Interior of a small kitchen, country, classical style in pictures: the formulation of artificial stone

Interior of a small kitchen (45 photos) options plan, decorated in a classic style and country


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How to design a room, choose materials for repairs and furniture for the environment does not even know each experienced builder, not to mention the owners of apartments, first embarking on the process of bringing their homes to trade view.

It is best to look at the interior of a small kitchen in the pictures directly on the Internet, choosing the best option to implement in reality.

Interior of a small kitchenThe room is small - it is always a headache for repairs.

So, if you have to deal with a small kitchen, you should immediately decide on future planning.

Options for placement of household appliances, kitchen furniture and other interior items - quite a lot, and the choice of an option depends on the specific parameters of the room.

Options plan kitchen

Proper positioning of 5 major areas of kitchen space provides convenience and comfort while cooking pastime in the room.

Interior of a small kitchen in pictures

Linear kitchen layout

So, the kitchen area is made up of stocks of the storage location, preparing food, storage of items of daily use, cleaning and food preparation areas.

The last three - the most important laws of ergonomics say that the triangle "stove-sink-fridge" must not have a perimeter of more than 6 and less than 3 meters. The increase in space will add unnecessary movements, and will result in a decrease in distress and inconvenience.

There are several options for placing furniture and household appliances, for which the interior of a small kitchen is not only beautiful but also convenient.

  1. Disposition "the letter P" or the Frankfurt kitchen

For the first time this option takes into account all processes of movement in the room. This layout has become the standard for Europe and the US, and later migrated to us.

Furniture in this case are arranged on both sides of the room by placing a refrigerator, sink and stove in different walls. Be prepared for additional expenses: such a plan is not without filling the functional furniture and a variety of components.

  1. Nowadays, the most popular interior small kitchen with a corner layout.

This option takes into account the small size of a standard home, quite easy to use and looks attractive. Such food can be placed in any room.

The work triangle is generally as follows: corner sink, and on both sides - a refrigerator and a stove. Often between the sink and stove placed the work surface.

  1. Linear kitchen - very beautiful, uncluttered layout that looks good in large rooms.

In terms of convenience - rather unprofitable option is to choose it, if you rarely cook and dine at home.

interior of a small kitchen

Kitchen island layout

To construct the triangle should be used as a dining area of ​​the working surface. Stove and sink is best to share a table.

  1. Quite often, kitchen interior in classic style uses an island layout.

This option is also suitable for larger rooms and includes a case where the kitchen - it is not only a place for eating, but also for socializing and partying. With this arrangement, the angular or linear cuisine is complemented by the central object - this gives plenty of opportunities for the construction of the triangle. That is why the island is considered to be the most ergonomic kitchen option.

  1. Peninsular - kitchen in which the linear or angular layout of the working surface protrusion complemented.

Typically, such a protrusion provides a bar or sink, or cabinet with a hob. This allows you to zone the room and separate dining area from the cooking zone.

  1. Free planning - a new fashion trend.

In this case, the arrangement of the furniture is not limited to any boundaries, and the objects themselves can be moved from place to place with the help of wheels. This mobile kitchen can be easily modified, delighting the eye of the hosts and guests of the house.

Classic design in a small kitchen

Very often, a small indoor area for use as a kitchen, offer excellent design in a classic style.

interiors small kitchens

An example of classic design

This choice is due to several factors: the convenience of planning, the traditional view of the kitchen, ecological materials and unique atmosphere of the room.

Classic has been and will be popular with the majority of the population, because it is based on the best ideas of design and decor premises.

For this style is characterized by strict geometric and use only natural materials that could not be better suited for the kitchen.

Thus, the design of the kitchen in a classic style begins with the choice of kitchen units. All the furniture is traditionally made of wood and decorated with carvings and gilding.

Kitchen cabinets can serve as a space for storing utensils and work surface or improvised niche for installation of household appliances.

A standard set of kitchen furniture - floor and wall cabinets, painted shelves and a large dining table of the elite wood.

Additional decoration kitchen interior is decorated with gold leaf, marble or carved wood.

On the walls hang often molded products, wooden panels or fabric inserts or pictures. The color scheme of classical cuisine - light noble shades, in harmony with the tree.

kitchen interior in classic style

Classical kitchen with dining table

Like any kitchen interior - a classic, not only looks beautiful, but also quite functional. For example, small cabinets with lots of shelves and drawers perfectly serve as storage space for crockery and cutlery.

In a small room is better not to keep foreign objects or redkoispolzuemye. All appliances are usually built in, and some things, such as washing machine, placed in other rooms of the apartment.

Colors walls in the classical kitchen design and is perfectly suited for small spaces. To visually increase the size of the room is recommended to use light colors and maximum light.

Flooring - parquet, can also serve to increase the room: the location of the pattern on the diagonal expands floor space. The windows in the kitchen is not recommended to close the massive curtains - curtains will be quite small or pleated curtains.

For the classic design is typical to use an artificial stone in the interior of the kitchen. He adds luxury to the design of the room and looks no worse than natural materials, allowing you not to deviate from the principle of sustainability, which is based on all the classic style.

Country designs for kitchens

kitchen classic interior

Accept registration of country kitchen

In the countryside, kitchen interior design classic is not very popular among designers. Much more often the builders used ethnic motives in the decoration of surfaces and furniture that has acquired the name of the country-style.

For many it is associated with a real American ranch, located somewhere in the prairies, but quite often the owners of private homes bought finishing under Russian or African hut bungalows.

Note! If your holiday home is still preserved the oven, do not rush to dismantle it. Real Russian oven serve as an excellent decorative element to create a "historical" interior, and can heat the house better than the gas heating.

kitchen interior Classic

Russian style hut

It is worth noting that the country style in the interior of the kitchen is not only the owners of country houses. The housing conditions he will create a unique atmosphere of comfort, allowing you to relax and unwind after a hard day's work.

Furthermore, such a design of the kitchen - dining room is easily created with the help of decorative accessories and fabric decorations.

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