The design of the room 13 square meters: the design of modern one-room apartment in Moscow plan

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design of the room 13 square meters (36 photos): try to modern, ethnic and safari styles


Table of contents

  • 1 Studio apartment
  • 2 Choosing a style
    • 2.1 Room in modern style
    • 2.2 African style
    • 2.3 safari style
  • 3 Summing up
  • 4 Photo Gallery

The design of the room 13 square meters - the design is modern, comfortable, functional and attractive. As all of these requirements to fit in a small space?

In this article we will offer several variants of design decisions, as well as to share expert advice.

design of the room 13 square meters of designThe modern design of the room is almost does not depend on size of the room. There are many tricks by which you can visually lengthen or extend the premises to make the ceilings above or add them to the depths. Let's take a closer look at the use of these methods on the example of the various options home design small apartments.

Studio apartment

Fashion for the studios came to us from Europe. For small rooms it is, perhaps, the most current version.

modern design of the room

Studio apartment

It allows not only visually enlarge the room, and design and implement a one-room apartment in Moscow lay in the style appropriate time.

The principle of studio apartments - the union of several zones in one, for example, a bedroom with a kitchen.

Designers to increase the usable area offer bathrooms hiding behind opaque walls of glass. This solution allows you to not download the visual perception of space.

Many people are confused by the factor combining residential areas with the technical. But do not worry, advanced technology an excellent job with all the problems. If done correctly, you will not interfere with any smells from the kitchen, or the noise of household appliances.

Style and modern design small apartment-studio suggests a comfortable everyday life, here all things are literally "at hand", objects in the room a bit and they are very functional.

Tip! Everything for a studio apartment, it is desirable to employ professional designers. They amount to a project and advise what documents should be issued, and their duties include accurate calculations and harmonization in the courts.

Choosing a style

Room in modern style

Design of an apartment in a modern style - the most popular at this time.

Let's look at the advantages:

  1. High-gloss surfaces reflect light, visually enlarge the room.
  2. The flowing lines of the furniture, the possibility of built-in appliances, and a large selection of colors and mirrors betray room comfort and functionality.
  3. Well-lit room always seems to be more precisely glare of spotlights and the presence of various metal fixtures is the hallmark of this style.

This room will never seem bleak and uncomfortable. Thinking over the design of the apartment project in the Art Nouveau style, you can give free rein to their imagination.

African style

Ethnic style involves design of the room, in accordance with the traditions of a nation.

Interior design in the African style - one of the areas of ethno. Simplicity in design, warm and sunny shades - these are the principles of the interior.

Arrange at home, "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Primary colors afrostilya: rich shades of yellow, sand, beige, brown and orange. The furniture give preference woven rattan, wrought iron or dark wood.

As a floor covering using floor mats, they also can be hung on the wall. Do not forget about plants, set up tubs with palm trees, or hang on the wall paintings with their image.

Africa is full of animals, means reproductions of them, should also be a place in the apartment.

Well what African style no different masks, figurines and skins! These accessories give the room a finished look. In this room you will be able to plunge into the sea and the sun and heat to escape from the bustle of the city.

safari style

Design apartment in a modern style

safari style

room design in safari style involves the use of animal prints, skins and hunting paraphernalia.

design principles:

Wallpaper will definitely look ridiculous. Where appropriate to roughly plastered walls, painted with paint. Suitable ocher, terracotta or shades of brown.

Floorings and choose very carefully. You can use the parquet, ceramic, stone. Do not neglect a mat or plug. Put on the floor of the animal's skin, bright carpet of wool with an ornament or bamboo mat.

The furniture should be easy, does not take much space. It is advisable to use items handmade from wood varieties which grow in Africa. Also suitable wicker rattan and wrought iron furniture. Can be used animal motifs in the design of furniture (legs in the form of paws or hooves of animals, armrests in the form of animals).

Curtains unadorned. Simple the segment unpainted tulle or blinds straw.

When choosing upholstery for furniture, prefer pattern imitating skins of African animals and reptiles. The same motif is to be traced and decorative ornaments of the room (pillows, bedspreads).

Do not forget about accessories. Hang on the wall paintings of hunting scenes or animals living in Africa, you can add a few ritual masks, pottery or an African drum.

As you can see, developed in a modern style design apartment with a small area of ​​rooms is simple. Most importantly, self-confidence, sense of style and vivid imagination.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

Photo Gallery

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