How to glue liquid wallpaper: a video that explains how to stick

How to glue liquid wallpaper (36 photos): specificity gluing


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Sticker classic roll of wallpaper - a laborious process, which is why replacement was invented - liquid wallpaper. This finishing material of the substrate is similar to the thick paint, but after drying forms a beautiful layer, similar to the fabric cover. Using the liquid formulation is easy enough to perform drawings on the wall and even out the surface. For information on how to glue the liquid wall will be covered in this article.

variety of colors

A few words about the composition and properties

The main advantage is the lack of joints. In addition, the cover looks good, feels good, is safe, is a versatile design tool.

B is based on cellulose fibers with additives, it allows the surface does not attract dust. Fireproof material, and has excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

The rich color palette allows to choose a unique color for any room in the house. In addition, the composition can include silk, gold and silver threads.

bonding technology

You already want to know how best to glue the liquid wall - video in this article for you.

Although the word "glue" is not very appropriate in this case, because the liquid wall - is a fluid composition that is applied to the wall, like paint. It was only after drying it turns into something similar to the textured vinyl surface. The texture of the layer can be given on their own, most importantly, choose the right tool.

Mixture for the preparation of

Mixture for the preparation of

Usually the material is supplied in dry form in plastic bags. Preparation does not take much time, according to the instructions to add the required amount of water and stir thoroughly.

It is desirable to use warm water to give a solution and to infuse. If you want to achieve additional design effect, add the color pigment and mix again to purchase a uniform color. Just 10 minutes and liquid wallpaper, ready to be applied to the wall.

Manufacturers offer wallpaper, ready to use and Robust breeding. However, this form can not store them too long after opening.

Preparing walls

Before you stick a liquid wall, we need to prepare the surface for pasting.

This procedure is performed in several stages and is not much different from the preparation for pasting conventional blades:

  • Removal of the old finish coat. To remove the layer of paint or plaster can use spatula. Old coatings recommend pre-wet.
  • Scraping the surface with sandpaper. This removes fine particles of the old finish and clear the wall of dust and dirt.
wall putty

wall putty

  • Shpatlevanie wall. Depending on the condition of the walls held partial or complete luting wall. For large lesions, use a rule and reinforcing mesh.
  • Primer. After drying putty to do a thorough primer walls. There are special primer compositions intended for the preparation of the wall to the pasting liquid wallpaper.

Getting pasting

Decorating the walls

Decorating the walls

It's time to tell you how to properly glue liquid wallpaper.

For this you need a universal trowel and a ready solution Wallpaper desired color.

Apply the solution to the prepared wall, evenly distributed over the surface.

Liquid wallpaper are of two types and different fiber structures: the first type is applied to the wall layer whose thickness is 3.2 mm; thickness of the layer formed by applying the second type several more - 4-5 mm. Coverage of the second type is more volume and resembles cloth in appearance.

To facilitate the procedure can use a special gun, it allows you to not only quickly apply makeup, but also reduces the drying time up to three days.

To create a relief layer can be smooth or special roller usual spatula.

With liquid wallpaper, you can create original paintings on the walls. To do this, select a picture and print it out stencil in the desired size. Mark the wall sections and apply the same color, carefully align the edges. After drying one part of the figure, the following can be applied, following the layer thickness.

As a result, you get a great interior decoration for a child's room it can be a picture your favorite cartoon character, and the kitchen - bright fruit and vegetables.

As you know, for such wallpaper glue is not required, however, to improve adhesion with the wall, can be further primed surface with a weak solution of the adhesive composition.

Color variety of finishes

Color variety of finishes

To increase strength and durability of wallpaper, cover them with lacquer or acrylic paint. Hallmark liquid wallpaper is that in the event of damage to the outer layer, it can be easily restored.

For this purpose, the damaged portion is removed, diluted with water and applied onto the wall again. After drying, the repair place will be virtually unnoticeable.

Note! If after the repair you have a certain amount of solution, place it in a tightly sealable container and place in the refrigerator. If necessary, the remaining part can be used to repair damaged sections of the wall.

Caring for wallpaper is quite simple: the dirt is vacuumed or wiped with a cloth. Stop using hard brushes and cleaning agents.

So, now you know how to glue wallpaper, liquid, and ready yourself to carry out repairs in your apartment. This handy design tool will enable you arrange the nursery, living room and kitchen, with a little effort. You will be able not only to cover the walls of a pleasant and beautiful finish, but also to decorate their colorful drawings, which will come up on their own.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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