The design of the room 11 square meters, as well as 10 meters and 16, 19-meter premises

design of the room 11 square meters (36 photos). The choice of furniture and wallpaper. Ceiling and floors. The lighting and decor


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When designing a small room, you should consider the size of the room, especially if projected design of the room 11 square meters. In this paper, we propose to consider the general advice on design interior.

If you have a room of 16 meters - the design of such facilities will not cause problems, but properly equip a small area it is more complicated. But the designers have tips for all occasions.

design of the room 11 square meters


Design small spaces should take into account that the space is small, and therefore, selecting furniture, guided by the following criteria:

  • the need of a subject;
  • the size of the furniture should be compact;
  • functionality is in charge of the selection.
design of the room 16 square meters

Design a bedroom 11 sq

It is also necessary to consider the purpose rooms. For example, a kitchen of this size is no longer considered a small-sized room. You can use different options for furniture arrangement, decorated interiors in any style of interior.

But for a bedroom, and even more so for a living is not enough space.

For small areas are well-suited wardrobes. They are roomy, may have different configurations and sizes.

SLR or stained-glass doors visually enhance the space and can perform additional functions. This option is suitable for long and narrow rooms, "stealing" some space, we are visually expand the space.

design of the room 10 square meters

The interior of the living room 11 sq.m

Bedroom we need the bed. Some designers offer to replace it with a sofa bed. This interior option is perfect for narrow room or nursery.

In the adult bedroom bed can be put on a makeshift podium. This technique allows to divide the room into zones. Hollow podium can be adapted as a chest of drawers, putting runners and make boxes.

For the living room needs a sofa. It can be any color and shape, more importantly, harmony atmosphere premises, be comfortable and like the owners.

Tip! Furniture should not be bulky and take up a lot of space. Otherwise, the room will seem too crammed.

choice of finishes


Drawing on the wallpaper should be chosen carefully. Small, often repeating pattern - depressing. For a long and narrow space the main idea of ​​the design should be chosen horizontal graphic that visually expand the area.

You can choose plain wallpaper or paint the walls with paint, but in this case will have to hang on to them bright pictures, photos or mirrors. It is also worth considering the alternation of broad bands of light and dark wallpaper.

Vertical, large pattern will make the room above. These same techniques can be used by developing 15 meters of the room design, if it is narrow.

design of the room 19 square meters

Interior bedroom 10 sq.m

We advise for small rooms to choose bright colors, but this is not an axiom. If the room is located on the sunny side, it is possible to use darker shades. For example, in high-tech style primary colors - white, black and gray diluted with bright colors.

Ceiling and floor

ceiling finish plays an important role in small rooms. A wrong color and form can only do harm. For registration, you can use both modern technology and classical methods.

Ceiling light shades will make it higher gloss reflect light, visually increase the space. With the help of the drywall or suspended ceilings, you can turn the surface into a work of art. And believe me, it will look no worse than in the design of the room 19 square meters.

Selection of floor covering will depend on the purpose of the room and its style. The color scheme should be the opposite color of the furniture. This technique will help to visually enlarge the room.

If it is decided to divide the area into zones, flooring them necessarily do the same. So we clearly denote the boundaries and create a sense of depth.

The lighting and decor

design 10-meter room

Design a small living room in oriental style

Small rooms need more light, well-lit room seem visually larger. Use one or more light sources, this may be a large chandelier in the many lamps or spotlights.

On the walls, regardless of the destination premises, you can put a sconce. To use soft lighting bedroom light bulb, it will add intimacy atmosphere for the living room bright fluorescent lamps fit anymore.

Tip! Using spotlights on the ceiling, you can lay out the intricate designs and split-level ceilings highlight using diode thread.

Do not forget about the importance of the decor in the room, it is important whether the design of a room of 16 square meters or 11 m2. He gives the interior completion, and sometimes creates an atmosphere when it comes to ethnic style.

What applies to the decor:

  • curtains, bedspreads, pillows;
  • vases, flower arrangements and sculptures;
  • paintings, photographs, mirrors;
  • mats, napkins.
15 m room design

The interior of a small living room in modern style

Any little things that create style and give the room comfort, should not differ from the concept of the entire premises.

So what conclusion can be drawn?

Any room regardless of the size and purpose should not only look stylish, but also be comfortable, cozy and functional. All the advice given above can be used when planning the design of 10-meter room.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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