Pasting vinyl wallpaper walls: video, how to perform the gluing and how to unstick

Pasting vinyl wallpaper (39 photos): video instruction


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  • 1 Styles and finishes: what's what
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    • 1.3 Maritime and Scandinavian
    • 1.4 High-tech, minimalism
  • 2 Tips when choosing wallpaper
  • 3 How to prepare wall
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During repair, sooner or later the question arises of finishing walls. Most often performed pasting of vinyl wallpaper. Why? This material is durable, durable and can be glued even the hands of non-professionals.

Besides good performance properties (resilience, water and detergent means), it also has an excellent decorative effect and to create a beautiful theme interiors.

pasting of vinyl wallpaperHow to start papering the room? In the first place, with the choice of interior design.

Styles and finishes: what's what

Indeed, the choice of a particular style of decoration depends on the choice of wallpaper, because each of them requires a special surface coating.


This option is often chosen because of the owners of the apartment a great visual effect and practicality. For such a design of the walls in the kitchen require special coating - the bamboo, which is made from natural materials or their analogue vinyl.

In this case, the pasting of vinyl wallpaper allows you to keep the authenticity of style and save their own funds.


Wall decoration in a classic style

Wall decoration in a classic style

This style does not involve pasting the walls and likes rough rough cover: simple concrete surfaces, brick or stone.

But we're not going to leave the walls of the apartment, not treating them and no protection against external influences? In this case, we will approach the wallpaper with the effect of texture imitating brick or stone covering.

Maritime and Scandinavian

Both of these styles in the interiors encourage simplicity and the use of light shades of blue, so suitable for gluing paper webs without the usual pattern. Pastel background color will perfectly blend in with the furniture and accessories.

High-tech, minimalism

For modern styles best fit vinyl cover with an original geometric pattern or even 3D-panel, allows you to turn a part of your room into a bright and beautiful area with adventures.

It will allow the pasting wall wallpaper vinyl to create the atmosphere necessary for these styles.

Tips when choosing wallpaper

finishing bamboo

Decorating the bedroom with bamboo

There are no clear restrictions on what kind of wallpaper must be used for a particular style. But it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Depending on your chosen wall covering base - paper, fabric, or a polymer. Each of them has its own particular use.

Fabrics are divided into three types: normal, moisture-proof and sound-proof. Ordinary, in turn, are primed, unprimed, background and embossed.

  • For surfaces are unprimed canvas type, in which the image is applied onto the white or colored paper.
  • For webs primed characteristic staining surface coating.
  • Background do not have the figure, but uniformly painted matte paint.
  • Have embossed relief pattern.

In regard to color, fabric is also divided into cold and warm, dark or light. Warm colors: yellow, orange, red, cold - blue, green.

How to prepare wall

Vinyl embossed

Vinyl embossed

Once you have chosen the type and color of the wallpaper, you can start preparing the walls.

First of all, with them it is necessary to remove the old finish, carefully tearing off all the layers up to the concrete base as gluing vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing only after the work.

Of course, it's easy to do, if the past cover - full paper, but how to peel the vinyl wallpaper to a bulk basis, not everyone knows.

By such structure of the coating formed from two layers of paper (or tissue) and polyvinyl upper bottom, on which the pattern is applied.

For Area poddevat film layer and remove it from the backing paper, acting accurately. The remaining paper substrate can be easily removed, wetted purified water and the wall scraper.

Note! In no case do not leave the paper backing on the wall, it does not serve as a reliable basis for new coatings, for long enough is in the pasted state. Do not be lazy to remove a layer of paper to glue on a clean canvas, primed wall.

There are special solutions designed for removing wallpaper. Virtually all formulations require a uniform distribution roller and a break in 5 minutes, in order to old layer soaked. After applying the solution of paper can be easily removed with a steel spatula.

Removal of the old coating layer

Removal of the old coating layer

After removing the old coating must be align the surface of the wall, using sandpaper or special scrapers. Furthermore, this procedure removes dirt and pieces of old wallpaper, which could not be removed spatula.

All the cracks on the surface smeared with plaster. After it dries a repeated leveling and cleaning walls.

Priming the walls - an important stage of processing that can make coverage more reliable, but there are types of wallpaper, which are glued onto unprimed wall.

And only after all of these operations can be carried out wrapping the walls with vinyl wallpaper.

A separate item in the process of gluing is the choice of adhesive. It is best suited for normal vinyl adhesive with anti-fungal additives and starch. This mixture is easily diluted in water and does not form lumps, for absolutely any wallpaper.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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