Design 12 square meters of the room: room interior design of HMS 1 and 3 3 5, chalet style

The design of the room 12 square meters (33 photos): colors of the walls and ceiling


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Most inhabitants believe that the small room - it's a sentence. However, this is not the case and we will help you verify this. Of course, it is pointless to argue with the fact that the design of 12 square meters room is limited. But do not lose heart, and it can make a unique and suitable for you interior.

professional advice

The design of the room 12 square metersIn this respect from professional designers for a long time, there are many stylistic techniques that are really effective for increasing the visual small areas. Consider some of these methods.

The first and main issue that should be addressed when you are designing the interior of 12 square meters room - is the choice of the dominant colors in your room.

This should be remembered, because the design of the apartments and premises of HMS 1 with a larger area, can successfully use the game of contrasts and nuances, but in small rooms it is almost taboo.

This is due to the fact that the room is decorated in a palette of colors and will always look more holistically, namely it is a huge plus for such a small area.

Remember the advice - making out a small area, it is better to stop the game of light and neutral colors.

design of the room 12 square meters

Small children in bright colors

Features of the use of color schemes

  • Typically bright colors. They always increase the visual space and the dark, on the contrary, it significantly reduced, making the room more compact.
  • You can opt for colors such as white, light gray, silver, blue, light green.
  • It is generally recommended as a base tint to select white. He will design a small room more spacious and give an atmosphere of tranquility and ease.
  • If you are afraid of association with the hospital, choose such materials, which are decorated with transparent or translucent figures and ornaments. A dilute the lighter shades can be a small amount of bright accessories.
  • It should be noted that the design of the room of 12 meters or less has to include a plurality of light components. Especially important is the rule in the decoration of walls, choose a wallpaper or plaster texture with a glossy surface.
  • If you do not want all the walls were light, can one of them pasted Desktop, this effect is also visually enlarge the area.
The interior design of the room of 12 square meters

Modern interior of a small studio

In developing the design of the room 3/3/5 meters need to pay special attention to the decoration of the ceiling.

If you make a ceiling with a glossy surface, it will at times increase the space in your apartment, it will look much more spacious.

With conventional ceiling this effect is almost impossible to achieve and it is recommended to install indoor tensile structures. Proper lighting is also very important in such a small space.

Definitely should abandon the bulky and large chandeliers. The best option in this case - is to build a few lights in the ceiling.

At 12 meters of the room design did not include an excessive amount of furniture and various accessories, better define for themselves the necessary minimum and complete it with your stylistic preferences.

A few bright decorations will come in handy in any interior small area, most importantly, know when to stop.

helpful hints

Gloss or texture

Plaster, wallpaper or paint should be light colors to visually reduce the area.

To visually increase the space is recommended to use glossy stretch ceilings, which, thanks to its ability to reflect the significant increase room.


Competently organize the lighting, it too will have a significant visual impact. It is not necessary to use large chandeliers and floor lamps, it is better to opt for a few lamps, mounted in the ceiling.

Furniture and decor

It is not necessary to clutter the interior of a small living room or bedroom a lot of furniture. It is better to pick up for yourself is something universal, stylish, and compact at the same time multi-functional.

The decor is better to use light range. To create a special charm place some interesting bright accessories.

Design 12 meter room

Living in a modern style

Getting to the design, keep in mind the basic tips and do not be afraid to dream.

After all, even at such a small area, you can make the interior in the style chalet, high-tech or modern.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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