The design of children's clothes and shoes store, as the interior of a cafe for children

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Going to the toy store, willy-nilly, on our faces there are smiles and good humor. children's store design should be calculated not only on children but also on a more adult audience. Why? Because mom and dad - the main sponsors of happiness.

children's store design

If you want to create a beautiful interior design shop of children's toys, it is better to seek help from professionals. They will help you consider the balance of tastes of adults and children's needs.

  • Parents are more important than the presence of functional equipment, the convenient location of the goods, as well as the quality of the toys, which are for sale.
  • For children interior of the store is to be made in bright and rich colors. All kids want to participate in the process of buying and thus demonstrate their independence. Keep that in mind.
Example of interior decoration

Example of interior decoration

You might want to organize in the café area with small chairs and tables, then you definitely need to think about the original design of the walls.

Also note that all products must be placed at a height accessible to children.

Children's shopping center can not do without the use of bright colors, but be careful to comply with the measure.

The interior can vary, decorate the walls of abstract paintings and depicting them heroes of various cartoons and books.

Note! Proper clearance should certainly increase the efficiency and profitability of your institution. The design should not be limited to visual appeal facilities must be maximum functionality in it. It includes a convenient location for product buyers, the right lighting, the use of high-quality commercial equipment.

interior children's clothing store

An example of the department in the mall

All these factors must be taken into account in the development of the ideas of the design project premises.

To enhance the appeal and effectiveness of sales, interior children's clothing store must be features not only beautiful, but also with the knowledge of some of the psychological characteristics of children and their parents.

interior shoe store

Interesting decoration trade pavilion

You need to know that can attract children and that - adults. Which departments will appeal to young people, and what - kids of preschool age.

It should be remembered that for the toys come to children of different ages, including without parents.

zoning space

color zoning

Zoning space - one of the most relevant and popular solutions in the design. Implement this idea, you can use the equipment or color choices.

  • Designers often resort to the traditional division of goods for girls and boys. In this case, the walls crumble in pink and blue colors, respectively. This approach will be effective for all commercial areas.
  • Another option involves zoning division of the territory, depending on the color of clothing. In one part - a light in the other - dark. Similarly, you can use the size or style of dress.

Most importantly, fulfilling a variety of options for zoning premises, do not break a single style.

interior children's cafe

site design example

As mentioned earlier, the interior of the shop of children's footwear should be both beautiful and functional. Proper organization of retail space will increase the buyer's contact with the product.

Zone - to be or not to be

  • If you select, you can "fall in love" the smallest place in the playing area. When talking about the toy store, on this site you will also be able to promote the toys and other products for creativity.
  • If the zone is located in close proximity to the racks and shelves with clothes, parents can keep an eye on their children and not to worry.

It is important for fitting! Make sure that there placed not only the child, but also at least one of the parents.

Inside the dressing room should be a large mirror, allowing the young princesses consider yourself in exciting new outfits.


Well, if you manage to carve out a corner of a sitting area. For example, children's cafe design can meet the style of the room or to be performed in a different decision, but on the same theme.

design children's cafe

bright cafe

If the walls and ceilings throughout are full of characters from the cartoon, then a cafe should be accounted for based on the used scenes. You can use the curtains with their image, and the walls keep calm and self-colored.

Do not forget to entertain children. Free sweets, and just let the candy will be pleased not only children. And, you may be able to win the hearts of visitors and make them loyal customers.

Example of a children's playground, children's room with cafe

Example of the site, combined with a cafe

Please note that the children's cafe interior must include a soft comfortable furniture. However, it should be universal, convenient for parents and kids.

For the very young is possible to provide several special chairs for feeding, and for all the other children some tables and small-sized chairs.

Summing up

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