Design of apartments n 44t: draft model of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, two-bedroom 121 series

Design of apartments n 44t (48 photos): design studios, two and three bedroom options, features a series 121


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  • 1 types of apartments
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    • 1.3 Two-bedroom
  • 2 Series 121: bit of planning
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When all known shortcomings of planning, as well as options to turn them into virtues, design apartments n 44t becomes quite simple pastime with which to handle even an amateur to be repaired.

House 17 floors of P-44 series are under construction since 1979 and have a rather convenient arrangement of rooms, so long been loved by designers.

Apartments n Design 44tDepending on the number of rooms in apartment type P44T will be different and the approach to the creation of the interior. Typically, in these homes are quite spacious hallways, be sure there is a balcony, a kitchen covers an area of ​​10 m² and adjoining rooms available.

Bathroom and toilet are quite ergonomically positioned with respect to the living quarters. However, the standard layout - it's not always convenient, so to improve comfort often made redevelopment premises.

Standard features of the interior design of the apartments of this kind: a kitchen with a bay window, ventilation shaft between the bathroom and the hallway, and a few design flaws, takes the free meters. Consider methods of solving these problems for each of the apartments.

types of apartments


design two-bedroom apartment n 44t

design example of a typical one-room apartment

Thus, the design studio n 44t characterized by such features layout:

  • kitchen and loggia is quite spacious;
  • living room serves as a bedroom and living room at the same time.

After completing redevelopment, the room can be divided into several functional areas and to adapt the space to the needs of tenants:

  • Hallway remains unchanged. Install closet and a small dressing table in the corner.
  • Through the installation of a shower enclosure saves space in the bathroom and can accommodate a small washing machine.
  • The living room is divided into three zones - a dressing room at the entrance, sofa-transformer, which serves as a berth, as well as a mini-office near the window, fenced off rack-partition.
  • The basis of the kitchen - dining table. Work surfaces are placed along the walls on both sides, in this case, you get enough space to store food and utensils are enough.

Another design studio P44T.

In this case, the changes made in the layout of the apartment.

  • The partition between the hall and kitchen retracts kitchen working surface and headsets are arranged in one wall and partially located in the corridor. Increased storage space for free movement of the products and, as a dining area and moved to the window separated from the food preparation space.
  • Just behind the entrance door in the hallway set the economic cabinet with washing machine. In the bathroom is still placed shower, to improve the ergonomics of the bathroom door swing change to sliding.
  • Living combines the functions of a bedroom and a guest. For the head of the bed - a large dressing room, on the contrary - the TV, a sofa and armchairs. If warm balcony, you can connect it to the living room and there to arrange an office or library.


Design draft model apartments

Disposition bedroom apartment t44p

Now we make out the design of a two-bedroom apartment P44T. In this case we have more space, so we will not produce extra redevelopment.

We choose the classic style of interior decoration:

  • The floor covering is polished and varnished, the perimeter wall moldings are installed in the center of the ceiling - the outlet for the chandelier.
  • Basic shades - blonde and beige, and the furniture is made in a bright cherry color. Classical furniture fits well into the design: double bed with bedside tables and a high chest of drawers in the bedroom, a bookcase, a dressing table with a sofa and a TV table - in the living room.
  • wardrobe will be used for storing clothes with mirrored doors, which will visually enlarge the room.

Note! Rare accessories, placed on light glass shelves, organically complementing the classic atmosphere. The windows can be decorated with elegant curtains lambrequins.


design studio n 44t

Interior of the apartment with three rooms

The traditional design of two-bedroom apartments n 44t will organically design the interior to make it functional and even separate the fourth room.

Choose a design to "neoclassical" style, using warm and bright colors for decoration:

  1. First of all, in the design of two-bedroom apartment in the retaining wall can be made aperture, which allows to increase the area of ​​the bathroom. In addition, after some alterations to have a full apartment with 4 rooms: living room, bedroom and two premises that could be used as a children's room, office or another bedrooms.
  2. To increase the usable area balcony insulated and combined with living rooms.
  3. Bathroom is made in beige tones and decorate the ornament with floral motifs. Instead of a bath set shower, have a toilet, sink and washing machine.
  4. Hallway plastered with tiles imitating wallpaper, and a large decorative mirror enlarges its size.
  5. Living room and kitchen are made in bright colors and are decorated with original design elements, for example, bright chandeliers and curtains with lambrequins. On the balcony, combined with a living room, place a winter garden with lots of plants. After receiving such a design - three-room apartment P44T transformed and looks completely new way.
  6. Bedrooms are made in beige shades, interior center is the original place for relaxation - beds of unusual shape. Walls can be decorated with murals or designs.

Series 121: bit of planning

design studio P44T

design apartment

Another popular exhibit the typical layout of apartment 121 series. Usually next to the kitchen is a small pantry and a bathroom is located in front of the hall.

Thanks to the unification of space can increase the usable area and improve functionality:

  1. If populated by a large family with children, the design 3-room apartment 121 series is changing dramatically. Lay an old door and a new make in the former pantry. New living room is obtained after the demolition of the partition between the hall and one of the living rooms. Also combined bathroom and toilet, and in the children create a dressing room for all occupants.
  2. Less radical revision of the design is intended for a family of 2 people. Destroyed partition between hallway and living room and kitchen combined with living rooms, we find two large areas - and a guest bedroom with bathroom.

interior example

To furnish living rooms, you can choose absolutely any style, it all depends on the owner's imagination.

For example, the design of the room 3 6 can be stylized Egyptian.

Main features:

  • Light or yellow plastered walls or laid out rectangular slabs of sandstone. Perhaps the decoration with the help of borders made of papyrus and reeds, as well as the execution of the frescoes.
  • Nishi, arch and columns organically fit into the interior.
  • The floor must be covered with ceramic tiles, and is equipped with heating.
  • The ceiling is painted in blue and decorated with stylized starry sky.

Of course, the design projects of typical apartments may be subject to such changes only with the permission of public services, or remodeling would be devoid of any meaning. Originally required to draft the future apartment, and develop a unique design.

Summing up

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