Design of an apartment in the panel house: one-room, two-room, three-room Khrushchev

Design of an apartment in the panel house (33 photos): Repair toilet, kitchen, bedroom and living room


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  • 1 Repair the toilet
    • 1.1 Re-planning - why?
    • 1.2 Choosing finish
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  • 3 Bedroom
  • 4 Living room
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Houses with a standard layout often bring the owner a lot of headaches in the repair, but experienced designers have long known, that the design of the apartment in the panel house - it is fairly painless, especially when you know all the possible elimination of structural inconvenience.

Not everyone likes the panel houses, because the change in the planning of apartments, which are located - quite time consuming operation. Usually, after buying an apartment, the owner seeks to convert their home to make it more comfortable and functional, but does not know where to begin immediate repairs and design of the apartment project.

Disadvantages of panel layouts:

  • small kitchen;
  • cramped toilet and bathroom;
  • narrow hallway;
  • a small square room.

Most of these disadvantages are eliminated with the demolition of walls between the rooms and thoughtful interior.

Repair the toilet

design one-bedroom apartment in the panel house

Example design bathrooms

Consider quite popular example - ordinary apartment in a panel house, which has two rooms, a kitchen and separated bathroom.

Re-planning - why?

First of all, it is necessary to destroy the wall between the toilet and the bathroom, so we get a spacious room in which there is space to accommodate a toilet, shower, sink and washing machines.

Choosing finish

Repair standard and is suitable for all bathrooms:

  • Special tile covered floor, which has high strength indicator and does not slip when exposed to liquids on its surface.
  • Tile on the walls can have a medium-sized ornament.
  • The ceilings in the bathroom - tension.
  • Lights and mirrors - tools that will help us to visually enlarge the room. Spotlights, focuses on some areas of the bathroom mirror cabinets and bright tile allow to make the room spacious.
  • Instead of a shower enclosure can buy a hot tub that occupies about the same space. Especially useful it is for families with young children who are not yet able to wash yourself.


Design studio apartment with his hands

Kitchen-dining room

Further, the design of one-bedroom apartment in the panel house includes a kitchen redesign. It can be extended by the unused portion of the hall, in addition, after the repair it will perform more and function of the dining room.

Suffice it to home design with their own hands to divide the kitchen into several zones - working and dining, each of which was to issue in accordance with their functionality.

  • The ceiling in the kitchen is best to make a multi-level: a beautiful suspension structure over the dining area and a practical ceiling with quality lighting for working.
  • Area with a dining table as possible should be illuminated by daylight, it is better to place it near a window, but do not close the windows with thick curtains.
  • The working area needs to bright artificial light for easy cooking, spotlights can be arranged at a bright light, focusing on the necessary areas.
  • For the walls better use of wallpaper, that can be washed. They do not absorb odors. The color scheme - bright colors and simple designs. Near the work area is better to install an apron of tile with ornaments.
  • The floor in the kitchen is also divided into zones: near the dining table is better to use parquet or carpet, working area necessarily covered floor tiles, slip resistant.
  • Kitchen set should match the color of the wallpaper and the apron, too, depending on the selected design are determined and the material from which will be manufactured facades.

If you create a design of 3-room apartments Khrushchev, kitchen design would be little different. It changes only the amount of space that will be more convenient to place the objects of interior.


Design 3 bedroom apartments Khrushchev

The bedroom in shades of beige

Once in the apartment 2 rooms, one of them is used as a bedroom, and the other - for the reception of guests. In the bedroom, be sure there is a large double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers, dressing table.

The main design ideas dictate the decoration of walls light colors wallpaper. Do not use annoying bright colors that will interfere with relaxation and rest.

The ceiling is often done in the form of a multi-level structure with a lot of lights and multicolored lights.

But by daylight in the bedroom is to get rid of using heavy curtains or curtains, the bright sunlight can interfere with sleep the morning, but the light from the street will not allow to fully relax.

The floor in the bedroom should be soft and comfortable, so give up the use of tile or stone covering. Carpet, flooring or linoleum are ideal for lining.

But in a private home in the presence of even it recommended the use of tiles underfloor heating, because it has better heat-conducting properties.

Living room

Design 3 rooms apartment Khrushchev

Living in a modern style

Of course, the design 3-room apartment-Khrushchev, does not end here, but for the owners of 2-room apartments, living room really is the final stage of repair.

Typically, a living room, except for guest reception function, performs the role of the cabinet. TV, computer and other equipment is here.

It is also necessary to have a large sofa and coffee table. Interior decoration in the room can be a variety of designer accessories, framed photos, souvenirs from other countries and other items that create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Summing up

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