Kitchen design in Khrushchev and Stalin: interior design, design, video and photos

Kitchen design in Khrushchev (45 photos). Finishing the floor, ceiling, walls and doors. Furniture, lighting, design style


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A special feature in the Khrushchev kitchens are compact dimensions - 5-7 square meters. Therefore, their design requires a special approach. In this article we give some tips on how to arrange the kitchen design to Khrushchev that the room was comfortable, functional and at the same time there has been an attractive appearance.

Example of kitchen design in the "Khrushchev," the house

Example of kitchen design in the "Khrushchev," the house


At first glance it may seem that the small kitchen are always cramped and uncomfortable.

However, this space possesses some advantages:

  • the cost of building materials is considerably lowerThan to repair a large kitchen;
  • the correct approach to the use of space to cook in a small kitchen even more convenientThan in large, since everything is "at hand";
  • compact space easier to visually comfortableThan great.

Of course, to such a kitchen to get really comfortable and attractive, it is necessary to use use every centimeter of space, as well as intelligently approach the selection of finishing materials and furniture. Therefore further familiarize with the optimal design options.


When choosing finishes is important to remember the main rule - light colors visually expand the space and dark - on the contrary, decreased. Design a small kitchen in the Khrushchev should contain as much as pastel shades possible. The intensity of the colors should be avoided.

In addition, it should be noted that increasing the space capable of high-gloss surfaces and mirrors. Accordingly, their use is also encouraged.

Finished linoleum floor

Finished linoleum floor


For the floor, you can use a variety of materials. The only experts recommend to use the same flooring throughout the apartment. If this is not possible, you should use one type in the kitchen and in the corridor adjacent to it.

This solution avoids the borders between rooms and thus visually enlarge the space. Of course, the choice of pre-coating should consider the rest of the interior, that all materials in harmony with each other.

Considering that the visual gloss adds volume space, an excellent option for a small kitchen is linoleum or laminate. You can also put a tile, however, this procedure has some difficulties, because the floor in most of these apartments made of wood.

If you decide to use laminate flooring in the kitchen, the choice should be preferred only its water resistant types.
Otherwise, coverage quickly will become worthless.

Glossy stretch ceiling

Glossy stretch ceiling


Making kitchen design in Stalin or Khrushchev, should pay special attention to the ceiling.

Run it finishes in two ways:

  • use a suspended ceiling-especially relevant is the glossy pastel painting;
  • Easy Paint - this option is more simple and budget. Painted ceiling can be a good background for the chandelier that will accent the design.

The choice depends on the characteristics of processing facilities, individual preferences and financial capabilities.

EXAMPLE wall decoration

EXAMPLE wall decoration


Walls is desirable to make light, however, we must remember that on a light background is well seen any dirt. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to easily washable materials. For example, the kitchen apron can be finished with plastic or tiles, and the rest of the walls - washable wallpaper.

It should be noted that the walls in such apartments is almost always uneven. However, plastering beacons is not the best solution, since the thick finish will reduce the usable space.

So you may use the following methods align the walls:

  • starting filler align swings by its application in several layers;
  • perform a skin made of thin sheets of drywall;
  • dismantle the old walls and set in their place new ones.

Before we begin to repair, it is necessary to perform a design project kitchen in the Khrushchev.
An elaborate project to avoid alterations during operation.


In the process of planning the kitchen space is often a lot of problems delivering door. That they did not take away the useful kitchen area, you can set the folding doors or sliding design.

If you decide to remove the door completely, you need to provide high-quality ventilation in the kitchen, that do not just in old houses.

The only thing it should be noted that the design of the kitchen door reported to be combined with the design of other doors, located in the adjacent corridor.

Kitchen set the color of the walls

Kitchen set the color of the walls


kitchen interior design in the Khrushchev is largely dependent on the furniture. However, when it is selected should pay attention not only on appearance but also functionality.

When you select the headset you need to choose a model that all kitchen utensils positioned in its place. At the same time, of course, should have no problems with access to them. For example, you can take advantage of modern storage systems that offer manufacturers of furniture and accessories.

So essentially, you can save space by means of brackets or rails under the microwave. Base cabinets is better not to use, and replace them with drawers, which are much more convenient for storing and kitchen utensils.

Do not make all the free space with all sorts of kitchen stuff, as in the presence of a large number of small parts leads to a decrease in the visual space.
In addition, in this case the design of the kitchen in a small apartment will look messy.

Table with glass top

Table with glass top

As for the table, it is best to abandon the massive products in favor of a model with neat thin legs and a glass top. To this table are perfect for neat and easy chairs.

With the help of modern building materials can perform a one-piece table with a window sill. This solution looks modern and at the same time saves valuable space premises.

From the point of view of the room area of ​​ergonomics, it is desirable to share in this order:

  • fridge;
  • washing, which is adjacent to the cutting table;
  • kitchen stove.

In this case the housewife will move from one zone to another food according to the cooking stages. However, not always possible in this way to arrange a small kitchen space.


Catching kitchen design in the "Khrushchev," do not neglect lighting. Apart from the central source is necessary to provide illumination of the working area. If the tops of the cabinets are located, you can embed elements of the lighting directly into them.

When choosing lighting devices should be remembered that soft light is able to make any room visually more comfortable and spacious.

in the style of minimalism kitchen

in the style of minimalism kitchen

design style

Finally, we consider the styles of interior design, which can be implemented in small kitchens.

Given the trend of fashion, it is best to choose from the following areas:

  • ethnic styles;
  • traditional direction;
  • modern styles.

I must say that the room can be arranged in any style desired. However, areas such as the "country" and "Provence" still assume a spacious kitchen. But minimalism is the perfect modern solution, even for a small kitchen, moreover, in recent years this style is very popular.

Example of kitchen design antique

Example of kitchen design antique

Choosing among modern styles, it is also possible to give preference to "high-tech". This trend is just "loves" high-gloss surfaces and glass and shiny metal products.

It is interesting to look and kitchen antique - design, in this case involves the use of natural materials and wood furniture.

The kitchen is not necessary to register in the same style as the other apartment building.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic nuances of small kitchen design.


Making small-sized kitchen in the "Khrushchev," the house requires a special approach. However, given the above recommendations, you can manually make this room a stylish, comfortable and convenient for cooking.

If after reading this article you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them.

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