Kitchen interior design: kitchen with an island in white

kitchen interior design (36 photos): features of linear, angular, U-shaped, island and peninsular options, custom interiors


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That follows the walls, ceiling and floor? Of course, the design of a kitchen - the kitchen, the old and the kind that gathers friends at gatherings and is a place for family Council is bustling hostess and create culinary masterpieces, and therefore, it should be functional, comfortable and attractive.

When designing a kitchen design in Khrushchev must take into account one important rule, which is in the field of design experts call the "triangle rule."

kitchen kitchen interior design

The principles laid down in this Regulation, take into account the three basic operations related to food preparation: storage - razdelyvanie - cooking.

Consequently, the key point in the design is the selection of interior space for washing, plates (or a pair of "cooking surface oven +") and the refrigerator.

Ideally, the perimeter of the triangle should be between four and seven meters. More - spend too much energy, moving, and less - will not be able to turn around.

After the main points of the upcoming renovation of the kitchen are defined, and washing with stove and fridge installed (or at least mentioned their location), you can proceed to the alignment of objects furniture.

The most popular types of cuisine:

  • linear;
  • angle;
  • U-shaped;
  • island;
  • peninsular.

Below, we look at each of these types in more detail.


linear arrangement

linear arrangement

Furniture built in one line in a room with limited space.

In this case, furniture and built-in appliances is located along one (more) walls of the room.

Thus, we increase the space that can be used to place the table.

The optimum arrangement is one for placement between the refrigerator and the washer plate with mandatory inclusion between the cooker and sink countertop sufficiently large for portion razdelyvaniya products.

Since the size of linear sets are limited to the size of the room, use the maximum height. It is this arrangement involves a large number of hanging cabinets.


Interior in white


Corner headset as efficiently used space, and therefore can be considered universal. This type of headset can be mounted in virtually any environment.

Corner layout with sufficient space allows you to install the free space of the dining room table and used as a dining room.

Work surface often do long enough, without breaking its high pencil cases. Instead, the canisters used hanging cabinets.

Sink, stove and refrigerator in the case of an angular layout experts recommend to distribute between the two walls (the best option - the location of the sink in the corner).


U-shaped layout is compact and spaciousness. This design option provides for the arrangement of furniture and built-in appliances along three walls of the room.

Such an arrangement is "eats" a lot of space to compensate recommend that you consider the design in white. Bright facades of furniture to add the missing spaces. And when any project light soothing colors will always look attractive - this is the basic idea for the renovation of the kitchen.

Fridge, stove and sink better positioned in different walls, the path of movement between them while cooking is optimal. But to put a dining table, alas, unlikely.

Island and peninsular

island layout

island style

All of the above types of planning can be realized even in a small area of ​​the premises. But type "island" kitchens or "peninsula" need more space.

Island and peninsular structure include location in the work surface portion. This "island" plan working surface is completely separated from the walls as "peninsula" on the one hand is combined with the wall portion.

"Island" or "peninsula" often represent a continuation of the working table, there can be set as washing and cooking surface.

In any case, the island and peninsular design is good for larger homes, as well as if the room a few people work at the same time.

custom solutions

Design ideas are not limited to the above standard options.

If desired, you can realize almost any idea, for example, to combine the kitchen with a balcony (Jumper in this case will act as a makeshift bar) or create a studio, combining with living room.

Whichever design you choose, whether it's a classic corner kitchen-living room layout or the island - the main thing that it was convenient to operate and pleasing to the eye!

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