Design studio apartment of 25 square meters: the interior in green rooms 22 and 20 meters

Design studio apartment of 25 square meters (36 photos): remodeling and distribution of functional zones


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  • 1 From idea to reality
    • 1.1 design idea
    • 1.2 complete redevelopment
  • 2 Distribution of functional zones
  • 3 design secrets
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Almost a hundred years ago in Europe, and then throughout the world, there were quite unusual apartments, thanks to the original idea the architect of Germany's Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, fond of modernism and innovative approach to the construction and design.

To understand what a studio apartment, and how to make a design studio apartments of 25 square meters, you just need to submit currently small, cramped apartment, which removed all (or almost all) of the walls, and the rooms are combined into one large room.

Design studio apartment of 25 square meters

From idea to reality

Design of an apartment of 20 square meters studio

Classic studio apartment - kitchen and living room in one room

design idea

In the original version of the author's idea was a two-level apartment type, where the bedroom was located on the second floor and on the ground are interconnected by a kitchen and living room.

The kitchen can be combined with almost any room. The thing is that for a long time people spend the most time on the hearth, in a place where food is prepared. There's also interviewed, and the solution to all problems in the team. In our time, much has changed, but not the habit. Note that we most of their time in the kitchen.

Eating is not only to reason, guests, friends, friends, neighbors - all, as usual, go straight to the kitchen, where conversations take place, and gatherings interspersed with cooking.

complete redevelopment

Design studio apartment 22 sq m

Combining all areas in a single space, including bedroom

If your apartment is so small that there is no way to make a multi-level design and the separation of the bedroom from the rest, you can consider the design studio apartment of 20 square meters. This is a small, two-room, standard flat.

First cleaned walls and partitions between rooms. If the walls are load-bearing, you have to get special permission for their demolition or not touch at all.

After all the partitions and walls have been removed, you need to decide to leave the sleeping area separate, or combine it with the main space. If your sleep and rest, nothing could stop, leave a single space for all future zones, including the bedroom.

The design of the room 25 square meters

Sleeper can be separated and the transparent partition

Now you can proceed to the next stage - the zoning space.

Well, if your imagination extends to the design of the room of 25 square meters, but if you have a much smaller area, have to carefully think over.

Distribution of functional zones

Now that all the excess removed, allocate space for kitchen, dining, relaxing and entertaining. Since our compatriot used to making friends and acquaintances in the kitchen and in the dining room, then these zones prioritize.

  • The working zone consists of a plate, sinks, countertops, cabinets functional stretch, refrigerator and household appliances.
  • If space allows, you can build the bar that divides the kitchen area and dining space. This division can also serve as a dining table, it is better - a transformer, moves according to the number of people.
  • Further, the turn recreation area. It includes a comfortable sofa, TV, coffee table and accessories weight that you can incorporate already in the future, if the enable position.
  • Cabinet zone implies necessarily a written or computer table, comfortable chair and competent coverage.

Tip! If you have planned in the common area and sleeper, take care and its design - a comfortable bed, a small bedside table and a night light.

The final zoning produced the bar, screen, light or decorative partitions decorated archway.

design secrets

A lot of natural light and bright colors in the wall - that's the secret expansion of the volume of the room

A lot of natural light and bright colors in the wall - that's the secret expansion of the volume of the room

  • The most important secret in the planning of design in a small apartment - they have the necessary minimum of furniture.
  • The thing is that at the end of finishing flats with your hands, you will see it quite different eyes.
  • Colors, pay close attention, because in the final version, you will see one big room. Choose soothing colors, for example, the design of the room in green or light and delicate pastel shades.
  • It is worth paying attention to the relationship of color and style in the individual zones.

Summing up

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