The design of the room 14 square meters: the interior 14 squares (square meters)

design of the room 14 square meters (30 photos) design features


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  • 1 The sequence of work
  • 2 design secrets
    • 2.1 Decoration Materials
    • 2.2 A few words about furniture
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Since repairs in the bedroom, the owner is often limited in scope area of ​​the room.

Lucky owners of two-bedroom apartments, for which the design of a room 14 square meters is the most difficult task during repairs.

design of the room 14 square metersa large area of ​​the interior space is easy enough to perform even inexperienced amateur. Consider the example of registration of such premises.

The sequence of work

Home repair bedrooms begins with wall decoration. First of all, all surfaces must be leveled and prepared for wallpapering. Of course, in case of difficulty equalizing, it is more expedient to use the drywall.

Design Room 14 squares

Example interior in shades of pink

In addition, with the help of it you can make a niche, and other interesting designs.

design secrets

Decoration Materials

  • The floor in the bedroom typically covered with carpet or flooring over which the carpet is laid
    . Naturally, the flooring should create comfort and coziness, so tile categorically not suitable for bedrooms.
  • If your room is 14 meters - the ceiling design in this case can be quite varied. Multilevel structure with delicate lighting are perfect for this space and create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Most of the bedroom decoration ideas are not recommended to paste over the wall too bright wallpaper, they are annoying after a hard day and not to relax. Soft pastel colors, simple patterns or even monotonous monochrome wallpaper - everything is perfect for the bedroom.
    room 14 meters Design

    Bedroom with a large bed

A few words about furniture

Bed - an important element of. In no case do not replace the double bed sofa bed or something like that. Especially in this case, it is impossible to spoil design - great room 14 squares instead of a large bed and it still have room for the cabinet and beautiful accessories.

You can always find a suitable design of the room, turning to professionals or look at an example on the Internet. Although such a room quite easily executed with their hands.

Summing up

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