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Kitchen - dining room (36 photos): design and selection table, chairs, cupboards and sideboards


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In today's reality more and more popularity gains combination kitchen-dining room - the design of such facilities requires a special approach. What? We will explain in this article.

kitchen dining room design

Dining slowly returns to its former popularity. It can take up as a separate part of the territory of the kitchen and placed near her in a separate room. Sometimes it is placed between the living room and kitchen.

To your dining room was comfortable and loved all the room you need to carefully think through to the smallest detail interior. It is important to select and arrange furniture, lighting and accessories.

Firstly, the interior design of the kitchen and dining area will depend on the area of ​​premises

If you choose to combine it with a kitchen or living room, the design should match the style of the room, while maintaining clear boundaries of different zones. And it must be considered in the repair of the room with his hands.

If the dining room with open kitchen, you can build a large and multi-functional room.

dining kitchen interior design

Dining room, kitchen

Such a design of the kitchen with a dining room requires a zoning. It will house the working (kitchen) and dining area.

Separate zones can be through a variety of design techniques. This can be arched doorway, it will give your room not only of style, but also to make it more spacious and bright.

For proper zoning premises in design often resorted to the use of multi-level ceilings, the floor with different levels, connected by stairs or a variety of designs and sliding doors.

Zoning can be implemented using a variety of texture and color of finishing materials.

If you have a kitchen that requires frequent wet cleaning, it is better to use tiles for walls and floors, linoleum or washable wallpaper.

Note! Leading designers recommend the use of materials that are able to create a cozy and warm ambiance. These include flooring, various laminates, carpeting, e.g., carpet, wallpaper paintable.

Design of living-dining room

design kitchen with dining area

Dining room with seating area

Very convenient, if your kitchen is connected with living room. Immediately after the feast, you can easily go to the recreation area.

Dining area and sitting area are very conventional color or textured zoning. In addition, it can be easy decorative partitions or furniture elements. Maybe you want to separate the areas of modern technology in the form of a plasma TV or music center.

It will be much easier to create a dining room design project, if a separate room reserved for her. Then it all depends on the height of the flight of your imagination and material condition.

This design requires a very careful and thorough inspection of the premises, the analysis of strengths and weaknesses. The only difficulty that will meet you at the initial stage, is a dilemma of choice style design.

In the dining room furniture should be placed in the center. By purchasing a set, select precisely the style that will be beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the dining room and carefully hide its flaws.

Relying on your own preferences, you can choose the dinette any design direction and style. From classic and modern to country style and high-tech. The main thing that this furniture combined with finishing the ceiling, walls, doors, windows and floors.

Choosing furniture


The basis of the dinette is a table, chairs and cabinets for various household utensils and tableware. It can be a roller coaster, chests of drawers, cupboard and even glass windows. The table is considered the main subject in this room.

Its shape, whether it is oval, square or rectangular, depends entirely on your needs and personal preferences. As the saying goes, my kitchen is renovated - my decision.

Table size can be different, but the real dining room requires a large dining table, which can be expanded if necessary.

The most convenient option for facilities with any size - it is the table-transformer size - 160h90 see.

It made it in the majority of cases of different kinds of wood. The most popular are the alder, walnut or light oak. When choosing give preference to lasting, sustainable to moisture and high temperature material.

To date, among the materials for the production of tables increased demand is glass and metal. These tables are very stylish and can visually enlarge your room.

It's worth noting that no glass or metal will not make your room a cozy, it makes wood furniture.

Whichever you choose a table, use tablecloths and decorative napkins. They will not only protect the tabletop from being damaged, but also accentuate the interior.


Chairs do not play such an important role as a table. They often make out in the same style to the table. When choosing important to pay attention to their strength and durability of the upholstery.

Is considered the most robust upholstery made of leather, is also frequently used tapestries.

Thus, the design of a small dining room can be made in a classic style, which does not involve special pretentiousness, piles and decorative elements. Chairs in this case be made of wood (maple, pine, beech, birch or walnut).

Buffets and sideboards

dining room design project

EXAMPLE cupboard and sideboard

Buffet has always been considered not so much functional as a decorative element. Buffet above cupboard and door made entirely of glass, which may be transparent or colored.

The lower part of the buffet - a cabinet in which there is a set of sliding boxes used for storing utensils, towels, cutlery or napkins with tablecloths.

Often sideboards equipped bars for alcoholic, and his glazed parts store antique dishes or painting.

Use ornamental plants, to make your kitchen-dining room is still cozy. Plant dracaena, ficus and palm tree and make the atmosphere in the room a relaxed.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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