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The design of the apartment-Khrushchev (33 photos): working with low ceilings and a small area


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  • 1 Everything you did not know about Khrushchev
    • 1.1 planning Features
    • 1.2 Design studio - to be or not to be
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  • 3 How to correctly carry out zoning area
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To date, the repair implies a lot more than the usual change of wallpaper and rearrangement of furniture.

The concept of "repair" - a more comprehensive, especially when it comes to Khrushchev. Design apartments Khrushchev - the theme of this article.

Design apartments Khrushchev

Major works:

  • leveling unevenness of the ceiling;
  • insulation, re-planning and alignment of the walls;
  • leveling floor warming systems or installation of "warm floor".

After all, everyone is human nature to desire to live in a comfortable accommodation with an individual design. If you decide to proceed with the design of the apartment, you can do absolutely everything yourself or seek professional help designers and builders.

Everything you did not know about Khrushchev

A large number of our citizens live in Khrushchev was inherited from Soviet times.

planning Features

The first associations that come with this word:

  • The standard layout;
  • low ceilings;
  • the modest size of the apartment.

The real estate market offers a lot of sales of this type of housing. And these suggestions are probably the most accessible, and therefore demand. laws of the market apply to the housing market, confirming the rule of "demand creates supply."

This is explained by the fact that the increase in prices for "Khrushchev" is reflected by less than apartments in the elite buildings.

These flats are usually bought already with the firm intention of their transformation and modernization of its facilities and to modern requirements.

Design of a small room in a five-storey apartment

Modern design Khrushchev

Without the participation of qualified experts you would not be able to fully realize the design of a small room in a five-storey apartment.

Interior design Khrushchev

Modern design small apartment

Design studio - to be or not to be

Not so easy to create a really trendy and modern interior design Khrushchev, after all, lay-out, to put it mildly, not very convenient, and the area is very small.

In fact, you have to be prepared for the fact that the required redevelopment. One of these options is considered to be fundamental union of all residential premises, including the kitchen.

This solution will turn out really big, spacious room, which can be implemented interesting interior design ideas. All the walls and partitions between the rooms are cleaned and form a single large space for the living room, bedroom, children's and kitchens.

At first glance, such a decision may seem strange. However, experience shows that such small-sized housing in Western countries, is very popular and comfortable enough for life.

In Western multistoried apartments metropolitan made in this manner when the kitchen is separated from the main living spaces in the form of partition bar. This is called the studio.

For reference! This concept came to us from America, but quickly caught on in the lexicon of Realtors and now it is very common to come across even in advertisements.

The design of the entrance room in Khrushchev

Division into functional zones

Professional or expert advice Tricks

If for such a radical transformation of your home you are still not ready, you can resort to a more democratic option, for example, it is advantageous to use a play of shadow and light.

Under this method involves the use of various lighting systems and special finishing materials so as to achieve the desired result, and still get the desired visual increase area.

The colors of the wallpaper should prevail bright colors, and patterns should be soft with a variety of lines and smooth transitions. However, the option of global change would be much more effective and brought more benefits.

Visually enlarge the room can also help you gloss ceilings with lots of spot lighting elements, which are often set around the perimeter. At least the effect of neon lights.

The home design use leather glass metal wood

The modern design of the little Khrushchev

Before you begin to repair Khrushchev with his own hands, will be quite superfluous to consult with experts, because some of the walls may be carriers, and their demolition is strictly prohibited. This is not only illegal, but also dangerous.

How to correctly carry out zoning area

Divided by the area of ​​the residential areas of your small apartment it is necessary, at least provisionally.

Isolated, as a rule, several major areas:

  • private, which will be for you a sitting area, rest and sleep;
  • general, where you can meet guests and spend time together.

We need this in order to harmonize and make more comfortable your personal space. Zonirovat space in several ways, for example by means of various textures of finishing materials and contrasting colors.

You can also use the sliding partitions. This will help you to separate the living room from the children's bedroom come from Cabinet. This design is not only beautiful and modern, but also has a positive effect on the tensions between family members in a confined space.

  • It should be noted that in considering the idea of ​​repair Khrushchev, keep in mind that the house should be located only functional, practical and pretty compact furniture. After all, if you choose bulky furniture, your apartment will seem even smaller and heavier. And even when you're developing a design communicating room in Khrushchev, furniture can significantly brighten up the situation.
  • Large wardrobe should not rest on the ceiling, the distance should be not less than 20 cm.
  • Various interior items should not be scattered separately in the entire premises. It will be understood much better if all the furniture group the individual functional blocks: a living room, bedroom and nursery.
  • Not the last place to create additional space is the idea of ​​combining a bathroom with a bathtub. With this re-planning, you can safely place the washing machine on the territory of the bathrooms.
  • In this case, it is worth remembering nuance of coordination with government services, as demolition partitions may impair the general structure of the house. In addition, this will require changes to the documents in house.
modern solution

modern solution

The above tips will help you out of the usual Khrushchev to make a modern, stylish, comfortable and cozy apartment.

Tip! Be sure to take into account the views of the members of his family, because they, too, should feel comfortable in the updated apartment, and each must have its corner, its comfort zone.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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