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Have a specially designated room for the meal is no longer considered a relic of the past or philistinism. Sacred value meal requires an appropriate design, so the dining room design is becoming increasingly important. With some simple tricks you can create the right atmosphere in the confined space of a standard apartment, office, school.

This is not a palace, it's just a room

This is not a palace, it's just a room

Combined dining options

Tradition traditions and implement plans always on the basis of what is, and therefore it is sometimes necessary to break a head for the dining room devices. Footage of prefabricated high-rise buildings with tiny kitchenettes require sophisticated imagination to create the semblance of a dining room.

Dining-kitchen-living room

The best option may be a kitchen-studio, with ample room for "easting", dining area and living room. As a result, it achieved the necessary redevelopment area, allows you to quickly change the dishes, and comfortable enough to take the number of guests. The downside is the smell of the food is prepared, which is distributed freely around the apartment.

Without drawing food propahnet whole apartment

Without drawing food propahnet whole apartment

In this case, it is important not to break out of the general style of the interior, but, at the same time to isolate the comfort and the specifics of each zone.

you can achieve this result by appropriate:

  • lighting - point in the working area of ​​the kitchen, a chandelier in the dining area and a makeshift wall / lighting in the living room;
Light chandelier table allocates a separate territory

Light chandelier table allocates a separate territory

  • flooring - the carpet in the dining room, as opposed to the kitchen floor tile will create a complacent air;
  • Accent color (Countertops, chairs), which, however, should not stand out from the overall color gamut;
  • furniture and decor elements - sofa and chairs sitting areas expand backs to the dining table and the kitchen curtains to separate the decorative bamboo or an arch.
The division of functional zones arrangement of furniture

The division of functional zones arrangement of furniture

A popular solution is to bar visually separates the dining room from the kitchen working area.
Glasses of various sizes located on the vertical holder, or even a small aquarium will detract from the everyday environment of the workplace.

Dining in the kitchen

Even at a minimum square meters dining room device, combined with a kitchen, it is solved by means of the same techniques of zoning:

  • color;
  • shine;
  • level;
  • material.

A good way to branch a makeshift dining room from the kitchen workspace can become, multilevel ceiling, a podium or a low contrast color flooring. Paste over the wall near the dining room table wallpaper with bamboo imitation wood; Use artificial stone, decorative plaster - this area will immediately become more comfortable.

Functional area allocated wallpaper with prints and flowers in a pot

Functional area allocated wallpaper with prints and flowers in a pot

For illumination dining area directly approach:

  • sconces;
  • ceiling lamp with adjustable length;
  • Light from the original shade.

For table and chairs should be chosen moisture resistant material - natural wood or a combination of tempered glass, metal. Chairs if desired can be upholstered, but should then take care of high-quality drawing, because tend to absorb odors tissue.

To avoid injuries, well, if a table and chairs will be no sharp edges, especially if the room is small in size.

If the kitchen is in bright colors, try in the dining area to create a "warm" zone - it can be a tablecloth, napkins or utensils terracotta, yellow, red or green. Besides the positive impact on appetite, warm accents simply improve mood especially on a cloudy day.

Flowers and painting in rich tones "warm" dining area

Flowers and painting in rich tones "warm" dining area

Dining in the full sense of the word

The dining room in the house contributes to the formation of family life, food culture and the process of turning into a ritual. There are daily family meals, make plans, analyzes the latest news, celebrate holidays and birthdays and accepted a visit.

The huge apartment and especially suburban mansions have the opportunity to eat in a specially designated room. In this case, the design of the dining room can be made without the "anchor" to the general interior, as in the case of combined kitchen and living-dining room.

Here and simple food becomes the food of the gods

Here and simple food becomes the food of the gods

Furniture a la classic

Entourage classic dining room is classic furniture set that includes:

  • table - a key figure of the dining room, around which the whole composition; it can be any shape, but must be large in size and located in the center of the room;

In extreme cases, use folding models that take up little space and are convenient in everyday life, especially in small families.

  • chairs upholstered in leather or tapestry fabric, with or without armrests; Most of them are located in the table, and the rest will be good to look at the walls; chairs should be in harmony with the table;
  • buffet, belching of classics "bundles of glass and silver light" glass doors; in his drawers accommodate dishes, napkins, tablecloths, cutlery;
Merchant's buffet

Merchant's buffet

  • a small side table - detail of the interior out of place, it is convenient to have the change of dishes in the "working" the dishes, saving time, walking into the kitchen and back again;
  • slide or a cupboard, where besides beautiful crystal will look rarity dishes, vases, and spot lights internal volume creates a magical impression of the cave Aladdin's treasure;
  • chandelier over the table - it will give the environment, as they say, and emphasize the solemnity of the moment a beautiful serving; dinner as well illuminate intimate light sconces.

The dining room looks nice wooden furniture:

  • maple;
  • walnut;
  • oak;
  • birch.
Original - on top of the glass top wooden

Original - on top of the glass top wooden

Quite unusually look tables of marble, wrought metal with glass top visually imparts elegance of design, and the room space.

Furniture made of natural materials looks good on the floor from the array, the dance floor, which can be successfully replaced with laminate, creating a plausible imitation of the most exotic wood. Floors made of ceramic tile warm color with a variety of patterns, too, will be a good option, and keep them clean much easier.

Design dining room in the apartment complete the paintings on the walls and live plants - from trees to the violets, from succulents to curly. On the table freshly cut bouquet will look beautiful, more importantly, that it was small and did not issue a strong odor, which will be "ugly" mixed with the aroma of the food.

Plant is never too much

Plant is never too much

Do not forget about the windows

Do not forget about such important design element, such as curtains, of which there are myriad:

  • roll;
  • Various embodiments of bamboo;
  • Austrian;
  • english;
  • pelmets;
  • classic.

Special charm making parts such as grabs, garter twisted cords with brushes - are with their help the original combination.

Look good mix of different types of curtains:

  • Roman with light tulle;
  • dense and translucent;
  • combination sag, pelmets with classical.
The color scheme blends curtains combined with chairs

The color scheme blends curtains combined with chairs

Dining out

Instilling a culture of food for children at home, I want to and at school, where the offspring spend the lion's share of the time, this tradition continued. With this in mind, our topic of conversation turns to another channel - the school canteen, can it be comfortable, give warmth and relaxation?

As a rule, a dining room in the school is given a spacious room with a large bandwidth. That it did not seem cold, it must be filled with warm colors - the walls are non-intensive yellow, lemon, orange. On the wall in sight of diners children will have to place a panel or a bright picture - still life / landscape, but no sentences.

Teachings on the walls in a form more quickly remembered children

Teachings on the walls in a form more quickly remembered children

If necessary, expand the space will help a large mirror on the opposite wall.

The windows should be as open to the light of day, so use long curtains of dense tissue is inappropriate. Pelmets of translucent tulle, a combination of several layers of translucent material or adjustable blinds successfully solve the light problem.

Ornaments on the curtains like the cherry on the cake

Ornaments on the curtains like the cherry on the cake

Thinking design school cafeteria, you should pay attention to functional sinks zone where children spend a certain time difference.

Observing the rules of hygiene, wash your hands faster help:

  • liquid soap dispensers, fixed on shells - comfortable and safe (it is known how many troubles might do fallen slippery soap bar);
  • automatic / sensor hand dryer.

At the entrance to the dining room is organized an information desk where you can find out the name of the cooks, which menu they cooked recipes of these dishes, the students wishes.

modern Moidodyr

modern Moidodyr

Special requirements apply to furniture for the dining room:

  • hygienic surfaces;
  • ease;
  • no sharp angles;
  • adjustable height.

Greater focus is not the design, but safety of such furniture, which is made of impact-resistant plastic or chipboard, pasted over with the ends of the PVC strip. The best option will be tables for 4-6 people and easy chairs or benches for 2-3 people. arrangement of tables should leave enough space to move around.

The successful arrangement of tables saves a lot of space

The successful arrangement of tables saves a lot of space

Tables for pedkollektiva located apart from the students.
Demarcate territory help columns, arches, large plants.

In conclusion

Whatever your dining room, it must be for you to focus comfort, filled with aromas of homemade food, and intimate conversations. Lovingly made dining room design makes the satisfaction of the natural needs of people in the cultural process, which affects the performance and mood throughout the day.

Videos in this article will tell step by step, how to create a combined kitchen-dining room in the home.

The comments feel free to ask any questions about the design of the dining room.

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