Design table with his hands: writing, cooking, computer corner, a glass

Design tables (36 photos): material selection, design kitchen, writing and computer version


Table of contents

  • 1 The choice of material
  • 2 The design of the kitchen table
  • 3 Design writing desk
  • 4 Design of computer table
    • 4.1 Multi-level design
    • 4.2 The angular shape
  • 5 Summing up
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Design table requires special attention, because such large pieces of furniture has attracted a lot of attention to the interior. Our article tells how to choose the right table, comfortable, functional and stylish.

In ancient times, the tables attached great importance, because in addition to the direct purpose, they are often used for important negotiations. In our time, this piece of furniture has such a cult, but no less important, which reflect the room after repair. table design

The choice of material

If you decide to update the furniture in the apartment or house, you have two options - buy ready-made or to design their own hands, and then order a unique interior of your sketch. It seems that the first option is much easier, but in fact there is a very large number of companies that engaged in manufacturing furniture to order, therefore, to make the room more original will have no labor.

design of computer tables

glass model

Let's start with the material:

  • Glass. Material beautiful, graceful, but it's not safe. Design glass tables can be quite varied and encompass a combination of transparent, tinted, frosted and colored elements. The glass itself is often combined with metal and wood.
  • Natural wood. Quite expensive and very prestigious material. Wood furniture has a special texture and unique color shade depends on the type of wood. Often use pine, alder, oak, rarely beech, birch. Hardness and heat resistance of wood attached using varnishes.
  • Particleboard (chipboard). Material of small chips and shavings, deprived of the disadvantages of solid wood, as knots and cracks, has high strength, good hold screws and nails. Outside covered with veneer to aesthetic.
  • MDF (sredneplotnoe fibrous coating). Analog DSP, but are used in the production of sawdust, ground to a powder. Outside covered with veneer and has all the properties inherent in analog, not inferior to the tree on environmental safety.
  • Metal. The material is gaining popularity. Use aluminum, titanium alloys, chrome steel. Metal, ideal for the design of the desktop, but such furniture - quite expensive.
  • Fake diamond. The material looks stylish and luxurious. Made of acrylic resin and mineral filler, it is harmless and is not subject to chipping, scratches and cracks.

Tip! In the apartment, where there are children, it is desirable not to use furniture with glass in order to avoid injuries. If you still want such a model, the glass should be a multi-layer (laminated), do not fly apart into pieces.

The design of the kitchen table

design table with his hands

round model

Kitchen table - an essential element of the apartment, because without it, the kitchen is almost meaningless. The design should be combined with the interior of the premises from the area whose size depends directly countertops.

Classification depending on the form:

  • Rectangular or square. Common form, but rather inconvenient for small kitchens.
  • Round or oval. For such a table can fit a lot more people. Perfect for those who like to receive guests. And then we can say that my kitchen renovated - perfect!
  • Hexagonal, triangular, wavy edge. Such forms are not very practical, suitable for a large room with an unusual design, in particular in high-tech style.

Convenient for taking guests to and product elongate. During the celebrations a table is removed from the wall, creating a lot of seats, but in the rest of the time does not block kitchen area.

Design writing desk

desktop design

Functional design desk

This interior element is required in a flat mainly for schoolchildren.

Selection Rules:

  • width should be no less than 1 m, the depth of - more than 60 cm, and the space under the table top - no less than 50-50 cm;
  • height should allow to keep the spine straight, the best option would be adjustable legs;
  • the design should provide for the availability of drawers or cabinets;
  • easy to model with a superstructure of shelves;
  • form can be either rectangular or L-shaped.

Design of computer table

The design should be calculated in such a way so that they could not only fit into the interior, but also to meet all the requirements of functional requirements.

Before purchasing furniture answer the questions:

  • What is the amount of time you plan to spend at the computer?
  • Which room is supposed to placing it?
  • Do you plan to placement office?
  • What is the overall design of the room?
design desks

tiered table

Multi-level design

Quite popular option is considered to be a model, constructed in several layers. In one of them (usually the lower) a computer system unit and office equipment, on the second monitor (working area), and the third - CDs, books. Withdrawable element is mandatory for the keyboard shelf.

The design takes up minimal space, compensating it with his height, and can easily fit even in a small room, for example, it is possible to put the renovated rooms are 12 square meters.

The angular shape

Intermediate option is considered to be a corner model. The form and design allow to place them where inconvenient to install the usual rectangular tables.

design corner computer desks

Computer desk

The classic single-tier model with a pedestal for the monitor takes 1.5-2 times more space, but their functionality is significantly higher. Increased worktop, in addition to the monitor, allows expanded working papers and safely get to work.

A few years ago it is almost impossible to choose a computer desk that fits onto the design space. The design was carried out in most cases in a brown color scheme "under the tree." Design tables on the market today is quite broad. You can choose a classic model with right angles or streamlined in high-tech style.

Tip! Child right computer desk may replace written for him, he will be able to feel comfortable, doing homework.

Considered design table is just a small selection from the variety of options. You just have to come up with your own version.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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