Design studio apartment with a children's room for the newborn in the Khrushchev

Design studio with children (36 photos): the secrets of lighting and furniture


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  • 1 Basic requirements for the arrangement of the children's area
    • 1.1 Arrange proper lighting
    • 1.2 Furniture
  • 2 Children's area - a piece of children's world
  • 3 How to separate children's area in a studio apartment
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Design studio with baby - quite sophisticated version, which requires a well-thought-out approach to the zoning issue.

So how to equip a children's room in a studio apartment, what are the main design ideas to use? These issues concern many who decided to repair the apartment.

Design studio with baby

It is often necessary to resort to a combined bedroom with children. Such a move is not all to his liking, but otherwise by the room there is no design.

Parents often due to the limited space of the apartment is not able to allocate your child a separate room. In this case it is possible to separate the part of the premises under the play area. It is important that this area meets all the parameters of comfort for the child of a certain age, it takes into account the physiological and age-specific features, and was bright and cheerful.

For example, the interior of a children's room for a newborn to be executed in pastel colors.

Basic requirements for the arrangement of the children's area

design children's room for a newborn

EXAMPLE corner in a studio apartment

When planning the design of child in Khrushchev, should follow the same advice as for equipment of any children's room.

The most important point is considered to be the choice of the location of the corner for the child. It must meet all the requirements of health and safety.

Pay special attention to the following parameters:

  • The zone should be well illuminated by daylight.
  • Have intensive ventilation without drafts. Otherwise you risk the health of the child, as the drafts are not always visible and very treacherous.
  • This area should not be placed on the aisle or near the entrance. Its ideal location is considered the center or a corner near the window.
Interior of a bedroom with a cot

The original zoning

You created interior nursery in Khrushchev should be a symbiosis of practicality, brightness and an individual approach.

Note! It is essential that this area is consistent with the style in which an entire room. To this end, in a corner, you can put a few decorations or other in harmony with all elements of the bathroom.

Arrange proper lighting

Interior nursery in Khrushchev particularly picky about the lighting problem. Discard the lamps with direct directional light (when the light beam is directed from the top down), the child should not see the filament lamp without the ceiling. This may detrimental impact on his vision.

interior children's room in Khrushchev

design example

We recommend using a variety of lamps reflected or scattered light, which are considered the most favorable not only for human vision, but also to his nervous system.

Original decorate a bedroom combined with a children's help funny lights in the form of various cartoon characters, or balloon, basket or carousel.

In the part where the kids sleep at night should not be a direct source of artificial light.


Thinking bedroom design combined with children, very important question of quantity and quality furniture, located in the area.

If you are planning interior nursery for a newborn or for the youngest residents of your apartment, the furniture should be placed so that the child is always in the field of view of parents.

Every piece of furniture should be stable or firmly attached to the wall. Fixing quality can be ensured by means of fasteners, parts, safety belt or liquid nails, if the subject is small and lightweight.

If you have a child of preschool age, the interior design should include table games, a few chairs, as well as various hanging or floor cabinets with shelves for toys.

bedroom design with integrated children

EXAMPLE folding crib for an infant

Determine the size of furniture, refer to the growth of your child and the ergonomics design. For example, a table for games should be rectangular or concave on one side. The circular shape of the table would be extremely inconvenient to carry out various activities, as a child elbows do not touch the surface.

Be sure to install outdoor bookcase or hanging shelves for books.

Organizing quality design a child's room in Khrushchev, no less important is the presence of the living area. It always pleases children, regardless of their age and gender. Here you can place not only a cell with a small animal, but also fresh flowers.

If your child is already in school, he needs a place to study. It can be fitted using a folding or collapsible desk. You can also use a secretary, hinged door which will be used as a table.

If the space under the bookcase there, select a few shelves in the main cabinet or hang a couple of shelves above the desk. It is your young student will be able to keep all school supplies.

As for the color of furniture, it is better to choose pastel colors. However, note that too light furniture will be damaged sooner.

All items of furniture and decoration of the room must be made of environmentally friendly materials and meet the norms and standards of quality.

If the room is very small, save the position of a convertible furniture. It saves the area and visually increase the space.

Children's area - a piece of children's world

Arranging design nursery for a newborn, it is important to consider the issue of quality and attractive finish.

interior nursery for the newborn

entertainment Area

Everything that surrounds your child should be beautiful, bright and give a special mood. All kids love colorful pictures and various drawings.

That's why choosing the wallpaper design, furniture upholstery, as well as various décor, try to make it consistent with the subject and the light mood.

All items that will see and use your child should be multi-functional and aimed at the development.

Note! There are items that are not needed in the nursery. Minimize the installation of home appliances, computer and TV.

Design a child's room for a newborn requires warm and soft flooring or carpet, which can be easily wet processing.

How to separate children's area in a studio apartment

design for a newborn infant

Design corner for pre-school age child

To separate children's part in a studio apartment in most cases, use pieces of furniture, screens or curtains. It is also possible by using different colors and textures of wallpaper, wall and floor finishes.

Interior of a bedroom with a cot can have 2 types of flooring: In the room with crib deposited soft carpet (small carpet) is used on the rest of the floorboard area or laminate.

Performing design children's room for the newborn, begin planning the placement of screens and various pieces of furniture, which will be separate areas of your apartment.

You need to stick to the sequence of actions.

  1. Measure the room and draw his exact plan.

Think about how much space you are willing to take on this or that area and mark it in terms of the apartment. Note that the area of ​​each zone should be calculated depending on the number of people, often living there.

wallpaper design for baby

Example of zoning screen room

Perhaps a few areas will overlap. If this does not cause you discomfort, such an option arrangement can be considered acceptable.

  1. Schedule availability of sockets and switches in each of the zones.
design a nursery in the Khrushchev

room zoning

Very often, when the zoning necessary to transfer switches.

This is very important, especially if your intention is zoned space with the help of a screen. Thus, in one part of the room is full of light, and the lack of light will be observed in the second.

Performing interior nursery for the baby, you can use the furniture as a separator. This may be a small wardrobe or cot.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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