Design rooms of 15 sq m: design ideas

design of the room 15 square meters (36 photos): Interior design bedroom and living room


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    • 1.1 design feature
    • 1.2 Choosing furniture
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Most often, design planning depends on the size of the room, it was with this option, it all begins. This article will consider the design of a room of 15 square meters, because such sizes are quite popular in the two- and three-bedroom apartments.

The second determinant of the finish is the appointment of the room. 15 meter room can be used for decorating a bedroom or small living room. What to choose - you decide. And our repair school will talk about how to create the interior of your dreams in both cases.

The design of the room 15 square meters


In the current crisis in the space of apartments in old houses a bedroom area of ​​15 square meters. m can even be considered a luxury. However, if you have long dreamed of a huge bed, do not hold down movements during sleep, can be given a large room for the bedroom.

design feature

The base color can be both bright and quite dark.

  • Bright bedroom is relevant if you spend it and rest time, for example, like to lie down with a book. There should be good lighting both natural and artificial. Stucco can be issued backlit panels, as well as to integrate spotlights.
    bright bedroom

    bright interior

  • Dark bedroom will be enjoyed by lovers of pleasant shade. This room will have only to sleep, so be careful if you plan to spend active time here. You can choose any deep dark color - purple, blue, burgundy. Illumination should be soft, relevant lamp on the bedside table.

Tip! Unusual and romantic interior bedroom dark make-paneled walls illuminated unusual colors, or LED lighting double height ceiling.

Bedroom in dark colors with unusual backlit

Inside the dark tones with unusual backlit

Choosing furniture

  • The bed is usually placed near the wall, perpendicular to the window, the curtains to impede the penetration of light.
  • Regardless of the design of curtains for the bedroom and base color decisions, they must be reasonably firm.
  • Miniature furniture is inappropriate. As we have said, the bed should be large, otherwise the room can look too empty.
  • You can afford a roomy closet compartment with mirror or frosted doors.

The spacious and roomy bedroom home can accommodate and extras depending on your preferences.

  • dressing;
  • bookcase;
  • treadmill.

Living room

Decide on the purpose of the room:

  • If it is, first and foremost, designed to accommodate guests, the furniture are arranged in a semicircle, the center of which will be in one or more tables.
  • If the room is designed for hanging the family, the interior will be the center of a large TV mounted on the wall, and convenient for watching movies and TV sofa.

Tip! Beautiful and unusual looks soft carpet, replacing a sofa.

Carpet instead of the sofa will look stylish and unusual

Carpet instead of the sofa will look stylish and unusual

Now you need to get acquainted with the living design features:

  1. Basic color also depends on the destination premises.
  • Better to receive visitors in the room warm colors (red, yellow, orange), which will have all visitors elation.
  • Living as a family recreation area, will look better in cool calm tones - blue, blue or green.
  1. If the room there is a small work area, for it is used in strict finish light-brown or gray-blue tones.
  2. May be completed with interior design with bright color spots. However, you should follow the rule: the brighter the color of the stain, the less it has to be sized. As these color accents may make pillows, lamps, pictures on the walls, and any decorative elements.

Interior design style of the room size of 15 square meters. m can be very different - from classical to minimalist style. It is worth remembering that the more daring experiments with a combination of styles are appropriate in the living room and the bedroom is better to prefer the rigor and the classics.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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