can be implemented in one of two ways:

  • Classic wardrobe - installed built-in wardrobe with shelves, chests of drawers and shelves; design looks more attractive;
  • Open closet - mounted metal frame or rod between the ceiling and the floor in the spacers, then they are used as fasteners for shelf; this design is more mobile - it is easy to disassemble and install elsewhere.

Tip! a built-in one of the facades is extremely convenient to be mirror. Firstly, because it is possible to make a full-length, and secondly, it saves space.

Most of the materials from which the conduct and maintenance of furniture with his own hands in the dressing room is a particleboard.

It is best to look one of these colors:

  • "Under the tree", the array must be the same color with the furniture in the adjoining room, most often it is a bedroom;
  • for the decoration of the walls with their rukamiprimykayuschey room, then the door open is a feeling that this is not the case, and the continuation of the room.
    Interior design shop

    Open closet resembling the interior of the store

design pantry

By analogy with dressing room, storage room can be opened and closed (classic):

  1. An open can become a kind of "twist" cuisine, but it requires the maintenance of absolute order. This closet is usually only has 2 full walls (can be another 2 incomplete) and finished inside exactly the same as the main room.
    interior design country house

    Open storage in the interior of the kitchen

  2. Locked storage room can be placed anywhere and used for its intended purpose, although the close presence of the kitchen or dining room will decrease the amount of movement around the house. The internal color scheme can be absolutely anything.

Features closet finishes:

  • trail on the floor usually linoleum or tile placed;
  • walls and shelves constructed of particle board, then the pantry resembles a large closet;
  • At the beginning of the repair of the walls with their hands impregnated with a primer to prevent mold;
  • on the door can be hung organizer for the bathroom.

Tip! The two-storey house can accommodate a closet under the stairs.

And possible interim option - closet with sliding doors, or use roller blinds.

The design of the winter garden

Winter Garden - a great place to de-stress after a hard day's work.

This space is necessary to make out, adhering to certain rules:

  • plants require plenty of light, which can be achieved by the presence of the French windows (frame height from floor to ceiling);
  • windows must be a two-chamber or with energy-saving windows;
  • if you plan to design the interior of the country house, the perfect solution would be placing a winter garden on the terrace, which also need to be glazed;
  • most naturally will look natural stone floors or tiles;
  • Very impressive atmosphere will create an artificial stone on the walls; If the house is brick and design developed during the construction phase, the wall can be left without finishing;
  • near the entrance, you can install decorative metal lattice;
  • pick up or make furniture design their own hands a cozy (sofas, armchairs), or garden (benches).

Tip! If the winter garden will be located on the top floor, useful for plants is to install an additional window in the roof. It should be soft, so you can, if necessary, wash it.

clothing shop interior design

A winter garden on the veranda

Thinking through the design of non-standard facilities at home can be a difficult task, but it is worth remembering that these rooms add comfort housing and increase the comfort of the owners lives.

Photo Gallery