The design of the room of 18 square meters: the idea of ​​creating an interior apartment room with a balcony

The design of the room of 18 square meters (33 photos): interior decoration and lighting


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  • 1 Small size to "fix" a good design
    • 1.1 A few words about furniture
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  • 2 And yet - on lighting
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The typical houses of room sizes 18 sq m living it serves. And, as we have made, the hall - is the face of all the apartments and houses, it is in this room, I collected all of your personality and your own sense of style.

Make room is really stylish and cozy is not so easy, because you need to take into account the taste preferences of all your household so that it is comfortable to come together in this room or receive visitors. Our article will surely help you to create your own design of a room of 18 square meters.

Small size to "fix" a good design

The interior design of the room of 18 square meters

classic interior

No matter how dismal the situation may seem with such small size rooms, but designers always have a lot of ideas how to make a stunning design 18 meter room. After all, even this area can be turned into a masterpiece, the embodiment of the most daring design ideas.

Using a variety of accessories, the right lighting, a comfortable arrangement of furniture, it is already possible to achieve interesting results.

Room design project of 18 sq m

One of the variants of the interior living room of 18 square meters

A few words about furniture

The most important focus, which should pay attention to when developing the interior design of the room of 18 square meters, is a competent and cost-effective ergonomic arrangement of furniture. It is also important to choose the right color combination to the entire interior as a whole looked organically.

We advise our repair school: small living room does not accept too massive furniture of dark color.

Furniture should be practical, multifunctional and aesthetically fit into the overall style. In addition, it is important that the hall was always well lighted.

balcony design ideas

Modern interior of living room

color solution

For decorative walls with his own hands is truly the best option would be to use a combination of bright colors and warm tones. However, if you prefer more vibrant decisions determining the accent wall, for example, the wall of which has a sofa and a TV set.

As for furniture, it should be warm colors and blend with light walls.

Developing 18-meter design room, prefer minimalism or hi-tech style. can also approach the interior of the living room in a modern or classical style, the main thing is not to overload your room with unnecessary bulky items.

Specialists also actively recommend use large mirrors which reflect area will facilitate its visual magnification.

Before proceeding to the interior, consider zoning. After all, the hall can accommodate several areas and dining, and bedroom, and a seating area for receiving guests.

If you feel that your room is extremely small, it is possible to combine the area with a balcony. In this case, it will no longer be a place for the storage of unnecessary things and become a harmonious continuation. Well, if its territory you will be able to organize a place to receive guests.

The design of the room is 18 meters

Modern interior of a room of 18 square meters

We have already mentioned that the interior of a small living room furniture should not clutter, and her choice should be treated seriously. Better to give preference to its modern cabinet furniture, rather than using bulky furniture walls and large closets.

Impressive look open shelves, low cabinets and glass shelves.

It is worth noting that the bulk of upholstered furniture are strongly advised to give up and give their preference to the more sophisticated options.

And yet - on lighting

Once again, back to the light. After all, this issue is an important element in the development of the interior small rooms.

  • If the room is large enough windows, and they go on the sunny side, do not hang their thick curtains, it is better to use a light transparent, Filament curtains or blinds. They are well passed the natural sunlight.
  • If your windows are located on the north side, it is necessary to use additional lighting. It should not only be a central chandelier, but also an abundance of spotlights, wall sconces and a cozy lamp on the leg.

experts advise

When choosing a style is repelled by their taste preferences and opinions of your household.

At the same time, try to think through the interior of the living room in the apartment so that you all feel comfortable and cozy.

In your power to make the room:

  • visually great;
  • comfortable;
  • more stylish;
  • multi-functional;
  • modern.

This room will definitely delight you with its appearance every day.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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