Interior design of the apartment, room in the Chinese style, or country

Interior Design (48 photos): in the style of minimalism, Japanese, Chinese, Moroccan version, country


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During repairs, there comes a stage when the landlord has to choose the interior design of each room, as well as to plan its practical implementation.

However, choose the visual style is quite difficult, so you should consider not only the beauty of the interiors, but also of the features of your home and the required functionality.

Interior DesignNowadays there are many different styles that can be used to design repair studio. Each of them is different own characteristics and requires the use of certain materials and furniture. Consider the possible design options.

Which style to choose?

  1. Minimalism.
apartment interior design

The apartment is in a minimalist style.

The interior design of the apartment is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, especially the owners of small square rooms. style motto - all ingeniously simple.

A minimum of furniture and a maximum free space - this is what we need. But do not dwell on this design, if your apartment is too small - in this case, the room may seem underdeveloped.

  • Lighting combines artificial and daylight. Discard the curtains on the windows, high - light blinds or curtains and the ceiling - bright lights, emphasizing the necessary zone.
  • The colors - light and bright. The minimalist interior design rarely uses bright colors. Painting of furniture - in the tone of the walls and ceiling, neutral.
  • Materials preferred for making furniture - metal, wood and plastic. Straight lines and strict geometric very important. Low sofas and tables fit perfectly in a minimalist interior and cabinet-wall can be replaced with glass shelves.
  • Functionality - that is the main feature of the interior. In order not to feel discomfort due to the lack of furniture, purchase situation, performs several functions. Folding furniture, sofas with storage compartments, etc. items are ideal.
  • Decorating the room - a very important element. In fact, the only decoration of the room will be a floor, ceiling and walls, so it's worth to try.

The minimalist interior design - it is a kind of philosophy, which for simplicity is hidden deep meaning. And based on the Japanese-style minimalism, which we will consider below.

  1. Japanese style
room design Chinese style

Japanese style

This interior design has much in common with the previous one. After all, the basis of the style is also simplicity and functionality that the Japanese are the standard of beauty.

The maximum free space, more light and air, with all that can be hidden, removed in the built-in wardrobes, a dressing room or library.

  • An important idea for the studio in the Japanese tradition is variability: the screen and sliding partitions can quickly and dramatically change the layout and functionality of individual apartments rooms.
  • Natural colors and shades are ideal for the decoration of the walls and furniture. Brown and sand will go well with white and beige, and focus will allow the red and shades of green.
  • Lighting in the afternoon should be completely natural, in the evening the same time of day is best to use soft and dim artificial light, to create a suit that lights with shade and scatterers.
  • Japanese interior design uses a rather exotic, but it is absolutely environmentally friendly materials: jute and sisal flooring and ceiling, solid wood furniture, bamboo and paper blinds and partitions.
  • For decorating the walls is usually used engravings, beautiful dishes with ornaments and green plants in pots and other objects inherent in the Japanese color.
  1. Chinese style.
interior design country style

The interior in the Chinese style

Since we began to discuss the oriental style, it is worth remembering about the close neighbor Japan - China. This interior design is great for Russian conditions, as well it fits into the small room size.

Decorating the apartment with his hands in the Chinese style is created with the help of small design elements, so, in general, can look very European.

Walls are decorated with bamboo or wallpaper from natural materials, for the separation of the premises used paper curtains and basic color shades - dark red.

  • Paper - the main decoration for Chinese homes. Various garlands, lanterns, plates with the characters perfectly complement the design of the room in the Chinese style. As well create an atmosphere of candles, ceramics with national patterns, Chinese opera masks and bamboo decorations.
  • Most of the furniture has a very low altitude: the mats, couches, low tables. Traditional Chinese bench - the channel is typically used for tea parties, work and sleep. Using this interior design, get ready for a lack of chairs, Cover the floor with carpet. And for a meal fit pretty flat dishes and chopsticks.
  1. Moroccan style.
Moroccan-style decoration

Making Moroccan style

Moved from the East to Europe a little closer and consider the Moroccan style. This interior design combines several cultures: African, Mediterranean and Arabic.

Culture Morocco is considered internationally and original, but the Arabic style is considered to be dominant.

The main features in the architecture of private houses:

  • High ceilings.
  • Stairs without railings adjacent to one wall.
  • Narrow "French" window.
  • Bathrooms usually have a domed ceiling and a small square-shaped swimming pool.
  • The walls of bathrooms are faced with tiles with geometric designs.

For apartments, the layout of which can not be changed radically, such elements can be used:

  • Covering the walls - plaster sand shades or drywall for painting.
  • Stone or ceramic floors (preferably heated), either dark wood or linoleum "under the tree."
  • Ceilings - high, wood-beamed with an ornament.
  • Doors - wood, traditionally painted in black and red.
  • The window frames are decorated with metal frame in black.

Moroccan interior design has certain characteristics for each of the rooms. For example, the bedroom is made in the form of the tent - the walls are covered with red cloth, and a flat lamp suspended from the ceiling.

On the floor - thick carpets with pillows and ottomans. Instead of a bed - a low wooden podium with a mattress.

modern design suitable for living. Will accentuate the style of several elements: the carpet and lots of pillows on the floor, wall lights and chased meals on trays.

Furniture - wrought iron with soft covers on the bandages.

  1. Country.
Country-style of

Country-style of

Quite a large popular interior design country style. The warmth and comfort of country life together in this unpretentious design.

Main features - simplicity, solidity and an abundance of light. There are several areas of a country, differing national characteristics - Russian cottage, bungalow and African American ranch.

  • The main material used for decoration and furniture production - this tree. Of course, everything in the house should be natural: wood floors or tiles, walls, Plastered with wooden inserts or wallpaper made from natural materials.

Note! The main decorative element, especially for the traditional Russian style, can serve as a carving, which can be used on almost all surfaces.

  • Decoration serve as rugs and tracks, knitted or deliberately rough, carpets and light curtains. On the windows - curtains with tulle and flower pots.
  • Furniture - always wooden, birch or pine. Crocheted blankets and plenty of pillows to help decorate the sofas and chairs. Cupboards and cabinets for dishes made out of Soviet-style.
  • The color scheme - the most diverse. Welcome combination beige, yellow and blue colors. Decorating with artificial stone or wood are also ideal for the country interior design.

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