Timeless design: furniture for the kitchen and living room, hauling old soft sofas

Timeless design - furniture (36 photos): old housing elements of the interior and sets for the modern kitchen


Table of contents

  • 1 Restoration of old furniture
  • 2 The design of the old cabinet furniture
    • 2.1 Decoupage
    • 2.2 decorative paintings
  • 3 Furniture design for the modern kitchen
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In this article, let's talk about the actual design - old-style furniture, the transformation on their own. These handmade products will make your home more cozy and warm. See if we can give new life to old chairs, sofas, cupboards and bedside tables.

If you decide to perform a repair of a private house with his hands or his own apartment, not only limited to the change of wallpaper, floor and ceiling coverings. Repair - a chance to upgrade your room at 100%.

Timeless design furniture

If you do not want to throw away old furniture, because it is expensive or you have not yet fully exhausted their resources, you can give it a new look with the help of simple design steps.

It is worth mentioning that any changes in the room begins with the creation of the design project of the future interior. The same rule applies to the furniture transformations.

Kitchen furniture design

Hauling the chair with his hands

Restoration of old furniture

Vintage design furniture for the living room can be entered into the interior of the most ordinary apartment ordinary Russian family.

Old sofas, chairs, armchairs - all the things that we are so afraid to throw away, can get a new life and find actual design.

The sequence of hauling furniture:

  1. Before proceeding to the new seat upholstery fabric, you need to make sure that it does not require a major restoration. The seat is not pressed through, not shaken, rough cloth clean, and belts are in good condition.
  2. To carve out a new fabric with a small allowance (5-7 cm). In this case, lobar thread should be held strictly from the chair to the edge of his back. Cross the line and any distortions tissue unacceptable.

Note! Design of old furniture you develop yourself, so the seat can be upholstered and pokreativit. Sew the bag is not out of the ordinary upholstery fabrics, and, for example, from the pieces of matter, and your chair will sparkle with new colors and will be a real interior decoration.

  1. To hauling his chair by his hands looked professional, and padding does not jam, it is necessary to attach the fabric finishing in the middle of each of the 4 sides of the seat. In this case, it should be under and tight.
  2. Anchorages new tissue performed so that all enshrined wefts and shuttle intersect each other at the center of the seat at an angle of 90 °.
  3. Further, the center of each side of the seat fabric is stretched and fastened to the corners. And at the corners are folded and secured by a blind stitch.

Note! That again drag their own hands the furniture should look good, not only outside but inside. Therefore, the work on the reverse side of the upholstery is also worth attention.

  1. The underside of the chair is subjected to thorough processing. To do this, you can carve out on equity strands rough fabric and attach it to the center of each side of the seat.
  2. From the center of each side of the tuck and fasten rough fabric to close it seams on finishing finishing materials. Great care should come to the finish and securing the corners of a chair.

Around the same way you can not only constriction of the chair, but the chair.

The updated design of upholstered furniture will fit perfectly in a renovated room. Replacing the upholstery and making the adjustment, you can completely transform the living room, hall, bedroom or children's room.

Design of old furniture

Design by decoupage dresser

The design of the old cabinet furniture

Another option renovation of old furniture - it is finishing new materials. Old chests of drawers, cupboards, cabinets and tables, you can just paint, paint, wallpaper paste or cloth, and you get a very unique thing. But, of course, taste and sense of proportion play a key role in the implementation of these ideas.


Let's see how to make the design of furniture decoupage method of wallpaper.

  • Start with the purchase and preparation of wallpaper. First of all make measurements of the chest, which are going to restore. Then cut pieces of wallpaper sized face of the boxes, leaving a small overlap.

The main thing is that the pieces of wallpaper were not too large, otherwise the boxes will not close, and will keep themselves wallpaper.

  • It should be qualitatively wallpaper paste cut sheets to the front of a drawer, to cover their top nail decoupage and give the product dry for 6 hours.
  • At the end of the procedure must be put back in the drawer handles, as well as all the parts that have been removed before starting work.

decorative paintings

Decoupage - it's not the only way of restoration of old furniture. With good artistic abilities, you can paint the dresser or closet. For this purpose is better to choose oil or acrylic paints. The plot you can come up with yourself or copied from any picture.

The main thing is to start, apply the pattern to the surface contour of that are going to decorate, and look at the result. If you do not like it, you can always erase the pencil sketch of a conventional eraser.

Furniture design for the modern kitchen

Furniture design for the living room

Designer kitchen furniture

You have decided to change the interior of the kitchen furniture, design and even household appliances. How to approach this issue?

Unlike the other rooms, the kitchen is no place for vintage bulky furniture that was used even by our grandmothers. Modern kitchen - is optimized space with lots of household appliances, built-in cabinets and hanging shelves.

Therefore, it is not necessary to repair old furniture made of particleboard, if its dimensions do not conform to the kitchen area. In its place is best to purchase cutting-edge built-in oven, tables and functional wall cabinets.

Built-in furniture is ideal for small kitchens in the apartments, and Khrushchev Cheshkov. Built-in furniture can be made in any style: classic, high-tech, Art Deco, or avant-garde.

Professional designers, who today work in any furniture showroom, will help to make a competent kitchen design project and not only.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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